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  1. In the timeframe of the books, mammoths had long ago retreated far north of the wall. People had come to believe that mammoths, direwolves and other creatures were legends from the past.
  2. Snarks and Grumkins. The Realm thinks that Jon is asking them to believe in Snarks and Grumkins. The last time Westeros was threatened by supernatural foes was 10,000 years ago when Legends supposedly walked the earth.
  3. No. I don't believe GRRM has ever explained what it means for a knight to be worthy to wield Dawn. Apparently he plans to reveal that in the upcoming books. All that we know is that the Daynes don't simply pass possession of the sword as a hereditary artifact from one family lord to the next generation of his family and that it has been thousands of years since the original lord followed a fallen star to where it landed on earth and forged the sword for the heart of the meteorite he found. "Worthy" implies that a Sword of the Morning must have martial abilities and noble character, but we don't know that for certain.
  4. I liked them when they were released. I liked them more when I reread them combined in the order suggested on the Boiled Leather website. https://boiledleather.com/post/24543217702/a-proposed-a-feast-for-crowsa-dance-with-dragons
  5. Here you go... Jon is speculating about the resources it would require to build a glass garden at the Wall. The temperatures needed to blow glass with wood fired furnaces led to deforestation in parts of medieval Europe. The glass gardens were made up of many diamond shaped panes because large sheets of glass were too difficult and costly to produce using old glassblowing techniques. It is interesting that Jon recognizes that good clear glass would be preferred and yet the ruined glass panes at Winterfell are described as green and yellow.
  6. 1. Winterfell - this is the only place where we 'know' that a 'glass garden' exists (isn't it?) ... why wouldn't other castles (with funds) have a (at least one) greenhouse? I agree with Universal Sword Donor above... the only glass gardens mentioned in the books exist in Winterfell because the whole complex sits over hot springs and the hot water is pumped through the walls to counter the cold of winter. 2. why wasn't the broken tower repaired? " also known as the Burned Tower, was once the tallest watchtower in Winterfell. Over one hundred forty years ago a lightning strike set it afire and the top third collapsed inward, but no one bothered to rebuild it. " it would seem that in all the time this would have been fixed. Why wasn't it? Winterfell is ancient and both the First Keep and the Broken tower may be thousands of years old. Maybe the Starks were once wealthier than they are in the books? The buildings may be old and forgotten to help drive GRRM's story. An unused first keep is a pretty handy location for Jaime and Cercei to find a private chamber to sneak off to and ancient abandoned buildings make for rough surfaces and gnarly walls for Bran to pursue his passion for climbing. 3. the stone tunnel: "Bran knew about that. And he knew you could get inside the inner wall by the south gate, climb three floors and run all the way around Winterfell through a narrow tunnel in the stone, and then come out on ground level at the north gate, with a hundred feet of wall looming over you. "hmmmmm.... was this tunnel something that the CotF would have had a part in, an original Brandon the Builder thing? could this be something that Mance might discover? The inner walls are ancient and legends suggest that Brandon the Builder was involved in building Winterfell so he may have had something to do with the tunnel being built into the inner walls but I somehow think it is just a cool detail that GRRM wanted to include and also something that helps establish that the ancient fortress was built on uneven ground. The tunnel starts three floors above ground on one side of the fortress but emerges at ground level on the other. I imagine it was a secret escape route originally. 4. And where are all the other Starks buried? do you think they are all in the crypt? I think all of the ruling Starks were buried in the crypts which are described as being larger than the castle complex: "The crypts are located deep under the earth, cavernous and bigger than the complex above ground." Hopefully we get to read more about the depths of the crypts in the upcoming books. Just how deep below ground do they go? Do they lead to a secret entrance (or entrances) beyond the protected walls of Winterfell? do you have any other observations about Winterfell, the castle? I think it significant that Winterfell is ancient beyond imagining and that it is built over hot springs and an enormous cave system housing the remains of countless Stark ancestors. There may be important knowledge and artifacts down there waiting to be revealed to the reader when we finally get new pages to read.
  7. Darkstar is a textbook example of a character who has been foreshadowed to play a more important role in the upcoming story but is being judged by readers on a few paragraphs of existing content. Why not wait to see how Darkstar gets portrayed in more detail before writing him off as an example of how GRRM has let you down?
  8. I am willing to be criticized for the following criticism but I`m not willing to read an opening post that is almost 9000 words long.
  9. Egg. Also, Arya Underfoot. Great nickname for a little girl before things turned dark for her.
  10. You should stop reading if you don't like the Starks. They will play key roles right up to the conclusion of the story.
  11. This. His tale has yet to be told. He's the most dangerous man in Dorne because Doran Martell, Prince of Dorne, says he is. We can't discount a character whose story has been set up for the next book. Some readers like to dis Gerold Dayne because he tried to kill a young girl but I think he saw that Arianne Martell's effort to start a war with the Iron Throne had failed and that he thought killing Myrcella Baratheon would make that war happen after all.
  12. 1. Bring the Night's Watch to order. It's hard to imagine how Bowen is going to bring the Night's Watch to order when his attack on Jon is the cause of the disorder. His was the act of a reactionary buffoon. Maybe he should resign? 2. Calm the feud between the Night's Watch and the House of Bolton. There is no feud between the Night's Watch and House Bolton. The feud was between the Boltons and the Starks. Bowen just stabbed the Stark so he is probably in a good position to make amends with one of the other horrible characters in this story and maybe strike a deal . 3. Calm the feud between the Night's Watch and the House of Bolton. There is no feud between the Night's Watch and House Bolton. 4. Prepare for the Others. Jon recognized that the Others would kill the wildlings and turn them into undead servants to their cause. Jon moved thousands of them south of the Wall to prevent them being converted to mindless vessels of their enemy. Bowen didn't understand that. How in hells is he going to prepare for the Others when he doesn't even understand what they are capable of?
  13. I think that Bran will leave the cave by the end of the books. He has started his apprenticeship with Brynden but he is still free moving. It is implied that he will have greater abilities than his mentor and that will come in handy when the Long Night settles over Westeros. I think he will play a big role in learning about the nature of the threat represented by the Others. I also think that the solution to defeating the Others and saving humanity from them will involve the end of magic. If Bran has still not joined with the roots of the trees by the end of the story he will emerge from the cave as a normal crippled boy with no special powers.
  14. I get what your saying about greatswords being too big and heavy for combat but aren't we talking about blades made of conventional materials by conventional methods? Valyrians steel is lighter and stronger and can be crafted to be thinner and sharper as well. That suggests to me that a Valyrian greatsword might become more practical to wield in battle. Mind you I don't really know that much about swordplay but a thinner lighter, super sharp greatsword might just have it's uses in hand to hand combat. Longer reach for example.
  15. George has established that his writing style is that of a gardener. As he writes his complex and layered story he allows new ideas to influence previously written/unpublished material. I doubt that he submits chapters months or years before he finishes a manuscript because the content of those chapters is likely to change when he writes later chapters and thinks of characters, settings and events that might change how he imagined earlier chapters. His process is HIS process regardless of how us fans think he should approach writing so it doesn't really matter if you or I think that there might be a better way for him to write his books. The story has been amazing to this point so I'm inclined to just let him write the way he has always done it, even if it appears slow and/or inefficient. Quality over quantity or something along those lines.
  16. ASoIaF does not have A shining obvious pure protagonist but is has several flawed and human ones.
  17. The same red comet is seen in the night sky by several characters and all of them see it through the filter of their own lives and fears. They believe that it is a harbinger of ill will, war, death, etc: Gendry sees a red sword glowing from the heat of the forge, Dany sees Drogo's life essence and follows it through the desert like a beacon, Melisandre sees dragons breath, small folk in King's Landing call it King Joffreys Sword, a begging brother calls it "the Father's Scourge", the Greatjon sees it as revenge for Ned Stark, Edmure Tully thinks it represents victory for his house, Theon Greyjoy thinks of it as "his" comet (selfish jerk), Aeron Damphair thinks it is a call to war from the Drowned God. This was always the way of it in our own history as well. The appearance of a comet was accompanied by fear and doomsday predictions. But the World of Ice and Fire has magical seasons, and dragons and blood magic so perhaps the Red Comet really is influencing things. Could it be that the presence of the Red Comet brought a change to the magic on Planetos causing it to be more intense? Did the strengthening of magic make it possible for Dany to hatch her dragons when it might not have been possible before?
  18. I'm Canadian so I'd want to settle somewhere hot or warm. The Arbor appeals to me quite a bit. I love good food paired with good wine so it the Arbor is a perfect setting for enjoying those guilty pleasures. I have real-life experience in the old-world trade of traditional glassblowing with specific specialized experience making wine goblets so I would seek out work where I could use those skills. Good work, good food, good wine and the Summer Sea right there for swimming and pleasure boating. It's even close to Oldtown for good markets and cultural activities.
  19. Yes, the English version will have numerous illustrations by Gary Gianni. Drawings take time, but the wait will be worth it because Gianni's art is excellent and his style is perfect for this universe.
  20. I think she did. He is given the nickname "Egg" in the Hedge Knight stories.
  21. I finally watched it tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it! I don't always "get" the changes that are being made in the television adaptation but I'm starting to trust the writers and just go with it. Loved the scene with Podrick, Tyrion and Bronn. Blackfish didn't look like I had imagined him but he was awesome. The spiral art created from horse parts by the Others was intriguing and beautiful. Crasters Keep was very much how I imagined it. Poor Jaime! And on and on. Great episode! Loved the closing credits tunes!
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