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    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Ah, I was always confused about that thanks for the clarification. Wish there was a way to track all these houses and their connections to one another. Would probably make for a very cool tree.
  2. Howling North

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Err, quick question after looking over the winterfell wiki article. Why is there no mention of the "Glass Gardens" of Winterfell. Martin mentions in a correspondence about how some places like Winterfell maintain greenhouses to in order to provide food. Right now I'm having a bit of difficulty tracking its mentions to get an idea of where it was or what it might have looked like, so if anyone else knows better would it be alright if someone added a mention of it? Even Ice and Fire wikia has it for their Winterfell article. Edit: Also, where is Gerold Dayne exactly on the House of Dayne page? He's not on the roster for their tree. He should at least get an offshoot branch attached to Artur as his cousin, until it becomes clear where his line comes from exactly.