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  1. Everybody is different. I don't remember exactly how it was worded but I can recall GRRM saying that he relies a lot on Ran to keep track for him.
  2. Depend on whether the curse is intended to keep the lid on something
  3. Up to a point. Not so much wrongly translated as misunderstood There must always be a Stark Lord in Winterfell. Substitutes, whether younger brothers or family idiots won't do.
  4. I think that the direwolves went to the right children. Or rather I think its wrong to go looking for mismatches, because all of them reflect and foreshadow their children. For a start, obviously, as Jon pointed out at the very beginning, they correspond to the genders of the children. Rob and Greywind are noble, mighty warriors - and dead Sansa has Lady, who reflects her - not influences her - and are both cut off from their family, as a result of Sansa's choices Arya and Mymeria are both cut off too, but developing into dangerous characters Rickon is damaged and Shaggydog is just Rickon with four paws Based simply on Ghost's white fur and red eyes, its possible to argue that his resemblance to a weirwood means that Bran rather than Jon should have had him, but there's too much else linking him to Jon. Conversely there was Bran's waking from his crow dream to name his dog Summer and those eyes as gold as the sun. Turning back to Jon, apart from the logic if his adopting that particular pup, he named it Ghost and now he, having been killed, will indeed be a ghost of sorts, and if Bran's crow dream is true, a very cold one
  5. Well lets look at it... Lord Eddard, his father, elder brother and his sister all died far from home His younger brother went to the Wall and is currently amissing His wife and mother of his children did far from home although she's trout and so probably doesn't count The children of Winterfell were sent direwolves by the Old Gods Robb is dead, far from home Sansa lost her dog but nevertheless has been reclaimed through the snowflake communion Bran has gone into the wood Like Benjen Jon went to the Wall and now who knows - I still favour his being taken by the Ice Arya, taken by the Stranger but intending to return Only Rickon is uncertain - but otherwise no-ne has escaped
  6. Just off on a slight tangent, we don't know what was in the book or why Roose burned it. Only Roose can tell us, but he can't do that if he's dead, as some theories propose. Ergo...
  7. Quite the reverse. I'm suggesting that the Starks are tied to Winterfell and that straying far from it ends in tears
  8. I wonder whether [like so much else] the injunction that there must always be a Stark in Winterfell isn't being interpreted too literally - even by some of those involved. Consider, there are no Starks furth of Winterfell, yet the generations are replete with siblings. Other than the dead only Benjen escaped and then only to the living death of the Wall. The family is cursed and seemingly that curse is tied to Winterfell, the Wall and the Old Gods.
  9. That's something I'm not sure about. On the surface that's possible but I can't help but feel there's something deeper -older.
  10. Further to this thought, it occurs to me that there's an assumption that Rhaegar disappeared off the face of the earth from the beginning of the rebellion until being found just in time to have that conversation, ride north and die at the Trident. Traditionally the assumption is that he was hiding out with Lyanna. Its possible of course, but I'd suggest that rather than committing a staggering dereliction of duty, he was actually engaged in a desperate exercise in diplomacy. Its very heavily trailed in the World Book that the Harrenhal tournament was organised to cover discussions going into conspiracy anent a peaceful trnsfer of power. The crown of roses episode I've suggested was actually Rhaegar trying to warn off a rival conspiracy headed bu Jon Arryn, but whatever the truth of that particular possibility, the other conspiracy, involving Rhaegar himself won't simply have evaporated. Heading off from King's Landing into foul weather with a few companions sounds more like going round the Houses clandestine-like to keep the conspiracy alive, rather than a long ride north to an uncertain interception of a certain young lady. Then the rebellion begins. Where is young Rhaegar? The "traditional" answer is in that young lady's bed, but is it not more likely that he's trying to prevent the world and his wife from joining the rebellion, acknowledging the causes but persuading the waverers that the Targaryen throne is still worth fighting for if he's there to sit on it. When he speaks to Jaime he's confident that he's going to have the backing of a council. He has also secured the support of the Dornishmen [perhaps even brokered that marriage alliance], but first he needs to defeat Robert Baratheon. None of this is to deny the possibility of his having possession of Lyanna Stark, but surely its more likely than removing himself from everything else while a full-scale rebellion rages
  11. I'm sure someone referenced an SSM recently in which GRRM expressed faint puzzlement at the idea young Littlefinger would be in a position to intervene. On the other hand I think the point about Rhaegar's conversation with Jaime is well made. Rhaegar sounds as though he's setting out to clear up another fine mess that's none of his making - and which he implies is the last straw. As I've suggested, Rhaegar might see the abduction of Lyanna as a means of frustrating the alliance being put together by St. Jon of Arryn. Something went wrong. Was it Tywin Lannister who engineered it on Aerys say-so ?
  12. Wouldn't we all. While I'm in no doubt as to the Blessed St Jon of Arryn having an important role in getting Bob Baratheon on to the throne, I don't see him having a hand in Lyanna's abduction, that's not only a stretch but an unnecessary one. Lyanna's abduction was aimed at frustrating rather than furthering his knavish tricks. On theother hand I'm open to to Tywin's involvement somewhere although have no idea how
  13. None of the latter were in the custody of St. Jon is the short answer. A more pertinent question would be why Robert was demanded? There's nothing in the text or the World Book to directly implicate the Baratheons - other than than Trouserless Bob's betrothal to Lyanna. The fact that he was targeted [assuming there is more than Arryn's loud assertion that he had been summonsed] suggests that Aerys was aware of the plot behind the betrothal and that he knew why Rhaegar had lifted Trouserless Bob's betrothed.
  14. We didn't. I don't have the passage to hand, but as I recall it was Robert who complained about it.
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