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  1. Snarks and Grumkins. The Realm thinks that Jon is asking them to believe in Snarks and Grumkins. The last time Westeros was threatened by supernatural foes was 10,000 years ago when Legends supposedly walked the earth.
  2. No. I don't believe GRRM has ever explained what it means for a knight to be worthy to wield Dawn. Apparently he plans to reveal that in the upcoming books. All that we know is that the Daynes don't simply pass possession of the sword as a hereditary artifact from one family lord to the next generation of his family and that it has been thousands of years since the original lord followed a fallen star to where it landed on earth and forged the sword for the heart of the meteorite he found. "Worthy" implies that a Sword of the Morning must have martial abilities and noble character, but we don't know that for certain.
  3. White Ravens

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    I liked them when they were released. I liked them more when I reread them combined in the order suggested on the Boiled Leather website. https://boiledleather.com/post/24543217702/a-proposed-a-feast-for-crowsa-dance-with-dragons
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    Winterfell, the castle, questions about

    Here you go... Jon is speculating about the resources it would require to build a glass garden at the Wall. The temperatures needed to blow glass with wood fired furnaces led to deforestation in parts of medieval Europe. The glass gardens were made up of many diamond shaped panes because large sheets of glass were too difficult and costly to produce using old glassblowing techniques. It is interesting that Jon recognizes that good clear glass would be preferred and yet the ruined glass panes at Winterfell are described as green and yellow.
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    Winterfell, the castle, questions about

    1. Winterfell - this is the only place where we 'know' that a 'glass garden' exists (isn't it?) ... why wouldn't other castles (with funds) have a (at least one) greenhouse? I agree with Universal Sword Donor above... the only glass gardens mentioned in the books exist in Winterfell because the whole complex sits over hot springs and the hot water is pumped through the walls to counter the cold of winter. 2. why wasn't the broken tower repaired? " also known as the Burned Tower, was once the tallest watchtower in Winterfell. Over one hundred forty years ago a lightning strike set it afire and the top third collapsed inward, but no one bothered to rebuild it. " it would seem that in all the time this would have been fixed. Why wasn't it? Winterfell is ancient and both the First Keep and the Broken tower may be thousands of years old. Maybe the Starks were once wealthier than they are in the books? The buildings may be old and forgotten to help drive GRRM's story. An unused first keep is a pretty handy location for Jaime and Cercei to find a private chamber to sneak off to and ancient abandoned buildings make for rough surfaces and gnarly walls for Bran to pursue his passion for climbing. 3. the stone tunnel: "Bran knew about that. And he knew you could get inside the inner wall by the south gate, climb three floors and run all the way around Winterfell through a narrow tunnel in the stone, and then come out on ground level at the north gate, with a hundred feet of wall looming over you. "hmmmmm.... was this tunnel something that the CotF would have had a part in, an original Brandon the Builder thing? could this be something that Mance might discover? The inner walls are ancient and legends suggest that Brandon the Builder was involved in building Winterfell so he may have had something to do with the tunnel being built into the inner walls but I somehow think it is just a cool detail that GRRM wanted to include and also something that helps establish that the ancient fortress was built on uneven ground. The tunnel starts three floors above ground on one side of the fortress but emerges at ground level on the other. I imagine it was a secret escape route originally. 4. And where are all the other Starks buried? do you think they are all in the crypt? I think all of the ruling Starks were buried in the crypts which are described as being larger than the castle complex: "The crypts are located deep under the earth, cavernous and bigger than the complex above ground." Hopefully we get to read more about the depths of the crypts in the upcoming books. Just how deep below ground do they go? Do they lead to a secret entrance (or entrances) beyond the protected walls of Winterfell? do you have any other observations about Winterfell, the castle? I think it significant that Winterfell is ancient beyond imagining and that it is built over hot springs and an enormous cave system housing the remains of countless Stark ancestors. There may be important knowledge and artifacts down there waiting to be revealed to the reader when we finally get new pages to read.
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    Why Does Darkstar Matter?

    Darkstar is a textbook example of a character who has been foreshadowed to play a more important role in the upcoming story but is being judged by readers on a few paragraphs of existing content. Why not wait to see how Darkstar gets portrayed in more detail before writing him off as an example of how GRRM has let you down?
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    Nature and origin of the Children of the Forest

    I am willing to be criticized for the following criticism but I`m not willing to read an opening post that is almost 9000 words long.
  8. White Ravens

    Pick your favourite nickname from GRRM’s writing

    Egg. Also, Arya Underfoot. Great nickname for a little girl before things turned dark for her.
  9. White Ravens

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    How can you expect the replies in this thread to be fair-minded towards the Freys when you haven't been fair-minded towards the Starks in your opening post? Jaime didn't simply try to kill ONE LITTLE BOY, he violated guest right and the little boy he pushed out of a high window was the son of the lord who was sheltering him. From the wiki: "When invoked, neither the guest nor the host can harm the other for the length of the guest's stay. For either to do so would be to break a sacred covenant that is believed to invoke the wrath of the gods. both old and new. Even robber lords and wreckers are bound by the ancient laws of hospitality."
  10. White Ravens

    I hate the Starks, should I keep reading?

    You should stop reading if you don't like the Starks. They will play key roles right up to the conclusion of the story.
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    Why Does Darkstar Matter?

    This. His tale has yet to be told. He's the most dangerous man in Dorne because Doran Martell, Prince of Dorne, says he is. We can't discount a character whose story has been set up for the next book. Some readers like to dis Gerold Dayne because he tried to kill a young girl but I think he saw that Arianne Martell's effort to start a war with the Iron Throne had failed and that he thought killing Myrcella Baratheon would make that war happen after all.
  12. White Ravens

    Is Syrio confirmed dead?

    I agree. It is an excellent example. The easiest answer to this question is... No, Syrio is not confirmed dead. He didn't die on page so he can't be confirmed dead. But the circumstances surrounding his last appearance in the books implies that he is very likely dead.
  13. White Ravens

    Is GRRM As Complex As You Believe He Is?

    I agree with the bolded bit above. His approach to writing is quite organic and he freely allows himself to listen to the story and the characters as they evolve. He explains it in this well-known quote: To me this implies that the further along in the story that the reader gets the less likely they will find clues and foreshadowing in the earlier volumes because when George was writing those earlier chapters he hadn't even conceived of the much of the plot and characters that exist later on. Observe this quote where GRRM was talking about the delays caused by the "Meereenese Knot": The story has become quite complex as it has evolved and it covers characters that are spread out over two continents. GRRM can't change the books that have been published but it looks like part of why it takes so long to write each of the later books is that his organic approach causes him to realize that as he adds new material in the manuscript he is currently working on it often changes things in the other POV chapters and then he has to labour at making everything match up again. It sounds like a process that is both rewarding and frustrating but I'm glad that he puts in the time. Somewhere I read that he said that the story will begin to converge on fewer locations in the upcoming volumes and that as he needs fewer POVs to tell the story we will begin to see more major characters killed off. I can't wait!
  14. White Ravens

    Bowen's next decision

    1. Bring the Night's Watch to order. It's hard to imagine how Bowen is going to bring the Night's Watch to order when his attack on Jon is the cause of the disorder. His was the act of a reactionary buffoon. Maybe he should resign? 2. Calm the feud between the Night's Watch and the House of Bolton. There is no feud between the Night's Watch and House Bolton. The feud was between the Boltons and the Starks. Bowen just stabbed the Stark so he is probably in a good position to make amends with one of the other horrible characters in this story and maybe strike a deal . 3. Calm the feud between the Night's Watch and the House of Bolton. There is no feud between the Night's Watch and House Bolton. 4. Prepare for the Others. Jon recognized that the Others would kill the wildlings and turn them into undead servants to their cause. Jon moved thousands of them south of the Wall to prevent them being converted to mindless vessels of their enemy. Bowen didn't understand that. How in hells is he going to prepare for the Others when he doesn't even understand what they are capable of?
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    I agree that Osha and Shaggydog would probably realize that Wex was tracking them. Perhaps some interaction between them will be revealed in Winds? I don’t understand why Glover shouldn’t be there. It says in the text that he is in the city (of White Harbour) trying to scare up troops from Manderly. They have apparently formed a secret alliance away from the prying eyes of unwelcome visitors (Freys etc). I’m not sure if Davos’ status as a smuggler is as important as his well known ability to steer a ship through difficult and challenging waters. I also agree that Rickon, Osha and Shaggy might be prisoners on Skagos.
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    Why do resist believing that Wex saw what he saw and did what he did? He climbed the heart tree to escape being noticed during the sack of Winterfell and from that vantage point was able to listen to the conversation between Osha, Bran and the Reed siblings before they split up and he decides to follow Osha and Rickon. A survivor from Ser Rodrick's company wouldn't have learned any of that information.
  17. White Ravens


    I don’t see it as obvious that any of them are lying. Manderly has spent some time with Wex prior to sending Davos on his mission. He already knows that Rickon and Shaggydog are on Skagos (According to Wex). And despite communicating with Wex being a challenge he has probably made some effort to fact check Wex’s story.
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    The Maesters in the Citadel are skeptical about unicorns on Skagos and they have never managed to secure a live unicorn specimen or even a skeleton. Most unicorn "horns" that they have inspected have actually been from a whale which is likely similar to the narwhal in our world. Those Maesters in Oldtown should ask the Wildlings for some help. A unicorn skull was part of the payment that the Wildlings made when Jon allowed them to pass south through the Wall.
  19. White Ravens

    Could you have predicted ADWD events?

    I read the first three books about one year before A Feast for Crows was released. It was a wonderful reading experience and I was shocked by some of the things I read especially Ned's death. I remember that it was kind of thrilling to realize that I was reading a story in which no character was safe from the author. I don't remember having any theories of my own as I waited for Feast to be published. The books were so full of surprises that I don't recall feeling that I could speculate about what might come next, although I do remember thinking that Dorian Martell was probably going to emerge as major player in the Game of Thrones. Still waiting for that one. Before Feast was released I re-read the first three books and then thoroughly enjoyed the new book. Again, it was so full of twists and surprises that I can't imagine that I predicted much of it. I spent the next few years thinking about it and savoring the books I had. In the months leading up to the release of A Dance With Dragons I re-read the books again and discovered this forum. I was surprised at how much speculation and generating of theories there is out there but most of it struck me as highly unlikely. After Dance was released there was a great deal of discussion here and I really appreciated reading other takes on events and observation of details I missed when I read the books, but I still feel that trying to predict what comes next is a bit futile. I would even go so far as to say that much of what we will read in The Winds of Winter hadn't even thought up by GRRM when Dance was released. But people love to speculate, even to the point of it becoming something of an industry with youtube channels, websites and Patreon accounts. I'm content to wait patiently for the next couple of books but reading the conjecture of others and responding to some of it helps while away the time and it will be interesting to see if some of these self appointed experts hit any nails on the head. (Although unlikely in my opinion.)
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    Raking injuries are a real drag. A pointy horn can both pierce and rake. A pointy horn thrust into flesh will pierce it but the same pointy horn can also drag across flesh (rake), opening a long wound.
  21. White Ravens


    Some goats do have long horns, yes. I invite you to do a google image search of wild goats. Like many other species of mammals they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. A goat would only have to turn it's head to the side to produce the long sweeping movement necessary to rake an opponent in battle. And I don't have a problem with unicorns. I'm really looking forward to GRRM describing one when he gets around to it. I think that you are over complicating this situation. Let's take another look at the sentence with the horn reference: "A wild rain lashed down upon his black brother as he tore at the flesh of an enormous goat, washing the blood from his side where the goat's long horn had raked him." As I said to the OP... You think that this sentence proves that the enormous goat has only one horn. I think that this sentence illustrates that the goat injured Shaggydog with one of its horns. I suggest that we agree to disagree until GRRM provides us with more information.
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    I hope to see your dream come true.
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    Nuff said from your perspective. You wouldn't assume that Bronn has one hand if GRRM said that he punched someone with his fist, or that Arya has one foot because she kicked someone. Shaggydog was raked with the goat's horn. An injury inflicted by one of two horns. Nuff said.
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    "A wild rain lashed down upon his black brother as he tore at the flesh of an enormous goat, washing the blood from his side where the goat's long horn had raked him." I interpret that sentence as Shaggydog being injured when the goat raked him with one of its horns. You interpret it as the goat having one horn. Shall we agree to disagree?
  25. White Ravens


    My bad. The black direwolf referenced in Ghost’s dream is indeed Shaggydog. But the quote does not state that the enormous goat he killed only has one horn.