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  1. DirePenguin

    The Book of The Kingsguard - Help Me Decide

    1 detail about Jaime that bothered me was that why the hell would Northern soldiers capture him... He was with them and fought along side them at Winterfell. After that it's not like he made an announcement to everyone like "HEY I'M ON CERSEI SIDE NOW". I mean if I'm part of that army and see Jaime there I'd even assume he traveled there with me you know... Did his name above his head somehow turned Red like in online MMO letting everyone know he's an enemy now?
  2. Did everyone in the Vale died from cold during the One Night Stand or something???
  3. My god this episode is painful to watch. This whole sequence of Tyrion brooding in the cell telling Jon how he loved dany with all his heart... seriously... this season has been all "telling" without "showing" were they really this out of idea....
  4. DirePenguin

    Tormund was right

    The show did a poor job at that... its as if Dany's army were barely any help at all.
  5. DirePenguin

    Who liked sandor's ending.

    Gregor disobeying Cersei to fight him made too little sense for me to invest in that whole point...
  6. DirePenguin

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    Just a thought. If Jaime really pity kill Cersei, it would be really bittersweet if he got praised through out the Kingdom for that. When he killed Aerys he got shamed and reminded repeatedly of it and he had to live with it. Then when he actually killed Cersei it broke his heart but people kept praising him and reminding him and he had to live with it yet again.
  7. DirePenguin

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    Jaime could possibly to back to Cersei for a whole different reason, and only at the end after seeing her break down, remember his love and so sympathize with her. It should NOT be the reason for him to start his journey back, more of an impulse of the moment.
  8. DirePenguin

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    I could not comprehend that part. Why would the Mountain wanted to face him... Sandor was the one holding grudge, him heading back to face his bro did not make sense but it least it was not totally out of the blue. Gregor abandoning Cersei to face him tho. Just why. Why would he even care. Sandor was just another flea for him.
  9. DirePenguin

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    He was literally back to his Season 1 self...
  10. Tropes are not, the whole Jaime thing was just annoying. It was not shocking. It invoked nothing emotionally. Just.... annoying. And tell me if you're convinced the 2 brothers COULD REALLY CARE THAT MUCH ABOUT CERSEI. My gawd that conversation they had before Tyrion released Jaime. It's like D&D were deliberately torturing us, because it was US who made them stuck to this series for so long.
  11. DirePenguin

    The Golden Company...LOL

    Well. They didn't have their elephants.
  12. DirePenguin

    What the fuck did I just watch?

    This is the best summary of this episode I've seen yet.
  13. DirePenguin

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    Thai forum were split 50/50 between the praises and the hates. But after this episode the voices there now united into pure complains... This truly is the 1 EP to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.