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  1. Not that I remember, I think we were talking about the parallels of the Fisher King and Bran the Blessed and how they form a very clear model for the crippled Bran Stark
  2. I'm pretty sure we've discussed the Fisher King parallels in Heresy before
  3. I think there are probably two explanations. [1] you are right about a glitch in the matrix, or [2] this was one of the 13 initial chapters which accompanied the initial synopsis. Bran didn't yet exist and got missed when GRRM retconned the early chapters to include him
  4. I'd also suggest that anent Trouserless Bob's obsession with Rhaegar, it appears that to quote Bill Shakespeare, "methinks he doth protest too much". I'm not suggesting for a moment that Bob abducted and ravished her, but I do wonder whether he was in some way responsible for what happened
  5. I think that in the end it may come down to that remark about the Wolf Blood killing Lyanna. I think that in Lord Eddard's mind she, and her father and her brother were casualties of war. They didn't die because they were innocently going about their lawful occasions but because they chose to get themselves involved in something which Ned and Bob survived but which they didn't
  6. Given that there is a clear and unambiguous gap in time between the tourney and Rhaegar setting off on the roads with his companions to a destination unknown, Harrenhall really isn't a realistic option. What's slightly odd is that I don't think we've actually got an intended date for the betrothal between Lyanna and Trouserless Bob
  7. Depends what you mean about a new take on the tourney. To my mind equating the winter roses with Hellebore/Bitterblooms only reinforces that idea that they were a political warning rather than a declaration of undying love from a man she'd never met
  8. I don't know, but it's closer to GRRM's style than a LOTR style return of the king
  9. Its actually a pretty fundamental issue. Given that GRRM has spent his career revisiting and refining themes, why should Ice and Fire be regarded as unique, rather it ought to be seen as a development of those earlier ideas
  10. GRRM recycle themes! Perish the thought..
  11. Yes, while I remain generally cautious about external parallels, we can't ignore GRRM's long-established tendency to repeat and recycle his own themes and that based on his earlier works [plural] blue roses/bitterblooms do not equate to warm and cuddly - quite the opposite.
  12. I'm always wary of taking external parallels too literally, given that we're still talking about GRRM's creation, but nevertheless, in this case those parallels are both widespread and consistent - and of course GRRM has said that the ultimate ending will be "bittersweet". Once again, as I said earlier, it pretty explicitly undermines a central tenet of the R+L=J theory
  13. Happy New Year to all, perhaps this year...
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