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  1. This episode was extremely good. The suspense! After the leech-scene my boyfriend kept asking me during the Tyrion-Sansa wedding if something reaaally bad was going to happen. People are seriously nitpicking on Sansa kneeling? There's no way you'd get her not kneeling across on screen without making her look like a total cunt, which really wouldn't be right. On the ravens - I saw that as a warning from Bran (due to the emphasis on the face in the weirwood tree) and I loved the image. Very cinematic. You should probably turn the volume up. The Castamere theme was played again during the Cersei/Marg conversation. It's been used a few other times this season, and Cersei spelled out some of the lyrics. I think the unsullied will be fine. Music in general was great in this episode. I just love the Dragonstone theme.
  2. In this interview, posted yesterday, GRRM mentions he has 400 pages of WoW written, with 200 of them still in draft stage. Is that more than he had in his last status update?
  3. 9. Amazing episode. I liked the Jon/Ygritte scenes, made me chuckle. Crane shot of Harrenhal looked amazing. Acting in the SanSan scenes felt a bit... stiff? I do like the Hound getting more screentime though. Jaime/Cat/Brienne - fucking amazing. I'm not entirely convinced by the King of Qarth-thing. I think there should have been a bit more set-up for it. Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but to me it felt like it was coming out of nowhere. Pyat Pree's multiplying act was chilling though, really like the actor playing him. I'd like to note that this was the first episode where my boyfriend wasn't bored at any moment in the episode. It also was the first time he wasn't doing the 'who the hell is that?' routine he does, he just kept his mouth shut and thought the whole hour was very exciting. He was genuinely shocked by the two burned boys.
  4. I loved this episode. If you don't need to see a carbon copy of the book and just look at how the series works, you'd note this episode was extremely well scripted, acted and edited. Jorah kissed her full on the mouth in the book. Yes, what the hell is up with him? I liked him in season 1 but his acting has gone downhill like crazy. He sounds like an irritating monotonous buzz.
  5. Has any interviewer actually asked GRRM how TWoW is coming along? With all the time he has to spend on interviews, tours and all kinds of different projects, I really don't see the book getting published anytime soon (soon being 2013/early 2014). Most people seem to think he'll write like Speedy Gonzalez with the Meereenese knot out of the way, but he's a really busy guy...
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