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  1. 5 from me, proberly my least faviroute episode of the season. What I hate about this season (not season 1) is it's consistancy. As a season it just doesn't match up to the first one. Unless they stick more ish to the books and less with the made up scenes, i reckon it will lose support. (Just to clarify I have nothing against extra scenes, as long as they make the story more interesting eg. the 13s death, or Robert and Cersai. But if something isn't broke, don't fix it.
  2. i'm suprised Roose hasn't got much attention for his part in the episode. You could tell he knew how Robb and Talisa felt. Chilling Also am pleased with Karstark (although I did picture him younger). I only wish that they introduced him before, and made it known of how he killed Strafford Lannister. It would benefit of knowing how much of a threat he is.
  3. RIP Christopher Wallace aka notorious big. Died 15 years today

  4. So I guess I'm the only won behind the nygiants tonight.

  5. Seen the same dead mouse on the pavement on way home for past week. This is why I hate the council

  6. 've lost over a stone in just 2 weeks all thanks to ................ no.

  7. clearing out the timeline. I used to be such a fucking rube.

  8. clearing out the timeline. I used to be such a fucking rube.

  9. Happy 1 in the morning.

  10. Black swan Is fuuuuuuuuucked

  11. whats up with this stalker feed?.