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    I thought it might be polite to toss up a post here too. ^^ My brothers had pestered me for some time about this book series called "Song of ice and fire" and finally I gave in and borrowed their paperback editions...And by the time I had seen Eddard Stark execute the poor Watchman from the Prologue and the direwolf pups had been found I was hooked. I purchased a subscription to Canal+ (which airs all the good HBO series here) just so I could watch Game of Thrones from the beginning and I knew I had to get my own copy of DWD when that came out. So I thought, why not use the new book as an excuse to chat with other fans online? Thus I finally got an account here after lurking for a while anonymously. ^^ Favorite characters include Jon, Daenarys and Tyrion, like most other people. I also like Bran and Arya and...hopefully I wont be beheaded for saying I find Jaime in the later books a very interesting character. (Might join BWB at some point, yess...)