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  1. Great chapter. Makes me so eager to read TWOW.

    I am not sure that Mace is leading this army given the power vacuum in KL following Kevan's death. And there's still Margaery's trial.

    If Randyll Tarly is leading it, I could see him well joining Jon Connington, as Lord Rowan likely did. If Mace is leading it, well he will probably end up defeated and dead

  2. 6/10.

    I was generous.

    Underwhelming episode. Do we know why Davos and Edd are keeping Jon's body in that room? What are they trying to achieve?

    I couldn't care less about Ramsay mourning Myranda. I did not buy it, given what we have seen of Ramsay and Myranda so far. Who are D&D trying to fool here? Ramsay cared so much about her that he had her corpse fed to the hounds.

    And then there was Dorne. What a waste of screentime. Let's pray Nym and Obara's boat sink and they never make it.

    I liked the Sansa, Theon and Brienne scenes. Brienne's face when swearing allegiance to Sansa

    I liked the Dothraki too. Nice introduction.


  3. Stannis is not saving the wall. either jon will singlehandedly kill every wildling or Dany dispatched a covert force of unsullied to break the wildling army. Instead of STANNIS STANNIS STANNIS we will get KHALEESI KHALEESI KHALEESI.

    Fuck this show

    Not really the build is for Stannis to arrive and lead to the victory. But no Stannis can't have his triumphant moment. D&D your hatred is all too obvious now.

    Even in the books, Stannis didn't come when the battle was raging on the Wall. He came when all looked hopeless and that's probably the case next week. Chill up guys.

    Besides, I think they made the Night's Watchmen look kind of incompetent, mostly at the start. The guys have no trebuchets, no catapults. They let Mag the Mighty open the gates without scorpioning his ass.

    I'm really sad for Pyp and Grenn. Grenn should have survived, man.

    Alliser was particularly funny. "I said fucking notch! Not draw you cunts!", "What you're waiting? Loose!!!". Great episode

  4. Disappointed with the Undying Scenes. No Undying, one vision... I hoped that it would compensate for the weasel soup and many other small things that I loved in ACOK...

    Loved Theon's parts, I was chuckling all the time. So pumped with his speech and then ...bang.

    Jon Snow's fight with Qhorin was good too and Jaqen's new face was kind of creepy.

    The Other is fantastic. Too zombie-like perhaps but gods, that spear was nice and the blizzard preceding their advance.

    Robb: how can you fuck yourself like that. And Talisa/Jeyne, you'll have more blood than you care for in your hands.

    Tyrion is wonderful as always. It's despicable how they used him and discarded him like that. Fuck.

    Edit: I forgot Stannis and Mel's scene. Stan was so desperate, hahaha, he was on the verge of crying and that would have been too much. "Where is the lord of light? Can he protect you there? I killed my brother..." I wonder what he sees, did Mel put some powder into that fire? Stannis is not the kind of guy who pretends when he doesn't see anything.

  5. Magnificent episode, Wildfire, Rains, Blackwater= Winning. I didn't see the minutes flying. Shout out to Stan, Tyrion, Cersei, Sansa and the Hound for the acting.

    Nice tidbit. C: Jaime was the heir and I was to be sold like a horse to a stranger, to be ridden whenever it pleased him

    S: You were Robert's Queen!!!

    C: You will be Joffrey's. Enjoy it. :rolleyes:

  6. Good episode overall. Renly's death scene seemed rushed to me but Arya, Bran, Dany and Jon's parts were great. Quaithe was creepy, but it's weird to see her talking to Jorah directly. Pyat Pree is even creepier with that trick of his: the Undying scene is going to be great I think.

    I'm liking the direction they are heading with Bran's storyline and his costume too; it seems that Jojen won't be casted overall and if at the end of TWIW he's just going to die beyond the Wall it seems ok. But what's going on with Rickon lol? Why crushing walnuts while Bran is giving audience? Seems he's bored to death haha

    At the end it was a great episode, didn't mind the changes but Renly's sequence was too rushed and awkward.

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