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  1. DirePenguin

    Was season 7 the off-season?

    I can't stand this season. I translated the subtitle and had a very hard time... which shouldn't be the case because the vocabulary has gotten so easy, silly even. (What does in perpetuity mean? *turns to Tyrion*... seriously?) Embarrassing... not to mention the boredom. It's so boring even when I read/hear them for the first time. This season has been full of moments where characters basically walks side by side exchange words that had been said a million times and reciting old times like the series been air'd for 30 years and we need reminder to the early years, which it's not.
  2. DirePenguin

    Will Arya be dead this season?

    It would do Arya's character a great survice to kill her off. So D&D can't ruin her any longer.
  3. DirePenguin

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    2/10... I usually watch once when its aired so I have something to talk to my FB group members. Then again with my wife whe she's free. This episode, I coupdn't bring myself to rewatch. Dialog was boring as hell and the Arya/Sansa crap irritated me so much I just couldn't. This had never been the case with the previous seasons...
  4. DirePenguin

    Arya vs Sansa what are your thoughts?

    Is this the real leak or your speculation? If it's real, then I'd really lost all hope.
  5. DirePenguin

    So now we know how the Wight Walker war ends

    It's very convenience and I hate it...
  6. DirePenguin

    the plot with Brienne...

    LF wanting Sansa to call Brienne to her side was my impression and I think Sansa might have suspected Brienne to be 1 of the people LF was talking to which was why she sent her away. Sansa could be making some move against LS/ Sansa targeting Arya and moving Brienne out of the way seemed very unlikely to me: if Brienne can't take down Arya there's no way Sansa can.
  7. DirePenguin

    Arya Stark

    Well I admit I changed my view when Arya handed that dagger to Sansa. There's something going on beneath that... Was Arya sending message telling her sister to ripp off her own face as a metaphor to something?
  8. DirePenguin

    Arya Stark

    Waif would have no reason to kill the Freys nor know about Nymeria tho.
  9. DirePenguin

    Littlefinger's Game

    LF said something about how Brienne would stop either of them if they meant to harm each other to Sansa. 1 possibility is that Sansa could be planning to hurt Arya, but after seeing Arya's skill, that scenario is very unlikely.
  10. DirePenguin

    Tyrion is playing everybody

    Didn't Jorah volunteer by himself?
  11. DirePenguin

    Littlefinger's Game

    Sansa sending Brienne away tho. Exact opposite of what LF suggested. Maybe, and hopefully, something is going on.
  12. DirePenguin

    Littlefinger's Game

    Well I truly feel that what we see is the early-season-1-Arya... Even Sansa, this is not the Sansa who had witnessed the game for 6 seasons with her own eyes.
  13. DirePenguin

    The Dagger Revealed?

    Like Tyrion said, you gotta be a special kimd of stupid to hand an assassin your own dagger. Only Joff could be that stupid IMO.
  14. DirePenguin

    How to capture a wight with fewest casualties

    Disn't Mormont sent Thorne to diliver a zombie hamd before?