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  1. The best episode of the series so far! Absolutely perfect! to tip my hat to Ramin Djawadi. The music was spectacularly beautiful and emotive, especially the sequence covering the 1st chapter scenes in Kings Landing. The man has outdone himself.
  2. I need to add, I really loooooved Arya's scene. It was so satisfying it made me tear up. Great scene.
  3. An 8! Dorn is still an unholy mess, typified by the stupidest line ever uttered on TV anywhere: "You want a proper girl but you need bad pussy". Crrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiingggggggge. Everything else was pretty good.
  4. A 5. Terrible episode. Dorn is laughable. Meereene came off like a cheap straight-to-video action flick. They did not earn the burning of Shireen, so I simply rolled my eyes at the decision. And Arya was actually boring. The Wall was good though. Yep, a 5 is the best I can do.
  5. A 9. An excellent episode. There was something off about the Emilia-Dinklage scene. I can't quite put my finger on it. The dialogue seemed unnatural somehow. Tyrion's attitude seemed uncharacteristically uncynical of Dany. Not sceptical enough.
  6. Looked like an auger bung. It's an implement they use to remove the bungs from wooden barrels.
  7. A great episode. Defo the best of the season. A Joyous 9.
  8. Your punctuation isn't all that it should be either.
  9. Clunky painfully obvious bell ringing on the Jon = Targ angle. If this ep proves anything, it's that both the books and the show would be vastly improved by just killing Dany off. Lord her scenes are painful. ANd the show couldn't make anymore sense of her marrying Hizdhar than the books could. DIRE. Jorah gets Greyscale. I like it. Winterfell continues to be riveting. The Wall arc is moving along swimmingly.
  10. I think most people did. It was purposefully suggested in the way the scene was blocked.
  11. This one gets a 6. It left me flat for some reason. There were some great scenes: Theon and Ramsey, Winterfell dinner scene, Roose and Ramsey, Stannis and Sam, Jon and Olly, all the Jorah/Tyrion scenes. There were also some really bad scenes: All of Meereen especially the Missandei/Grey Worm, Missandei/Dany scenes. This ep had problems with pacing, with clunky foreshadowing, and with equally clunky acting on behalf of the actress playing Dany, especially when contrasted with what other actors (Iwan Rheon especially) managed to deliver this episode. Yes, I'm afraid a rather generous 6 is the most I can give it.
  12. Can't stand Barristan and Grey Worm. Can't stand them in the books (hate the Barristan chapters) or the show. Glad they are gone.
  13. Very good episode. Glad to be rid of Barristan and Grey Worm. An 8.
  14. 9. I haven't enjoyed a GOT season this much since Season 1. I'm excited about the changes, and happy to watch the show not knowing what's coming for once. Also, Jonathan Price is superb, Kit Harrington is improving as an actor, and as a whole, Sand Snakes aside, the entire cast have upped their game.
  15. Personally, I loved the portrayal of Doran. I though it was perfect. Ellaria though... is very troublesome.
  16. Doran was perfect for me, Ellaria's reaction, on the other hand, makes no sense. She was there in KL. She saw Oberyn volunteer for the fight. Why they're doing this to her character I don't understand. The Sand Snakes being vengeful would have been more than enough. Also mutilating and killing a child goes against Oberyn saying in season 4 "we don't kill little girls in Dorne" (I'm remembering the quote so I may be off by a word or two).
  17. A terribly written chapter, slow and plodding. So disappointing.
  18. A 9. Great episode! Bonus points for deleting Lady Stoneheart, the right decision! ETA: The show loses a point for the awful Army of Darkness rip-off that was the Bran segment. It would have lost 2 points for it, but it got a bonus point for deleting Lady Stoneheart.
  19. I just watched it again. It's still a great episode and a 10 from me. However, it now occurs to me that there won't be time next week for LS. So seeing her will be a nice surprise, but at this point I'd bet on her being cut from the show.
  20. Brilliant episode! Deserves a 10. And this is from someone who hardly ever gives out 10s to this show. I rated Blackwater an 8, and the Red Wedding an 8. It was just perfect. Pace, action, tension, emotional impact all right on the money. It's also faithful to the book in that the Wall battle is prolonged and over several tension filled, exhausting chapters/nights thus hightenening the relief of Stannis' rescue. I cried when Pyp died. It was beautifully done. What I found most surprising about this episode - more surprising than how well the Giants were rendered, and the brilliance of the anchor sequence - is that for the first time since the beginning of the series, Kit Harrington actually delivered a good performance. I am utterly shocked! If the audience don't love Jon after tonight, they never will. It's just a wonderful piece of television.
  21. It would get nothing from me, I don't watch shit like The Walking Dead. Even so I gave this ep a very generous 7.
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