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  1. Hey friend...MI always have enjoyed talking about movies with you despite having crazily different tastes. Here is my Facebook page. I'd love to interact with you here as well.


  2. Hey, 

     I have recently done a fair bit of communicating with Jack Bauer24, and you were absolutely right to call me out for the tone that I had been taking with him. I just didn't realize that I was talking to a 15 year old kid that was doing his best to try and get along and talk about things that he was passionate about. I actually feel bad for some of my behavior. 

     The good news, is that his posts have significantly improved, and he is really starting to contribute. I have done my best to encourage him. In the future, I will pay closer attention to the first time you call me a bonehead about things.

    Hope you are having a fantastic day, and thanks again for keeping this place straight around here.



    Philip Marshall

  3. In case of a Nuclear Holocaust, I hope that I am in Taos, NM. Not that I think that it would be that much safer, but I don't think that I would want to live in a world in which someone said "F^&K Taos !!! Nuke those b%$#$es"

  4. My Game of Thrones Blue Ray came in the mail last week, and I have been having a geekfest in front of my TV...

  5. I am watching Game Change on HBO right now. Palin's choice for VP is the most irresponsible decision politically in my lifetime. If one quarter of what is being revealed in this show is true, we are incredibly fortunate that she never came to power.

  6. Just got back from seeing John Carter... One of the best popcorn flicks in years. If you are looking for a subtle plot then stay away, but if you are in the mood for a fun time swashbuckling type of adventure worthy of Edgar Rice Burroughs then I recommend it highly.

  7. Happy 176th birthday to the Great State of Texas. On this day in 1836 the Alamo fell to Santa Anna, and the Texas declared it's Independence.

  8. I am looking for a house audio job in an established venue here in the Dallas area. If anyone knows of a place looking for someone, please let me know

  9. "Love is like Syphilis. They both start out with you having a very good time, and end up driving you insane." - Phillip Marshall

  10. I am watching the Superbowl post game stuff this morning and one thing is driving me nuts. Their is a crew of guys in the background putting down a plywood road to protect the field for the production out, but the forklifts are dropping off stacks by driving straight on the field. I can't pay attention to the broadcast because I want to yell at the forklift driver. I have been in the biz too long

  11. So... to celebrate the first Superbowl Sunday that I haven't worked in ages, I am having the Gluttony Bowl at my house. On the menu is Cajun style Buffalo Wings, Twice baked Potato Skins, Beer Cheese soup, Crab stuffed and Bacon wrapped Jalapeno Poppers, Onion/mushroom/bacon dip, Steak Fajita Nachos, an assortment of summer sausages and cheeses, Fresh Guacamole, and an assortment of Fudge. cakes and cookie. If you are in Dallas, feel free to hit me up and stop by the house.

  12. Can someone please explain to me why I still use Time Warner Cable? I have people coming over to watch the Mav's game tonight, and lo and behold... the channel is out. After an hour wait on hold, they tell me that yeah... the channel is out. We will reimburse you an astronomically low percentage of the fortune that you pay for as long as I call back and hold for another hour tomorrow.

  13. I just realized that as long as you consider pig as a vegetable, I cooked an entirely vegetarian dinner tonight.

  14. New Rule... When you post a video to facebook, you have to watch and listen to the entire thing first. That way, you don't post one song after another and flood peoples news feed with stuff that you aren't even interested in listening to. Feel free to copy and paste

  15. In other news, I heard that in order to raise the ratings for this years Superbowl, they were thinking of benching Brady and Manning to have Tim Tebow play for both sides. They nixed the idea because they were afraid it was going to be impossible for Tebow to lose, and they might still be playing the game at the start of next years regular season.

  16. Joe Paterno is dying of cancer right now. The horrible thought that keeps coming in my head is that maybe he is in the kind of pain that a ten year old boy would feel as he is being raped by a grown man. I may have felt differently, but as far as I know, he is going to his grave still trying to vindicate his actions. He should have been remembered as the greatest football coach to ever live. Instead, it is for someone who allowed the rape of children to go on for at least a decade.

  17. Etta James passed today. The world has lost one of it's best recording artists... Sad day

  18. Today is a sad day in Texas... Rick Perry has dropped out of the Presidential race. I was really hoping he would win, so we could get his ass out of Texas. Now... he is coming back.... Sad day indeed

  19. A splinter, that had been residing in the bottom of my foot for the last five days, was just removed by myself. This feels almost as good as getting out of a bad relationship.

  20. I am feeling the need for some internet attention, so please like this post before I am reduced to posting 120 posts in a row with links to Nickleback and Matchbox 20 songs that I couldn't have possibly listened to myself due to how quickly that I have posted them.

  21. The Mercedes Bends Superdome.. Has there ever been a less fitting sponsor? Where was Mercedes when New Orleans was underwater, and that stadium was shredded to pieces? What part of rebuilding did they play? Great... now when I think of New Orleans, I am supposed to think of stuffy white German men and their luxury vehicles.

  22. I just cooked a Chili that will make you slap your Momma's Momma... Tomorrow, for lunch will be chili and cheese dogs with chips and dips, a fruit and cheese plate and summer sausages. Dinner will be a smoked ham with fresh greens, blackeyed peas, jalapeno cornbread, mashed taters, and home made macaroni with cheese. (hickory smoked bacon applied liberally to the veggies of course.) Feel free to stop by... lunch is around 3p and dinner is 7 or 8p

  23. I am watching the Cowboys game, and my head is just about to explode... Why, oh why, am I fooled into this every year?

  24. I would like to welcome 2012... For those of you who think that this is the end of the world based on the Mayan Calendar, realize that we lost four year under the Julian Calendar in the dark ages, and it wasn't picked back up when the Gregorian calendar was introduced. 2012 actually happened in 2008 by the Mayans. So... If you are Mayan, happy 2016

  25. I have a gianormous man crush on Robert Griffin III. If you want to know why, go watch the Alamo bowl that he played in tonight.

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