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  1. I went shopping for Christmas dinner yesterday, and saw a nice size piece of beef in the grocery store. Thinking that might be an alternative to turkey or ham, I looked at the price. $106.00... My God, when did the whole damn world become insane?

  2. Craig James announced his Candidacy for the Senate. Type his name on google and see what pops up. It is hilarious

  3. The NFL Network is showing why they have the best pregame show on any Network. Screw you Time Warner... pay them at let me have my games back !!!!!

  4. Please copy this as your status if you know someone who is alive today because you're too tired to dig a hole in the woods and bury them....

  5. To the writers of the television series Dexter... Screw you for ruining the best show on TV.

  6. Evidently, in the days of early vaudeville, the producers would book more performers than could possibly perform in the given time of the show - since "bad" acts could be pulled before their completion... so, in order to insure that the show didn't start paying people who don't actually perform, there was a general policy that a performer did NOT get paid unless they actually performed on-stage. So the phrase "break a leg" referred to breaking the visual plane of the legs that lined the side...

  7. I am having a discussion with a friend... For those on the industry... What is it you are not supposed to do on a tour bus?

    1. litechick


      Thou shalt not poop.

  8. So... For a sports comment this morning... They are voting for the Heisman trophy today, which is the award for the best player in College Football. If Robert Griffin III doesn't win this award, then the people voting just don't watch college football. He may be the best college QB that I have ever seen.

  9. So... for next years marathons, instead of once again screwing up all the roads in East Dallas and making it impossible to drive anywhere, I propose the same thing from Highland Park to North Dallas all the way up Preston road. Let's see how much they enjoy having to stay at the house four days a year

  10. have to wake up pretty early in the morning to wake up pretty early in the morning...

  11. Just a note to insurance company marketing departments... You can make all of the cute commercials in the world with dancing ducks, talking geckos, and paternal guys telling us that we are in "good hand". You are not fooling us. You are screwing us out of our money.

  12. 20 pound turkey... check... 20 pound smoked ham... check... enough dressing, mashed potatoes, green been casserole, gravy, yams and cranberry sauce to feed a army of ravenous pigmies... check... Shrimp... check... cheese and sausage plate... check... crab dip, and french onion dip... check... pumpkin pecan, lemon chest, and cherry pie... check... THANKS FOR NOTHING... See you guys tomorrow night

  13. Just spent all day shopping for the "Thanks for Nothing" Thanksgiving day party. Everyone is invited, especially if you are in the biz. I will have a full spread provided. Party starts at 8p. Bring drinks...

  14. So... I started getting ready for the Thanks for Nothing Thanksgiving Day Party... New furniture for the house today. As always, everyone is invited... Please let me know if you are coming. It will be at 8pm on Thanksgiving night

  15. Let's all make a pact here and now... If anyone here ever walks in on a child being raped, then we 1) beat the hell out of the guy doing it if we are able 2) call the police and child protective services. Also if someone ever tells us that a child has been raped, then we call the police and not just tell our "boss". Penn State is despicable

  16. When asked about love.... I believe that hormones can produce a rush of euphoria that lasts long enough for stockholm syndrome to set in.

  17. Out of entire lifetime of being a sports fan in general, tonight has to be the lowest I have ever felt after a game. The Cards earned this title, and I can salute the most resilient team of all time, but after 40 years of being a Ranger fan, I am left with a sadness that is unparallelled. I can not believe what happened over the last three days...

  18. I would like to add a million "friends" on facebook, and then ask all my buddies to loan me $10

  19. Will work for Texas Ranger World Series tickets

  20. The Texas Rangers are playing in an ALSC for the second time in their 42 year history, and may be going to the World Series, and I turn on ESPN and they are again mentioning them for a couple of seconds and talking about the Boston Redsocks for hours... You know, we watch sports down here as well guys...

  21. The ifuneral for Steve Jobs will take place in a proprietary location, and will cost three times as much as a normal funeral.

  22. I am watching the new Charlie's Angels right now, and I am unabashadly, and unshamelessly enjoying it. It has good writing, decent acting, and great action scenes... Oh... the girls are hot also. That helps

  23. It is always a good day when I get to watch Texas boys whoop up on California boys... HOOK EM HORNS !!!!!

  24. So... I found my id and credit cards, and had to go out and buy a new wallet. My puppies ate $60 yesterday... Today, I walk into my living room, and they had jumped on a table to grab my new wallet, ate it, and another $40... If it were not over 100 degrees outside, then they would be outside dgs today

  25. How much money do puppies have to cost you before it is legally ok to just kill them. I just noticed that my babies ate $20 worth of cigarettes, a $50 wallet, my ID and credit cards, and $60 in cash...

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