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    I'm a grad student at CSUN in anthropology.

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    Favorite POV characters: Arya>Davos>Bran/Jon/Samwell>Tyrion
    Favorite non POV characters: Dolorus Edd, The Red Viper, Jaqen Motherfucking H'Ghar and Strong Belwas

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  1. Joe Reed

    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    http://i52.tinypic.com/2a7h2rn.jpg I found this image in Google Images. Not a very good one but I'm sure much better ones will come out soon. Jaqen is the badass in the hood.
  2. Joe Reed

    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    Even though you don't see what he looks like, him as the only hooded-guy with Rorge and Biter was pretty sweet. Glad to see Gendry too, I liked the actor they got for him, though is seems a bit older but meh. The Ros character bugs me to no end. When she first showed up I thought she was gonna pretty much be Shae but then, well, Shae showed up and I was like, "then what is up with that Ros chick?" So now that she is still showing up it bugs me even more. The actress is super attractive and pretty good at acting, but that only makes it more frustrating that she is kind of a weird-naked-exposition tool. But meh, she was still pretty minor and they were smart to set Pycell up as a douchebag. And hell for all we know, when we finally start reading ADWD there will be like 50 POV chapters devoted to a character named Ros and that is why she was added into the show haha. 9/10 Great ep, great acting, solid ending and cannot wait until next year. Not a perfect score only because of Ros/Shae and I thought that previous episodes were stronger.