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  1. This may be wishful thinking, but I think he will be done all 8 (yes 8) books by 2017. With the success of the first season of GoT HBO will be putting the pressure on to keep the series going (pressure=financial incentives). Which means GRRM will need to have each book out at least a year before that season of the series commences. GoT Season 2 (CoK) – 2012 GoT Season 3 (ASoS) – 2013 GoT Season 4 (AFfC) – 2014 GoT Season 5 (ADwD) – 2015 GoT Season 6 (WoW) – 2016 GoT Season 7 (ADoS) – 2017 Got Season 8 (8th Book) – 2018 Which means the 8th book would need to be released in 2017. Book 6, 2013, Book 7 2015. That’s 2 years between books, which he was able to do between CoK and ASoS in Nov 1998 and August 2000. This assumes a few things about HBO: 1. One season per book 2. No Hiatuses (or is it hiati…) 3. The series will actually continue. So…yes, I am hopeful that GRRM can knock out 3 books in 6 years (while still recognizing it took him 6 years for this last book) You can do it George- knock em out.