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  1. As for Daznaks, I think they just about nailed it as best they could. The Harpys looked a bit stupid standing around waving their daggers at the Unsullied in the centre but they were mostly just extras under the masks and the logistics of them all jumping in to get to Dany would've taken too long to get it drilled etc. Drogon looked awesome, I liked them showing his vulnerability too with the spears, not saying they would've killed him but we've not seen him being injured or anything so far so brings it back to reality slightly and makes them less so one sided. I loved his movement too, the animators really outdone themselves for this scene.
  2. I was sort of hoping that Shireen would reveal her Grey Scale had returned on her arm or something and realises without a sacrifice that Stannis' army would be doomed and offers herself up while Stannis pleads with her not to. Instead we just get someone who's done a full 180 with his personality from only a few episodes ago. Whether GRRM told them this was going to happen in the books or not it should've been handled better because it made no sense at all from his standpoint in episode 4 to last night. This season has been the bleakest so far, 5 seasons now we've had the bad guys getting away with everything while everyone good has suffered, Ramsay is an unstoppable killing machine, the Starks are still being fucked over its just getting tiresome. The tables better start turning next season otherwise if it carries on down this path the story is going to turn to shit including the books IMO.
  3. Anyone else think Thorne won't be involved with the whole stabbing scenario? I think even though the show are showing him oppose Jons views he's not going to dishonour himself and kill the Lord Commander.
  4. Osha took him to the Umbers, if the North conspiracy gains legs and builds up to introducing new and existing northern houses then we should see them again next season hopefully. I can't imagine the show just ignoring one of the remaining Stark children forever.
  5. Good point! The walls going to have to come down sooner or later. Another thought is if the NK ressurects him if it happens at Hardhome, from the trailer shot we a glimpse of Jon falling to the ground in the snow, maybe that's when it happens. Either way, whatever does happen I hope Ghost gets a heroic moment at some point this season. Kinda tired of the Dragons now :(
  6. So since this season they like to show a parallel between Jon and Dany do we think Dany being saved by Drogon = Jon being saved from the fatal wound by Ghost who arrives in time? Although if Jon doesn't die how is he released from his vows?
  7. People do realise this is a TV show right? "why did the wildlings do this, what was the point in only sending 2 giants? Why not send a few hundred wildlings to help them. Jon getting his face smashed off an anvil and not having his face smashed in is totally unrealistic etc." it's a TV show that's why, most viewers aren't going to dissect the strategy of war between armies, or the damage done to others in battle it's all for entertainment purposes. TV Shows and Movies have been like this for decades, why are people surprised? Seems like viewers just pick up the stupidest reasons to put the show down. As for the episode, it lived up to my expectations. The scene with the Giant firing the arrow was awesome and the Scythe! Especially when the camera pans behind two people watching it swing across who then just stand there in shock was unintentionally funny. Thorne was excellent too, his comments on top of the wall were hilarious "you cunts!". Also, GHOST!!
  8. I know we've had Joffreys death but everything else just seems shoehorned in like there's no flow to the season yet, I can't put my finger on it at all just seems a bit odd watching these episodes.
  9. I don't the Jaime and Cersei scene was as rapey as everyone's making out, when he got between her legs she wasn't protesting at all really and went along with it. The way people are acting it's as if he put a knife to her throat and held her down.
  10. Ah makes sense now haha, thanks to you both :)
  11. One thing im trying to get my head around is who was the blonde knight who got killed in the jousting tournament and why was Eddard Stark questioning him becoming a knight so fast/affording the armour he had? Even though ive watched the season twice ive always missed the point of him asking for some reason. :)
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