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  1. Did everyone in the Vale died from cold during the One Night Stand or something???
  2. My god this episode is painful to watch. This whole sequence of Tyrion brooding in the cell telling Jon how he loved dany with all his heart... seriously... this season has been all "telling" without "showing" were they really this out of idea....
  3. I found it VERY interesting how asoiaf Reddit group has sort of turned into a support group for sad fans.... Whereas the Game of Thrones group is full of people praising the show. Such contrast. Don't get me wrong, I am one of those sad fans.
  4. On that point I thought was strange how many make the connection that killing NK = TPTWP. Doesn't that rather make Arya the Light Bringer instead? If you look at all the gods involved in her progression you can sort of say she's been through many tamperings, fire water and all. Not sure about the heart stabbing part tho. In that sense TPTWP could be a number of people who had helped Arya collectively not just a single person.
  5. What do you think Arya's conversation about eye colors mean?
  6. 2/10... I usually watch once when its aired so I have something to talk to my FB group members. Then again with my wife whe she's free. This episode, I coupdn't bring myself to rewatch. Dialog was boring as hell and the Arya/Sansa crap irritated me so much I just couldn't. This had never been the case with the previous seasons...
  7. Hi. Would it be possible to add an interwiki to Thai ? Maybe along this line th wiki.gameofthronesfansite.com/$1 so it's [[ th: .......]]
  8. I haven't been able to search pages for a couple days now. Happens only when you search for words that don't forward you directly to some existing pages. Such as "botherhood"
  9. I found it a bit odd that Dany would turn the key the same way for both locking and unlocking. Anything mentioned about that in the book?
  10. Hi. Just want to drop by and say I've started a Wiki in Thai language. This wiki here inspired me to start it. http://wiki.gameofthronesfansite.com/Main_Page Very, very early stage. But it's already on a pretty powerful VPS. I hope to grow it over time and one day be listed on your excellent wiki here :) Thanks all.
  11. 3/10. Especially Robb's part. His relationship with Talisa felt kinda cute before this epsiode. But this? It's gotten ridiculous. Robb's leading a war. And all we're seeing is him riding horse relaxing in a forest and talk away with Talisa. They should have focused on the war . . . not a "proper little lady" going naked in a tent, in a middle of a military camp like that. Why are all "proper" lady in this season all so shameless about sex?
  12. What's Jorah's betrayal? By being a spy for Varys?
  13. I wish they'd show the actual siege of Torhen's Square. Getting a bit sick of the series skipping most warfare battles and only hint about them in conversation/after maths. I'm so happy there's no porn.
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