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  1. https://www.tor.com/2019/06/11/tad-williams-complicates-a-perfect-fantasy-ending-with-a-reminder-that-nothing-ever-truly-ends/ Just saying.
  2. Empire of Grass will be published next Tuesday. Just sayin ...
  3. Here's my two cents: Neither the forces of evil under the Night King nor the "good" guys will win the final struggle for Westeros. There will be a stalemate (with the dragons prolly killing each other but the Night King's army so diminished that he cannot hope to win anymore) and peace has to be negotiated as it was all this time ago. Dany will sacrifice herself for the realm and go with the Night King back beyond the wall which will be rebuilt by Bran the new Builder. Jon grieving his lost love will become commander of the Night's watch again. Westeros will fall apart with the Iron throne molten and unclaimed. Sansa will be Queen in the North and Tyrion will rule Casterly Rock. Everybody else will not survive the Game of Thrones.
  4. Only three more days ... just sayin ...
  5. Mayhaps some of you would like to have Osten Ard or Otherland related stuff: Tad is currently running a crowdfunding campaign for merch with original art on indiegogo. The first and prolly last time T'Shirts and maps and the like related to his worlds will be available. If you are interested go to www.indiegogo.com and look for Tad Williams is making Merch. Cheers.
  6. I believe the September release to be an error by the British publishers. Tad never announced that date anywhere.
  7. I'd really like a source on that one.
  8. Hope to not annoy anyone by letting you know that Tad is doing a Reddit AMA today at 8:30 PM CET/ 2:30 PM ET/ 11:30 AM PT. https://www.reddit.com/r/books/wiki/amafullschedule
  9. And Aidan loves it as well: The Witchwood Crown Is a Triumphant Return to a Beloved Fantasy World
  10. Another glowing review by sffworld.com claiming