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  1. I think that I would laugh like the proverbial drain After all, in the garbled mess that is the mummers version it is Arya who slays the Nights King/King of Winter[?]
  2. Actually, after all these years of discussion, I'm inclined to go with the simple solution; that R+L=J, but... Notwithstanding the evangelism in another place, I don't think it matters a damn. He will never sit on the Iron Throne. Jon is the son of Lyanna and a son of Winterfell. He will become King of Winter and must be slain [perhaps by Rickon] in order to bring the return of Spring.
  3. Brandon doesn't strike me as the literary type. "heard about" is more likely to be a breathless messenger and more than likely an incomplete or garbled message
  4. Mind you, if Bran really is "scheduled" by GRRM to become High King of Westeros, it rather puts the knockers on the central thesis of R+L=J that Jon is the lost rightful heir to the [iron] throne
  5. As to the first, absolutely. I think that GRRM was probably trolling the mummers if he really did tell them Bran would become king of Westeros. Arguably, as Bran Bendigeidfran he will be king -on a weirwood throne - but not of the kind depicted by the mummers. As to the second, while that may be desireable, GRRM was pretty emphatic in the original synopsis that she would become queen and ruler, but he gave no guarantees as to longevity. And then Jon, no, I don't see a long-term stay in Ghost. I'll go back here to the OP and look to third party intervention to release him to become another Coldhands. After all GRRM did say that the ending will be bittersweet.
  6. Oh indeed, and also worth remembering that Bran Bendigeidfran watched over the Kingdom of Britain from under the White Hill, but he didn't rule.
  7. I touched on this a little in Heresy when I first mentioned that GRRM had said this. Its also consistent with GRRM's statement way backat the beginning when he said that the story was about the Children of Winterfell - and a couple of others. Rickon wasn't part of the original ensemble, he was added. He's since disappeared again but still has an important part to play. To me this says that GRRM identified a need for him to play a part which the others aren't, or can't. This in turn implies a shift. The trees have eyes again, but Bran Bendigeidfran, is planted beneath the white hill and has no body so will need an agent.
  8. Ah, but they didn't go walking off again neither... Seriously though, this harks back to the Mabinogion and Bran's fate - which that isn't at all inconsistent with what GRRM supposedly told the Mummers - assuming you know the story
  9. Aye, but having your head cut off can't be dismissed as only a flesh wound
  10. Cutting his head off will presumably stop him rising as a wight, but on the other hand he's being "given to the wood"
  11. Only that the Morrigan or Crow Goddess is essentially a death goddess with three possible human aspects; mother, maiden or crone [sound familiar?], and that GRRM has both referenced her in SSMs, and in House Morrigen with its sigil of a crow volant [see my own sigil] against a storm green sky.
  12. Interrupting the thread, I know, but Lynn did ask me to look in by... We have only a little to go on here but I think that little is internally consistent if we break it down Start off with the trees. We know that they are inhabited by a hive mind which GRRM has experimented with before, most obviously in A Song for Lya. This hive mind is fed by a humanoid race - the Greeshka in Song for Lya and Children/Singers in our present tale of happy country-folk, who look after the trees before becoming absorbed. In both stories humans can be absorbed too- Lya, Bloodraven, Bran and no doubt others. Those going into the trees - in ASOIF [its a long time since I read the other Song] - are wargs. Not all wargs may be able to do it, it it is a pre-requisite. As wargs/skinchangers they have the ability to enter the minds of others. Usually animals, but once connected to the trees they can connect with other humans, normally through the medium of dreams, but later... "later" brings us to the matter of time. We're told that the trees don't see time as a linear concept, so once a connection is made its possible to use the eyes of the trees to see what that tree has seen before, or if a connection has been established, to use the eyes of an animal or human to see what those eyes have seen before. I don't think that there's anything new or radical in this, but taking it a little further, while there's no suggestion that its possible to physically travel in time, we do get clues that it may be possible not just to see into the past, but enter into dreams in the past and then that in turn offers the possibility of exerting control over an individual in the past. That of course requires an exceptionally powerful warg, but it also requires a link to an individual at the present time, in order to burrow down into that individual's past - but only through that individual. However, what about that warning about bringing back the dead? That suggests that while physical resurrection isn't on the menu, it may be possible to establish a link to the dead and then burrow backwards...
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