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  1. Lies And Perfidy

    Goodkind 55: Back in the Dick Life Again

    tairy hitting us with a double colon. what a legend.
  2. Lies And Perfidy

    Scott Lynch's THORN OF EMBERLAIN

    I'm just saying, if you feel like you got ripped off by the Locke Lamora books...well, you should probably have been reading more closely!
  3. Lies And Perfidy

    Hugo time! Your packet is available! 2018

    Re: Craft Sequence, I might be making this up, but IIRC the second book was actually the first one Max wrote (or at least, contains more early material), and he wrote Three Parts Dead later after having his concept of the world & story more established. That's part of why 3PD is stronger, IMO.
  4. Lies And Perfidy

    Hugo time! Your packet is available! 2018

    Three debuts for Best Novel. That's awesome. Clipping!
  5. Lies And Perfidy

    How would you rate episode 401?

    Yeah I'm on the 8 bandwagon. Shameless self-promotion alert: here's my recap & analysis on Dorkadia Dot Com.
  6. Lies And Perfidy

    [Book Spoilers] EP304 Discussion

    Cheap plug - book-informed review up at our blarg. That contains my input on the subject! :D
  7. Oh man, Winterfell! I used to chat with their singer Robb on the old Iced Earth message board, before I ever read ASOIAF. I actually got offered their drummer slot once but it would have been too far a move for me at the time. :\ Real cool guy, I hope he can get the band back together. I'm gonna have to buy that album...