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    How would you rate episode 310?

    You are probably right, it's just that it sounded silly to me. Maybe if she had said 100 men it would have sounded more realistic. I am not sure where they are going to go with the Ironborn storyline, either, but I am also looking forward to it. I want to add that I don't think most of my issues with this episode stem from having overly high expectations as a book reader. Parts of it were just not logical (letting Bran go North w/no explanation, for example) and some of the scenes seemed poorly done. My Unsullied family who watched with me were confused about some of these same things as well as completely underwhelmed with the ending. That being said there were more great than bad overall. I wish I had just turned it off before the Mhysa scene as that is what spoiled it for me. Total letdown.
  2. knownothing

    How would you rate episode 310?

    Before the last, scene which utterly horrible to the point of laughter, I would have rated the episode an 8. Aside from only bringing 50 men to the Dreadfort (I had to rewind to see if I heard correctly) , Sam just letting Bran &Co go through the NOT magic gate with no real explanation as to why Bran must go, Shae's terrible acting and the poorly done return of Jaime I enjoyed it very much. But that ending was a deal breaker in and of itself. Add to that no cliffhanger, no nothing, so I give it a 6.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    Regarding Robb and Talisha's marriage with the vows of the Seven. Any chance that this may be a way to 'un-legitimaze' their marriage, in the eyes of Northerner's, should the need arise? For instance this Talisha/Jeyne becomes pregnant on the TV series, the child could be deemed illegitimate should that be in the North's favor. She is a traitor we know. It is hard to guess since this is such a convoluted plot line when compared to the book! In the books we are left wondering how much she knew about her mother and and Tywin's plotting but in the show we see her write the letter that is the one Tywin is reading at Harrenhall. There is also the whole is she pregnant question in the books.