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    Jon Connington

    JonCon to have sex with Daemon Sand, infecting him with his greyscale strain.
  2. chrisdaw

    What will happen when the dragon horn is sound?

    DP sorry.
  3. chrisdaw

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    As far as showing anyone anything, no-one will know Varys orchestrated or just helped along the Faith and Tyrell conflict, and Aegon will appear a peacemaker and friend of the Faith. As to Varys's conscience, Varys intended(s) to bring over a horde of dothraki to put his boy on the throne. He wants a just and competent ruler and he's prepared to accept the damage bill that comes with bringing it about as he considers that the lesser evil.
  4. chrisdaw

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    No the fighting in the street will be between the Tyrells and Faith as GRRM has Kevan bluntly think and stay Mace's hand. Kevan dead, no-one to stop Mace from being Mace (or worse Cersei to encourage him), Tyrells and the Faith make the gutters run red, Aegon's force arrives and ends it. He becomes the hero who ended the bloodshed. It is what Varys is intending, and he will succeed.
  5. chrisdaw

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    It is very plainly flagged in the text out how Aegon takes KL. The Tyrell host in the field gets run over by Aegon's elephants. In KL Mace attacks the Faith over Marge and they fight back, city delves into chaos, the gutters run red as the two factions fight door to door. Some friends in the reach happens somewhere. Varys paves the way, Aegon shows up in KL to save the day, his force subdues the Tyrells and the Faith throw all in with him, cloth dragon cheering crowd, the city is his.
  6. chrisdaw

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    This is so exciting, the meltdowns are going to be epic. I hope to try and justify it D&D reveal GRRM told them Jon kills Dany.
  7. chrisdaw

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    No. Aegon takes KL and is the dominant power in Westeros when Dany arrives and the second dance is between him and Dany and that was always GRRM's intention.
  8. chrisdaw

    Dothraki belief in how long ago Man was created

    I would think the intent was for it to mean a million, for which the Dothraki likely have no word, but also that it isn't meant to be taken literally. It is a big number chosen because it is unfathomable.
  9. chrisdaw

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Euron will be a third faction, a stone/green faction in comparison to the Others who are ice/blue. Following his experimentation and successes will explain a lot of the magic in ASOIAF for us - how dragons came to be ridden, Valyrian steel and how the Others work. The Others will push the Westerosi east into the narrow sea and Euron will come up behind them from around Dragonstone, eventually humanity (or the people of KL at least) will be caught between the Others on one side and Euron's slave sphinx army on the other. He's not going to outlive the Others rather he dies with them, in Dany's dreams/visions wherever she melts stone (its always with her blood or fire) that's her destroying Euron and his. Harrenhal and Harren symbolise Euron and foreshadow his end, as too does Qarlon the Great.
  10. Sandor is a character designed to explore the realities of knighthood. He's only done the bad half, there's the good half to go. And there is a good half, knights did protect people, they did fight against raiders and invaders, fight just wars and protect their faith and people. Sandor's whole problem with knighthood is that it was hypocritical, a lie. A knight is supposed to be a defender of those who can not defend themselves, only they gave the honour to Gregor and Gregor was just a bully, someone who preyed on those weaker than him. Rhaegar dubbed Gregor, and so the lie ran all the way to the very top. That is Sandor's attraction to Sansa, she actually believed in what she said. She's naive and stupid perhaps, but she was not false. The Faith is the answer to Sandor's issue with knighthood. The followers on the QI as well as those newly emerged in KL are true believers. They're fundamentalists, they believe what they say and say what they believe, they are not liars. In becoming a knight of the Faith Sandor will be serving an honest master who will expect nothing more of him than for him to act in accordance with the oath of knighthood. This is the arc. Part of it anyway, as soon enough the problem with religious rigidity will teach Sandor the value of an occasional convenient lie.
  11. chrisdaw

    Aegon TWOW

    Takes KL, becomes betrothed to Arianne, gets persuaded by the HS to go to the Reach to protect the realm from the godless Ironborn. Suceeds in forcing the Ironborn (more because Euron won't give a shit after he gets whatever he wants there and will withdraw) out. Becomes beloved of the realm and KL, earns the backing of the Reach, Dorne and Faith. Dany arrives. He becomes Rhaegal's rider. Dany comes to believe he's fake. The second dance occurs between Dany and him. He falls to Dany.
  12. Sandor defending Sansa from Robert strong is a done deal. The real horror of Strong will be that in his relentless servitude he is being denied the mercy of death, the importance of which Arya taught Sandor when she refused to kill him. The new Sandor will not wish his brother to endure this tormented fate. Everyone deserves that mercy. Cersei who is to be undone by a yonger more beautiful queen, has hitched her wagon completely to Ser Robert Strong. If Ser Robert Strong were to be unmasked his demon face would bring Cersei down. In Bran's vision where Jaime and Sandor are between Sansa/Arya and Ungregor, it is noted particularly that under his helmet is the thick black blood, that which symbolises his undeadness. Cersei pushes for Sansa to be trialled, Sansa chooses trial by combat, Sandor unmasks Ungregor. Victory to the younger more beautiful queen, all visions and prophecies neatly fulfilled. Galladon of Morne, the perfect knight, the maiden fell in love with him and gave him a special sword that could not be checked or stopped. Galladon would not use it against any mere mortal man, but he might have used it against a foe 8 foot tall. He did use it to slay a dragon (another one for the dragon I forgot about). Sansa is likened to the maiden in various ways throughout the text, she is in close proximity to the Valyrian sword Lady Forlorn, a not particularly subtle nod to her fallen direwolf protector. Lady Forlorn has a ruby heart pommel. Lyn Corbray is not long for this world, his sword, will fall into Sansa's possession, she will give it to (forbidden) her protector and love Sandor, a token of her love as per the pommel, and he'll fight for her and defeat Ungregor with it.
  13. For Clegane specifically killing dragons there is the obvious fear of fire he has, and the fire breathing dragon being the critical beast of the whole series. And Serwyn of the Mirror Shield also saved a maiden from a giant, which runs very nicely into Sandor saving Sansa from Robert strong, making Sandor a very good candidate for who Serwyn is foreshadowing. And Sandor being a strong candidate to become one of the Warrior's Sons given his current situation, and them being dragonslayers and demonhunters (again Robert strong).
  14. Not that knights killing dragons need be grounded in the text given how common it is in fantasy.
  15. It is amazing how boring this shit is. Bring on the Night King and some pewpewpew.
  16. chrisdaw

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    Nope. I think he becomes the Bolton's hostage, and Jon refuses their terms, and Rickon is executed. They will say Jon did it because he didn't care about Rickon, because he was happy to see Rickon die because Rickon has a better claim to Winterfell and the north than bastard Jon. Ice eyed, winter hearted, black bastard blooded. But what the randos think won't matter to Jon. Arya will wonder. Bran will wonder. Sansa will think he did it for all those reasons, because that's what she would do. Right or wrong, Jon will have done it for true enough reasons, kill the boy and let the man be born, no one person is bigger than the north or the war for the dawn.
  17. chrisdaw

    Prediction: Jon will become a direwolf

    No Jon is not going to be his direwolf for the rest of ASOIAF. He dies at the end, maybe second lifes Ghost, maybe not.
  18. chrisdaw

    Prediction: Daenerys will become a dragon

    Yes she will, after she dies as a human she will begin a second life as a dragon. The first of the links in my signature explains in detail how it will occur. Aeron will have a second life as a leviathan. Euron (and Arianne) will have a second life as the stone beast, which is a dragon that becomes a sea dragon/monster/kraken hybrid/sphinx inflicted with a type of greyscale. Stannis will become an ice dragon. Aerea I think is probably a result of skinchanging a dragon. Maybe she was innately a skin changer or maybe she found something in Valyria (like a horn) that allowed her soul to slip her body. Maybe being in Valyria allows anyone to slip their soul, a sort of magical instability. Anyway, her human soul entered a dragon and came back to her human body. And then what happened to her is; 1) she got burned up from the inside. And this will happen to anyone else who just tries to skin change a dragon, they'll get burned from the inside out. What Mel did to Varamyr when he was in the eagle. Varamyr simply got pushed out of the eagle, Aerea being a Targ could maybe withstand more heat and was in there longer. I think she would go inside the dragon for as long as she could withstand and on more than one occasion. For a soul to stay within a dragon it has to be able to survive within this fire, and that is the trick Targaryens alone knew how to do. It takes the sacrifice of a child. Dany has already made her sacrifice and thus will be able to survive within the fire. 2) Aerea skinchanged a pregnant/mating dragon, and brought back dragon embryos with her to her human body. Without the hard egg casing the embryos ate through her human womb and then body. Probably Balerion went to Valyria to mate, his wound he sustained during mating and Aerea would skinchange either him or the dragon (or wyrm/wyvern) he was mating with whilst they mated.
  19. Cleganebowl will be a trial by 7 to decide Sansa's guilt in Joff's murder. Ungregor will fight for the prosecution (Cersei) and Sandor will fight for the defence (Sansa). Sandor may or may not be the one of seven to make the decisive final blow against Ungregor. If you wish to construe this as a yes or no to the question is up to you. I'm certainly not sure on it but I don't think he will slay a dragon. It's a good possibility, but I think Barry is possibly a little better possibility, and Davos the best possibility (though not alone). I do think however Sandor will brave dragon's fire, and that's all he really needs to do to make good on the arc. So on this I'm a no.
  20. Yes as far. as the characters run parallel and help explain the other. Falling into the trap of believing in fated destinies and horrible things that commits them to do in a greater good. No at the Rhaegar did make some sacrifice angle whatever that is about. Rhaegar contemplated/intended at worst a sacrifice of his children, or at best just believed they were fated to die so that the world may be saved. I made a detailed post about it here. Stannis is following in his footsteps, he will make the sacrifice. Something will come of it, but nothing good. The same dilemma will pass to Jon and Dany with their child.
  21. chrisdaw

    Poll: Aurane Waters' Endgame

    Banging Dany won't make him particularly important overall, Daario isn't really, or Hizdahr. It's his ancient Valyrian bloodline that sets him apart from everyone else, as Euron thinks (knows) he needs to have a child with Dany for her dragon bloodline, Dany will decide on Aurane for his ancient Valyrian bloodline. And he's only set up to be the first failure before the big guns. After him she'll move onto a lion, Tyrion, who will be riding Viserion so be thought to have good dragon blood. But Tyrion's child she miscarries too (breaking his heart as per the Lightbringer story). Who the third successful candidate is, Nissa Nissa, the male character with the strongest Targaryen dragon blood, the one who is hung up on never fathering a bastard, will by then be obvious. Blue flower wall of ice, fire consumes ice preserves.
  22. chrisdaw

    Poll: Aurane Waters' Endgame

    I didn't say he's AA. I said Aurane Waters represents the water portion of the story. The first of three attempts, the attempt tempered by water, a failed attempt because the child will be miscarried.
  23. chrisdaw

    Poll: Aurane Waters' Endgame

    What he does next isn't really his end game. He's got a ways to go. He'll become Dany's lover after Euron has used her up and stolen Drogon. He is the Water in the making of Lightbringer, which is a description of Dany attempting to conceive a child for the purpose of sacrificing to get Drogon back. The temple Dany's womb, the hammering and folding and heating, sleepless nights and labouring sex and pregnancy. The bursting asunder is miscarrying, Dany will miscarry Aurane's and her child. Possibly when KL rebels against Dany he will help her escape and get her to the north. Possibly he will in some way betray Dany and she'll execute him based on this line. Or if he keeps on keeping on then after delivering Dany to the north he may join his fleet to the Manderly's and fight for Jon when Jon marches south.
  24. Yeah that'll be it.
  25. The Arya lines could work. The series will end with Robert Arryn as king on the IT and Arya his queen, or to be his queen. So the final scene of ADOS could very well be Robert's coronation and/or Robert's and Arya's wedding. Thematically it is Arya's arc to put away needle and to stop being a FM and a no-one, to sacrifice the freedom that provides her and once again be Arya Stark, so that she may do right by her people and family and the realm. And those lines are an encapsulation of this arc. So the final scene could be stuff like; - Arya giving Needle away to someone. - Taking a Queen's sceptre and making a comparison of it to needle (in her mind). - Moving away from a coronation/wedding, it could be Arya is betrothed to be queen but is missing or contemplating doing a runner and is found and asked who she is, and then must make the final decision and answer either no-one or reveal herself. She could say something like I'm Arya Stark, your queen in waiting, take me to my room.