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    A new look at the puple wedding

    My mistake was having addressed you with padded gloving. Let me rephrase, in no context is a correct representation of LF. It is wrong and left unchallenged may lead to people misunderstanding the character.
  2. chrisdaw

    Moments of Foreshadowing v.12

    Alyn Velaryon as he was when he was summoned by Lord Peake to go to battle on behalf of the throne, a young man of unknown dubious birth. Capable, cocky and eager for battle, reward and glory, as he proved when he rushed into battle in the Stepstones. There he kicked ass and promptly went to King's Landing where he road the streets on an elephant amidst cheering crowds. The elephant gives it away, Alyn is at this stage of the story a(n) (F)aegon parallel. Same same. Upon arriving in KL the hero, Alyn then has to deal with Unwin Peake, the wily more experienced man who had consolidated power in the city. Unwin outmanoeuvred Alyn into having to go and fight the Ironborn invading the West on behalf of the Iron throne. Alyn's situation is foreshadowing what will happen to Faegon, and what will happen is this. Faegon will win his way into KL on the back of his elephants crushing all opposition. When he arrives the city will have been in a state of chaos, blood running in the streets, as the Faith and Tyrells come to swords. Thus his arrival will be that of a hero's, as it will bring peace to the city. Faegon will then have to deal with the Faith, particularly the High Sparrow. And the wily old High Sparrow will manoeuvre in such a way that will have Faegon headed west to battle the Ironborn in the Reach.
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    A new look at the puple wedding

    That's fine, you can think that.
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    A new look at the puple wedding

    Only if one wilfully ignores the disclaimer in which he says he's not putting anything to rest. In isolation your post would give the wrong impression of LF and his use of chaos. It is part of the point of the character, what the character exists to demonstrate. There are few constructive avenues for capable people of ambition in the system to advance themselves and that the temptation to turn to chaotic destructive measures is strong.
  5. chrisdaw

    A new look at the puple wedding

    In a feudal system for a person of low birth to increase their standing quickly as LF does there needs to be some measure of upheaval. People need to be stripped of stuff in order for other people to be rewarded with stuff. LF grew the war and then picked which side he thought would benefit him most. He required that chaos of war, facilitated it, operated within it, and personally benefited from it. The show characterised well how he operated.
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    A new look at the puple wedding

    LF didn't sell Olenna on the marriage, no-one sold Olenna on the marriage, Olenna didn't want the marriage, either marriage to Renly or Joff, she wanted the Tyrells to have fuck all to do with the Lannisters and feared where things were headed. She came because she couldn't stop it happening, Lord Pufferfish wanted the marriage and didn't give a fuck that Olenna didn't, and Lord Pufferfish makes the calls for House Tyrell, not Olenna. Olenna's power is only what she can convince Lord Pufferfish of. So Olenna came to "see it through", as in ascertain if LF was telling the truth about Joff and then comply with the plan LF had sold her on to prevent the inevitable catastrophe LF had also sold her. Absolutely. LF almost certainly swayed Joff into Ned's execution and that he couldn't have ever getting back to Sansa or Cersei or Tywin or anyone with any sense. Here, conversations/questions like these forever run the risk of outing LF as Joff's puppet master so long as Joff lives. Had Tywin asked Joff directly who told him this it could have all unravelled and ended with LF's head on a pike.
  7. Robert Arryn will sit the IT as king and Arya his wife and queen. He rules the Vale in name but it is actively ruled by stewards. The assumption will be it will pass to Robert's second heir. Arya rules the north in name and it is actively ruled by stewards. The assumption that it will pass to Robert Arryn's third heir by Arya. Sansa rules the West but chooses to stay in KL. She'll be a childless widow and intend to remain that way, don't know who her heir will be. Trystane for Dorne. Edmure or his child for the Riverlands. Edric Storm come Baratheon the Stormlands. Iron Islands are abandoned, Asha resettles Ironmen on Seadragon Point. I'm not confident in the reach.
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    What should we expect from the Vale?

    Sansa gets kidnapped in the show and brought to KL? Lol, it is like they just lifted fanfic straight from this board.
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    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    No it's not, but it is only your time at stake, just don't blame GRRM for having wasted it.
  10. Connecting characters by only what has already happened in the main series is not how this is going to work. It is in the theme as much as the details and the framing. Tyland younger twin Lannister is Jaime, what doesn't match yet is because Jaime's story isn't yet finished. Jaime's arc is from selfishness to servitude, and Tyland Lannister is one of the realm's greatest most faithful servants, at great personal cost. He got tortured into a mess and came back and still did his almost impartial best for the realm. And that's what Jaime's future is, and rather than a parallel it is in contrast to Tyrion who responded to pain, loss and hardship by turning burn them all.
  11. chrisdaw

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    AOIAF does have a protagonist. The series is an argument for moderation between ice and fire. Fire represents passionate intervention, for example Dany's war on slave traders. Ice represents dispassionate calculation, for example the NW's policy with Craster, or the whole of Tywin's political decision making. The protagonist will be the one who carves the line between both ice and fire that the author most morally agrees with. And that will be Jon, not coincidentally the child with both the ice and fire parents.
  12. chrisdaw

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    It is really simple and doesn't need much explaining, as who wrote the letter is never doubted in the text and there's no sensible reason to attribute the letter to anyone else. Ramsay got Mance or one of the Spearwives and questioned them and realised Jon fucked him and picked up some peripheral information too. In a huff he went and immediately wrote a very angry letter to Jon, some of what he says in it is true, some of it is embellishment or things he assumes has or will happen, and some of it he pulls out of his ass, all of it an act of puffing out his chest and trying to intimidate Jon.
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    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    The characterisation of Bloodraven also lends greatly to Jojen paste. It started as Bloodraven being an alleged sorcerer who killed his half brother in a war. Kinslaying, a Westeros taboo, but it occurred under very understandable circumstances. Then we get it that he tricked an enemy to come peacefully under his protection, and had his fucking head chopped off. Another Westeros taboo, murdering a guest beneath one's own roof. And no mitigating circumstances, it is simple, Bloodraven just gives no fucks. Or in the man's own words, Killing a guest beneath one's own roof for the greater good is precisely what Jojen paste alleges Bloodraven is doing. And it goes deeper. The Rat Cook is mentioned six times in Bran chapters and in a Theon chapter when Manderly requests it in that incident. One time Bran thinks he sees the Rat Cook. The end purpose of the Rat Cook story is not simply Manderly's pie revenge or even the Freys, the Rat Cook is a Bran story, for Bran's arc. Rat Cook is white GRRM wants us to know. White rats often have red eyes. Bloodraven. The Rat Cook's real crime as Old Nan tells it, is what Bloodraven did to Aenys. And what Jojen paste proposes Bloodraven did to Jojen. The punishment for the Rat Cook is that he was turned into a rat and only able to eat his own offspring. Blodoraven was Hand and thus responsible for the realm and KL during the Great Spring Sickness. When the city had no rats. Why it had no rats is because Bloodraven skinchanged them, en masse, and got rid of them, to try and stop the sickness spreading. Bloodraven skinchanges rats. A thousand eyes and one. And like Varamyr became the wolf he skinchanged when he died, the Rat Cook's curse probably foreshadows Bloodraven becoming a rat in his second life.
  14. By the end of the series the contemporary characters will have faced choices similar to those that Lyanna and Rhaegar did, and their contemporaries will reject those choices made by Rhaegar and Lyanna. They're not heroes. The simplest option is that Lyanna was in love and didn't care.
  15. Baela Targaryen is a hard Arya parallel and there's some good foreshadowing in the few paragraphs dedicated to her. Baela having disappeared for three days and never telling where she'd been foreshadows Arya never revealing where she's been since her disappearance from KL. It will be a cause of contention between her and Jon and Sansa. It's going to be a plot point, as she often thinks what will Jon think of me if he knew I did X and the returned Jon is going to be extremely harsh and judgemental, and Sansa's going to be Cersei. (Not foreshadowed as far as I can find but I will contend she will reveal her whole story to Gendry, having faith that he will be the only one in the world who will believe her.) The favourites Baela wants to keep and bring into the Red Keep probably marry up to Arya's companions that have been or will be, which I'll look through later, but who the blacksmith with the muscles is foreshadowing is pretty clear. And speaking of them as "dogs" is obviously for Sandor. Baela and Daena the Defiant are both Arya parallels who were placed in captivity for general bad wild behaviour but escaped. Jon is going to put Arya (and Dany and Sansa too most likely) in the Maidenvault while he sorts KL out and she is going to escape.
  16. Tyland Lannister is Jaime. His death of Winter Fever suggests Jaime will die fighting the Others. The severe disfigurement may suggest Jaime's hand is just the beginning. GRRM attributing to Tyland the downfall of Rhaenyra (by having hidden the crown's treasury) foreshadows Jaime bringing down Cersei, which he will when publicly claims her children are his, as Jaime intends to do, and fights and defeats and reveals Ungregor for a demon. But also, moreso really, it foreshadows Jaime being the cause of Dany's downfall. It is Jaime's lot to make and unmake kings and queens.
  17. Not likely. Besides Dany having to slay the Faegon lie, greyscale or plague, whatever, is just a boring death for a young in their prime dragon rider fighting a war, which Aegon will be. The end game of the greyscale is Euron will get it and second life a dragon, making the greyscale breathing stone beast.
  18. chrisdaw

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    Sansa is the character he has created to explore the Game of Thrones, the Vale is her training ground for KL. As the WOT5K's was the chaos LF needed to climb the dance is going to be Sansa's. Sansa is very end game.
  19. What isn't a mundane discrepancy, but clearly very deliberate, is that Tyrion tipped the wine on the floor.
  20. The blueprint for the series is in there mostly. The more detail it goes down the more things get away from the foreshadowing as they become their own stories instead of bullet points. Jon (Cregan) comes south, marching on Tyrion's (Aegon II) and Sansa's throne. He wins in the field. His Riverlands flank with Arya (Black Aly/Benjicoot) beat him to KL. Tyrion is murdered in KL before anyone arrives by Sansa (Alicent) and/or Varys (Larys), poisoned, probably abed with a maiden. The new 'Winter is coming' Jon arrives looking to chop heads, everyone is shit scared of him (Arya, Edmure, SR), but the women (Sansa/Arya at minimum) will have already half sewn a peace. The throne goes to the solemn sad boy who saw his mother die, Sweet Robin (Aegon III) who will have been Tyrion's heir. The sticking point is the pact of ice and fire, Jon will want to solidify the conquest through marriage with someone who will balance out Sansa's grip on SR, which will mean marrying Arya to SR, cousin to cousin. It will be brokered between Jon and Sansa, and is foreshadowed in the Torrhen and Alysanne relationship. Arya will refuse because she loves Gendry, and that's what the conversation between Cregan and Black Aly is foreshadowing, Arya won't have her maidenhead as she'll have had an affair with Gendry. In the end Jon will have his way, though he may have to threaten to take Gendry's head to get it. Jon will get at least get one head for Tyrion's murder, Varys. Jaime and a bunch of others will get the black. Jaehaerys and Alysanne is Tyrion and Sansa, their good sides. The accountant women are Sansas.
  21. chrisdaw

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    You are all going to be wrong about Barry. There's a whole story there. Living to be humbled by Jaime's explanation for killing Aerys. To have the game of thrones thrust on him. To witness Dany's spiral into "madness" and getting a second chance to decide if he should rescue another bad ruler the realm would be better off without. To turn cloak on Dany for Aegon, because he's the better more sane ruler, or refuse that temptation for honour. Or is the true temptation his forbidden once in a lifetime love Ashara Dayne Lemore, nestled deep within the Aegon camp? Barry will play a part in the coming dance, this is going to come true for some king or queen, possibly Tyrion himself. And Barry's death is in Westeros.
  22. chrisdaw

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    Aeron will die but will enter a second life as a Leviathan. Mace has to die and soon as his death triggers some inevitables. The trial will go badly for Marge and Mace will use force against the Faith, and that will go worse. Mace will die and with him all Tyrell ambition. Willas will heed Olenna and follow the Faith in supporting Aegon which will see the Faith hand him back Marge (if they have them, if not drop the charges and allow them to leave) and his cousins and end the fighting in KL. He will pull his surviving family and the Reach's forces home to defend against the Ironborn. Aegon and possibly the Faith Militant will come to aid him in this. Daario has to go to make way for Euron. Shireen burns. Littlefinger probably, depending on how far things in the Vale progress, but he's not making it out of there.
  23. This conversation is character inconsistent if Marge had killed Joff. Marge, this apparent ruthless master player who murdered a king for power seems awfully blind. She actually thinks Cersei is going to get her out, lol. It only just dawned on her that Cersei is working against her here and she thinks it is about Tommen's love, she doesn't even get that it is about power. And for having murdered Cersei's son she seems genuinely indignant doesn't she? Marge is the Reach, flowery, sunny and sweet. She's singers and games and frolics and family. She knows nothing of cruelty or depravity. She's never had a fucking problem one of her brothers wasn't eager and able to solve instantly for her. Marge is no player, LF straight tells us this. All the Tyrell's ambitions belong to Lord Pufferfish. Marge doesn't care for the crown, but she does as she's told, willingly and dutifully like the perfect daughter she is. What she knows and what she cares for, as is made apparent very many times in the text, is her close loving family. All along she has been doing what she believes is the natural normal thing, what she's supposed to do, to be a loving caring wife. In Cersei Marge doesn't see a queen clutching at power that is being stripped from her by another queen, but a mother clutching at a son being lost to a wife, because that's how Marge thinks. Marge is not a player and not a murderer, she does not revere Olenna and the two are not a tag murder team. The more worldly Olenna planned to murder Joff, but her oaf son Mace gifted a drinking chalice and Olenna couldn't risk the poisoning because, as Mace repeats many a time, both Marge and Joff drank from that same chalice. So she couldn't have done it, oaf Mace threw a spanner in Olenna's plans, so like him.
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    [spoiler] Larys Strong

    So Varys is going to survive a long time, until Jon gets to KL to take his head.
  25. He wouldn't necessarily have to be I suppose, but having given the chalice it places him in the thick of things. Marge gives her grounds in that passage for not being overly concerned with what Sansa tells her.