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  1. Ghosts Companion

    TTTNE 475 - for the Honour of Greyskull!

    Oh the old stories are true, embarrassing and brag worthy. Thank goodness there are no pictures. Well maybe.......
  2. Ghosts Companion

    TTTNE 475 - for the Honour of Greyskull!

    The thread that does end but comes back like a zombie eating my brains away. Where is the jello? Where are the people I know? Why did I log onto the board after years of silence? Does anyone still have Naked Hatted Avatar pics? Is this still a place of outlandish behavior? Is there still Jello wrestling? If there is still wrestling why has no one sent me a pic? Why do I suddenly feel like the old gal? Where is the alcohol and late night chats that are totally inappropriate, yet ends up with you married? shit I am old
  3. Ghosts Companion

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    It would get a higher rating, if it did not feel so rushed.
  4. Ghosts Companion

    Rogue's Gallery Re-open For Business!

    Well I would rather not be called an old timer! There are tons who have been here longer but I originally joined the old board and stalked. Then in 2005 I joined again and was actually social.
  5. Ghosts Companion

    Rogue's Gallery Re-open For Business!

    Wow this is still here, now I have to go see if my pic is still there. Then get sad cause I aged, thanks a lot.
  6. Your gender is not set? Yet there is not a single person on this board who does not excude more feminine sexiness than you. Much love and even more respect.

    El Bandito