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  1. No talking about wights [who are dead] but white walkers [who are not dead]
  2. Aux contraire, the evidence is there - though not a wight Read the Varamyr prologue. Its there for a reason. Jon is a warg, but when his original body is killed his soul is set free to ride the cold air. He can't return to his body because its dead, but he could go to Ghost. However, he can't then leave. There is then however another alternative as he's a warg rather than a common skinchanger like Varamyr. His soul can remain free and as and when required form a new body of snow and ice...
  3. You've been around long enough to recall how R+L=J partisans used to proclaim that GRRM had never anticipated that the secret would be out had the internet not been invented, and with that they were off to do some more clever textual analysis
  4. Well now's not the moment to rehash all the old arguments, especially about the mummers' version, but suffice to say that the "fan fic knockoff" enthusiastically propagated the theory and then fell flat on its face [to the anguish and distress of said fans] when nothing happened
  5. And the Targaryens were Jedi - no wonder they were all killed off
  6. Of course it will, but he'll be icy cold and his eyes will be blue
  7. Has it not occurred to you that GRRM is trolling and that the excitement over the puerile R+L=J/Azor Ahai has successfully camouflaged what's really going on. This is after all the Song of Ice and Fire
  8. Well in the end, what's clearly important is that Jon is the son of Lyanna and a son of Winterfell. His father is only of secondary importance [if at all] unless you demand that he be a Targaryen.
  9. Probably... whatever way you want to look at at it, an internal conversation in which Lord Eddard [who almost up until this point has been seeing Jon every day] first observes that he hasn't thought about the Prince for years and then muses on the unlikelihood that he [the Prince] has ever visited a brothel, is not how Lord Eddard is going to think about his sister's lover/rapist
  10. Depends why he might have done it. No, Ned doesn't sound as if he thinks the Prince was capable of simply having his wicked way with her out of lust, but it wouldn't stop him doing something from a twisted sense of duty, because there must be three...
  11. Or shifting sideways [slightly] Rhaeghar was dead by this time and out of Lord Eddard's reach, but he may not have been working alone if his ultimate aim was to bring back the dragons. Remember in this that there is a popular theory that R+L=J and that Jon will turn out to be Azor Ahai and will ride the dragons to victory over Jack Frost We heretics [as you've probably noticed] have a slightly different take
  12. I thought that this forum was about the Song of Ice and Fire - that looks uncommonly like someone riding a Star Wars speeder bike
  13. It all depends on origins. We tend to think of red being associated with Fire in a religious context, ie; the Red Lot, of whom Melisandre, Thoros, Benero and Moqorro are notable examples, but what if the Red originates in Asshai, where the dragons come from
  14. I though the weirwoods [white] had red eyes and red mouths, not red faces. Jon, remember, recognises Ghost as belonging to the Old Gods because he has a white face and red eyes and mouth
  15. Always worth bearing in mind of course that Quaithe conceals her face behind a red mask
  16. Put it another way. The Targaryens used their dragons to conquer Westeros. The Targaryens lost their dragons and lost Westeros Was Danaerys given the dragon eggs to return the Targaryens to Westeros? Or was she given the eggs to return the dragons?
  17. You might not like this, but it would fit with the discussions above anent the dragons and the war for the dawn
  18. And going back a bit. Arya goes wandering around the Red Keep and while hiding in amongst the dragon skulls overhears Varys and Illyrio discussing an upcoming war which might be upset by trouble at court - and then Illyrio gives Danaerys the dragon eggs. Were the two of them speaking of the war for the Dawn ?
  19. Lord Eddard didn't receive any lost knowledge from Lyanna. I think that he knew it already. Nor do I think that his "ghost" told of something "more disturbing" than the Crow dreams. He tried to tell Bran something important about Jon, but Bran forgot it when he woke up. Most likely that Jon had a part/role to play and that's likely where the dragons come in. There has long been a casual assumption that the dragons are coincidentally appearing just as winter is coming, but what if it isn't. Ice and Fire were in balance, but somebody gave Danaerys her dragon eggs and set in train the events which saw them hatching, so in response to that things are moving up north
  20. Hence my suggestion of a Targaryen version of the Musgrave Ritual and that the Targaryens themselves were responsible for getting rid of the Dragons... until Danaerys came along
  21. I rather think that we need to take a couple of steps backwards here and look at the overall picture. First the "revelation" in the new Mummers' play. That play is supposedly based on a book by GRRM which makes no mention of it, but GRRM has now said its true/canon. So why not mention it earlier ? That suggests its something which may be revealed in the upcoming WoW. Question of timing. A couple of years ago when Fire and Blood was first published might have been too early. Still early now, but perhaps he can live with it. Then there's the Pact of Ice and Fire, and there it gets interesting. We still don't know what its about, or was intended to be about because seemingly it never happened, but... A pact is an agreement, a binding agreement and seemingly one between equals, which immediately raises questions and requires dialling back in history on both sides of the proposed pact. On the one hand we have the Targaryens. They are Valyrians and Dragonlords, but perhaps not actually all that they seem. Back in the day and seemingly influenced by prophecy they moved out of Valyria proper and settled in Dragonstone on the very edge of the empire. Thus they escaped the Doom, which is obviously good. They even hung on to some dragons but then something strange happened. A war or series of wars breaks out in Essos as the local population rises up against the rump Valyrian colonial administration. Not at all unexpected, but Aegon Targaryen joins the rebels and pitches in against the Valyrians. Then he turns his back on Essos as well and goes and conquers Westeros - sort of Or rather, using his dragons he starts conquering the seven kingdoms by frying any opposition until he gets to the southern border of the North. History, for what its worth, says that the Stark king surrendered or submitted. Aegon tuned back south and the Stark remained - although he may no longer have called himself the King of Winter. Why ? We've discussed the Others extensively [but not yet exhaustively, I hope] on Heresy and there is a strong theory based on what GRRM has said in and out of the books, that the White Walkers are not a different race, but something like the Nazgul and once upon a time at least were attached to the Stark Kings of Winter - remember those "cold northern ghosts" defending Moat Caillan against southern would-be invaders ? If we are looking for a pact of Ice and Fire then there may be something of an equality here between the Stark Kings of Winter and the Targaryen Dragonlords But then there's more. We've discussed before, the Starks' version of the Musgrave Ritual, but what if the Targaryens too have their version. They took themselves to Dragonstone to escape the Doom, but then turned against what was left of the Empire. They used their dragons to conquer [most of] Westeros, but then the dragons died. Supposedly there are rumours that the dragons were somehow killed off by the maesters, but what if it was the Targaryens themselves. What if that too was a part of the Pact of Ice and Fire which both families have forgotten. Of course if it is, it throws an interesting - and dangerous - light on Danaerys Targaryen hatching three healthy dragons and so perhaps breaking the Pact
  22. Quite true, but the point I'm making is that House of the Dragon is based on a book already published, which did not "reveal" this.
  23. That rather depends on who the Others really are. As I've discussed before, the White Walkers don't [and didn't] seem to amount to much in terms of numbers. There are only a few, not an army, far less a nation.
  24. I'll cheerfully admit I've not seen House of the Dragon, so can't pronounce on it with any pretence of authority, but... I'd be wary of the supposed prophecy/insights - and ultimately what the Targaryens supposedly knew of the Starks' Musgrave Ritual. House of the Dragon, as I understand it, is a mummers' version of a book already published by GRRM, and Fire and Blood does not as I understand contain these supposed revelations.
  25. Exactly so. He may not, understandably enough, want to tell us who he's wrapped up but the fact that one is sorted and perhaps another too, is encouraging news
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