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    [ADwD Spoilers] Updating the Citadel

    Oh cool, the house of the undying prophecies have slightly changed to what I thought they meant. I'd also like to add my theory on Mirri's answer to Dany about Drogo coming back. I believe Mirri could be prophecising either a.) Dany will die in childbirth, the child will live b.) Dany will give birth but die at some point in the books but the child will live, or just c.) Dany will die a natural death and see Drogo in heaven, but the prophecy binds her to having born at least one living child before then. Either way, she's gonna pop out a kid. It is known. Edit: Another thing that struck me about a Dany prophecy, (the one where she has to go South to go North etc), could the "To go forward you must go back" be in relevance to her going back to a Khalasar? I think everyone in the books and out of the books agrees she shouldn't have stayed and been a Queen in Mereen.