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  1. genegirl

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Definitely one of the top episodes of both Seasons. Thank you HBO for no being cheap and giving the viewers an epic battle.
  2. Definitely a 10 rating. A little early for the dragonglass discovery but I can see how and where this is going to end.
  3. I don't hate Qarth, it is interesting. I will be interested in seeing how the House of the Undying is done, since it was mentioned. I gave this episode an 8. My husband is lost with all the new characters but he has me.
  4. I gave it a 10. I have no problem about deviating from the source material. The book is excellent but I never cared for the introduction. To the producers, directors, writers, actors and all the production people well done. I am looking forward for the next 9 episodes.