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  1. No I'm not ignoring it. Shadow is most commonly used in the text to symbolise influence. I could fill the length of this page with quotes demonstrating that but it shouldn't be required. Arya and Sansa will have an influence on and be influenced by a great many people, the shadows, Jaime and Sandor very particularly by sheer volume. Sandor has already done so (more will come). Jaime is yet to come, but thats obviously part of his arc, in his own words Sansa Stark is his last chance for honour. You're trying to turn shadow into whatever you want it to be, you don't even keep it consistent between the two figures.
  2. Shadows do not always or even so often mean undead. Most often shadows are influence. Thick black blood does mean death. And if shadows meant undead in this instance there's no need for the thick black blood. If the shadows are to have any relation to death here it would not be that they are undead characters all around the girls, they are not going to be surrounded by a bunch of happy fucking wights. It would be signalling the many characters, including Jaime and Sandor as the singled out shadows, will die in proximity or service to the girls, and for them to be significant enough to be included in this vision their deaths must be felt, be a real loss, a lesson, a tragedy. The shadows don't menace Sansa and Arya, you just made that up as you made up Jaime's death. The language used is that they are all around them. It's not my plot, it is a continuation of GRRM's plot and themes which you fail to address in any sense.
  3. No that is meritless nonsense. Part of the point of the passage is that Ungregor is undead as per the black blood under the helm. When Jaime and Sandor defeat him they will reveal what is under the helm, exposing him for an undead demon, the significance of which is that it will unmake Cersei given Qyburn and Ungregor are her men. Hence why it gets included in the vision. Jaime being undead would comically undermine the plot point, besides there being absolutely nothing to suggest he's going undead. And anyone with the slightest sense of theme will understand Sandor is going to be involved in bringing mercy to his brother.
  4. chrisdaw

    The Stark sucession crisis and Arya the unlikely

    No there's nothing in any of that original post. Jon will be KITN and when Arya reveals herself she becomes a princess in the north for him to marry off for political advantage as he wills. That is her duty. That's her arc, be Arya Stark and do her duty to her family and people, or be no-one, alone, but have her freedoms, particularly to love who she would. And it is Jon that pushes her arc from the side of duty to culmination. That's the story. And she chooses duty and Jon marries her to the Iron Throne and she becomes queen. That's why her journey begins with a first hand tour of the horrors of war caused by a queen who refused to forego the freedom of who she may love. Why she is being exposed to multiple religions and coming to tolerate all. Why she is moving through every social class. Why she is being taught the importance of mercy and the right of judgement. And will move on further to a rejection of vengeance and blanket punishment.
  5. It is a really straight-forward passage that follows no rules and should be taken at face value, it is almost certainly what he meant when he said he wished he'd kept some of the foreshadowing a bit less obvious. Of course it is Ungregor, Sandor and Jaime.
  6. chrisdaw

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    Or Dany could just follow the vision itself. And/or Howland Reed could emerge.
  7. chrisdaw

    Summerhall is central to the series

    Bonifer is for playing out the dilemma of his faith vs his love. He should fall in line behind Dany for his love for her mother, only he now loves the Seven and Dany will be the greatest enemy of the Faith. On what side will his loyalty fall? His Holy Hundred I suggest are for doing battle with the Fiery Hand. There's no reason he'd have been at Summerhall and every reason he wouldn't have been.
  8. chrisdaw

    Historical parallels with real kings for targaryens?

    Tyrion - Richard III
  9. chrisdaw

    What is the role of Gendry?

    Gendry's role in the show is to get shirtless again and do something brave like.
  10. chrisdaw

    Summerhall is central to the series

    When Greyscaled Euron blows his horn in earshot of Drogon and his child, then dies, and Drogon becomes the stone beast, then the secret will be out. Given the horn artwork being associated with Winds I suggest it is going to happen in Winds, but then the Dance of Dragons didn't happen in the book named a Dance with Dragons.
  11. chrisdaw

    Summerhall is central to the series

    Shiera and/or Bloodraven. Shiera I think was made for this, her delight in mischief, her disregard for decorum and insatiable appetite for the arcane and exploring the unknown. It will be a Targ, that's to be their house defining trait, that they would sacrifice their children for the power of dragons.
  12. chrisdaw

    Summerhall is central to the series

    Summerhall in a comprehensive telling like a D&E would reveal the key mystery of the series how Valyrians rode dragons. But he's not going to reveal this key mystery through supplementary material, so such a D&E would come after the reveal in the series. But a Summerhall D&E would be the last of the planned 7 anyway. And I think there's an SSM where GRRM said he can't release what happened in Summerhall yet because it would be a spoiler. I can tell you what happened though. To create dragons they could ride Valyrians second lifed dragons. Their magic to second life dragons requires they sacrifice a child still in the womb or maybe newborn. Someone at Summerhall knew or suspected this, and knowing they would never get approval to sacrifice any human, baby or not, they went about trying to create the sacrifices to wake dragons in secrecy. The tragedy at Summerhall was sabotage but not by someone trying to prevent the birth of dragons, no sabotage on that score was necessary, what Egg was doing was nothing anyone else had not tried and it never worked. The tragedy at Summerhall was sabotage to try and wake dragons. And it very nearly worked. Had Rhaegar died at Summerhall you'd have had basically all the ingredients of Dany's dragon awakening. But Rhaegar lived, and GRRM chose to make that the big point of the whole thing, the baby lived only by the skin of his teeth and only thanks to the heroics and sacrifice of Dunk Had Dunk not saved Rhaegar there'd have been dragons at Summerhall. When they do this second lifing thing the child's soul seems to go into the dragon's, and the dragon's into the child. Hence you get children being born with dragon-like deformities. I suggest Rhaegar got very far along in the process of this, but hadn't completed it, and when he was born his soul shot back into his baby body. But having gone so far he brought back some fresh dragon blood, as that's what the text tells us when souls slip in and out of other things, they leave a shadow and bring back a shadow and its in the blood. It is what happened to Dany in her Wake the Dragon dream, she was 99% of the way to second lifing a dragon, but she lived and so her soul bounced back to her body, but she brought back dragon blood and so could walk into a fire. I believe having gone so far as to second life a dragon and the dragon blood Rhaegar brought back with him caused him to have severe dragon dreams, the type that convince a child that it is their destiny to burn and die and become a dragon.
  13. chrisdaw

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    Bloodraven having been given all this characterisation isn't going to be a puppet. GRRM perhaps lifted the mechanical puppet idea and morphed it into skinchanging into other humans, as Bran does and Bloodraven probably does too.
  14. In symbolism and foreshadowing terms the first thought when one sees stone and trident should be Harrenhal.
  15. chrisdaw

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    Ned obviously saved Jon. Rhaegar had Jon with at minimum the expectation he would die and a dragon would come from it, that I explain here. Dany is going to follow Stannis's storyline but with some differences. The most important of which is when she comes to sacrifice her unborn/newborn child she and the reader will believe it will work. The question that needs answering is if this is a justifiable sacrifice if it is the only way to save the world? And GRRM can not ask that question through Stannis because no-one believes he's going to get a fire breathing dragon out of burning Shireen and go on to save the world. But everyone will believe it with Dany. Part of the point of writing fantasy is that complex questions such as what actions are permissible in the service of a greater good can be boiled down to a simple bastard child vs the realm. Outside of fantasy it must remain a theoretical question, whereas in fantasy it can be made literal.
  16. chrisdaw

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    I just told you precisely how.
  17. chrisdaw

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    No it is exactly the amount of magic he needs to realise the question of one (bastard) child against the whole of the realm which is where the series has been angling from for its entirety. Rhaegar had Jon for the purpose of sacrificing to wake the dragon to save the world, in contrast Ned at every turn made every sacrifice to save the lives of innocent children, including saving Jon himself and the Lannister children which lead directly to Ned's own death. It is Jon's and Dany's arc. Craster, the baby swap and now Stannis has brought the question to Jon's doorstep. Rhaego, did she know the cost? If she looks back she is lost. Hazzea. The cost of the power of dragons is the sacrifice of children, not just symbolically, literally. The greatest power comes at the expense of the greatest sacrifice, one's own child. Ice vs fire, the Stark way or the Targ way, Ned's way or Rhaegar's way. Jon and Dany are not love interests, they are to fall on either side of this question.
  18. chrisdaw

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    They're her mounts in the sense that they second life a dragon and she rides that dragon. Love Drogo, second lifed Drogon. Thus she mounts him when she rides Drogon and their child was the sacrifice that made Drogon. Dread Euron, who will also second life Drogon and turn him into/become the Stone Beast. She will probably ride that too until it eventually turns away from her. It will not breathe fire and generally fuck Westeros up. Bed Jon. The man she will bed in the belief she will be able to fix Drogon, that is turning him from the Stone Beast back into a fire breathing dragon, if she gets pregnant by him and sacrifices their child.
  19. chrisdaw

    Stannis, the first lie and the false light

    Stannis will be the big bad of the story. When he sacrifices Shireen he will symbolically prove to have the heart of winter. When he dies his soul will animate an Ice Dragon, probably out of the ice of the wall. It will have an iron skeletal frame, and the Ice Dragon's eye or eyes will be blue crystal, and they will be Stannis's soul. The three big bads Dany must slay are Aegon, Euron and Stannis. Aegon in the Dance (he's more the good guy in this one really), Euron who will second life Drogon and turn him into the stone beast - a sphinx basically, and finally Stannis whose second life will be the Ice Dragon. GRRM has known this all to some degree forever. Here they are in AGOT. The black iron dragon with jewels for eyes is the Stannis Ice Dragon. The roaring griffin is Jon Connington, the power behind the mummer's dragon Aegon. And the manticore (sphinx basically) with a barbed tail is Euron.
  20. chrisdaw

    Dany's dream about the Trident

    The passage is foreshadowing for her second lifing a dragon. Her human life is the real dream, the real nightmare she must wake from, the second life as a dragon is her true life, what she truly is and was always supposed to be. The exultation is simply having realised that, having found her home behind the red door, finding the answer to Quaithe's question about does she remember what she is. She wakes up inside Balerion, and Balerion wakes with her - as when she second lifes the dragon her soul will go inside of the dragon and bring it to life. The people kicking over her head is foreshadowing someone mounting her, riding the dragon she becomes. It is a three phase foreshadowing of which the first isn't quoted in the OP. The war for the dawn is the middle part, her destroying an ice army on the trident. Her second life, becoming a dragon the size of Balerion, is the third part of her waking in the ship Balerion. The first part is about her death/execution. She talks about how Robert was no true king because he didn't protect the Targ children or do them justice. That is what kings are for she says. Dany will at the end of the series seek to sacrifice her child to wake the dragon, making her no fit queen the same as Robert. For her attempt to sacrifice the child Jon will justly execute her, proving himself to be a king.
  21. chrisdaw

    A new look at the puple wedding

    Yes it is. LF spread the word around HG and Olenna went to the closest source to confirm it, because she could and there was no reason not to. Perfectly logical context for GRRM to introduce the character proper and explain the family dynamics. And everything else is filling in blanks where none exist and text denial.
  22. chrisdaw

    A new look at the puple wedding

    There's nothing more to read on it, it is what it is, what is written, what the text tells us point blank in no uncertain terms, what GRRM went out of his way to show. You are text denying to create a void to project something you want in its place, the only solace you may take is that a lot of people are keen to do it.
  23. chrisdaw

    A new look at the puple wedding

    It is like the words written in ASOS somehow don't exist when it comes to the Tyrells. GRRM explains the dynamics at play, the Tyrells are not a blank slate you can project anything you feel like onto.
  24. chrisdaw

    Who is the 3EC?

    I think Bran. Bloodraven doesn't know wtf they are talking about when they say the 3EC. I think the implication is this. There is the very good theory that Bloodraven thought Euron was the powerful greenseer he was looking for, that is he thought Euron was what Bran is. And accordingly Bloodraven contacted Euron as he did Bran and tried to steer him but things went wrong. So if the 3EC that contacted Bran in his dreams is future Bran and not Bloodraven, then the person who contacted Euron must be future Bran too. The narrative demands Bran make a mistake with his new found powers. GRRM isn't just going to hand over all this power and not have Bran fuck it up somehow. He's got to make a mistake and learn from it. Coldhands says he is Bran's monster. I think what that little hint might be for is Euron. I suggest Euron is Bran's fuck up, that future Bran awakened some magical abilities within past Euron, showed him the supernatural possibilities out there and so motivated Euron to become what he has.
  25. chrisdaw

    A new look at the puple wedding

    My mistake was having addressed you with padded gloving. Let me rephrase, in no context is a correct representation of LF. It is wrong and left unchallenged may lead to people misunderstanding the character.