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  1. HOOK EM HORNS !!!!!!! McCoy to Shipley brought back memories of yesteryear ....

  2. So... Rick Perry the Gov. of Texas led a huge prayer meeting for rain, and now our state is on fire. I hold this as proof that God can't stand this guy anymore than I can

  3. Just a reminder for those that joined this league... draft is today at 5:15 CST... I am looking forward to playing with all of you guys... good luck everyone

  4. I am watching the Miami/Maryland game and I am having trouble not being distracted by how obnoxiously gaudy that Marylands new uniforms look. They may be the ugliest that I have ever seen

  5. I just turned my Air Conditioning off for the first time since April... I can not believe that it is actually cooling off. What a miserable summer

  6. Money won't buy happiness, but it will pay the salaries of a large research staff to study the problem. Bill Vaughan

  7. there are two slots left... should be a fun year... yahoo league League ID#: 741212 League Name: 2011football Password: howdy

  8. Why Miami sports fan suck... Turn on your television to the Dallas/Miami game tonight. The stadium isn't even a quarter full. I know it is only preseason, but there are only 10 times a year you get to go see your team. You guys are a bunch of front runners

  9. I can not leave you a PM... Just wanted to know if any members are planning anything in Texas. would the BWB subforum be the place to ask? Also, I am strongly considering going to worldcon this year and would love to meet you guys in person. Thanks

  10. I just read a list of all of the Hugo award winners, and what books they ran against, and this is one of their smallest slights. I disagreed with the VAST majority of their opinions. Even though the Potter books do not hold a candle to the creativeness and workmanship that goes into ASOIF, they are at least a good ambassador into the world of sci-fi and fantasy.
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