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  1. Dunnii

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Gosh, I hope not. If he loves the Lannisters and the Starks are doomed, I will be heartbroken when all is said and done. I gave the episode a 9 -- just because too much Cersei was there. She talks too much. That wildfire scene was great!
  2. Dunnii

    How would you rate episode 204?

    I don't post often, but I was so disappointed and dismayed at that Joffrey scene that I wanted to turn off the show. this show got me interested in the books and I've read them all and love this story. But that scene was ridiculous, imo. I want to believe they added it for the story, but if felt more like shock TV and that isn't what I bought HBO for. I actually only have HBO for this show and I wanted to cancel. I've been reading and I know a lot of you view this scene differently, but I'm not sure anything to come later will be able to erase the sick feeling I had watching it. Didn't the audience already hate Joffrey? I cannot see how it was necessary.
  3. Dunnii

    Official Testing Thread

    Some of you had the same problem I'm having with adding an avatar... you're asking where it is, but it's there. What was the solution? I thought I added one, but it's not showing up...
  4. Dunnii


    Hi! Obviously, I'm new here. :cool4: I first got interested in GoT when I read about Sean Bean being in the HBO Series. I'm a huge fan of Sean's and checked out the book last summer. I loved it, then watched the series and of course, laughed a bit when I found out Sean's fate (so like him!) Then I found out that Martin hadn't finished the series and I have to say, I then decided to stop reading. I couldn't imagine myself getting immersed in 4-5 books, only to not know the ending. And what if Martin takes another 6 years between books? :ohwell: But two days ago, I couldn't stand it anymore and I bought Clash of Kings and devoured 300 pages yesterday. I'm hoping/gambling that HBO would never have agreed to do this if Martin hadn't told them he knew the ending. I cannot imagine how you guys must have felt waiting and waiting for Martin to write DoD... I just hope he doesn't take as long with books 6 and 7. Anyway, I haven't joined a forum in a long time, but I wanted to find a place to talk about the books. :read: