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  1. Mista C

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    Man, am I down in the dumps since the screen faded to black Sunday night... I can't believe that we have to wait 10 months for Season 3. To pass some of the time, I'm planning on doing a re-read of SoS and FFC, then I will read ADWD for the first time.
  2. Mista C

    [Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion Mk. II

    Wow! Never even thought of that, but I believe you are absolutely right. The "pig shit" comment, plus Tyrion's story to Varys about being "the Highborn Plumber of Casterly Rock" seems very obvious now! They will somehow "flush" jars of wildfire into the bay to ignite, maybe behind the fleet once it enters the bay. Not the same as the chain, but kinda along the same lines. And the whole time he was telling the story about being in charge of the plumbing at Casterly Rock, I was like "where is this story going?"
  3. This^ I completely agree now that there will definately not be any mention of the chain, or the chain itself for that matter. I cannot believe that this piece is going to be omitted. Last night, when Tyrion said "5 days away" I almost shit myself. They have a lot to get ready in King's Landing in 5 days.
  4. Best Part of This Episode: The pullaway shot of Harrenahll... man did that place look huge and nasty.
  5. On Parks & Rec last night, Andy made a list of all the places that he would like to live if he had to leave Pawnee... they were all written on an easel, and when they flipped the page, "Winterfell" was at the top of the list! Great shout-out to Thrones!
  6. Off topic of last night's episode, but I get absolutely ZERO work done on Monday's now. It's 1:30 now and I have done nothing since I got to work at 8:00 except for reading recaps/reading comments/leaving comments/re-watching episode on HBOGO/more reading comments/more leaving comments/etc. WHEW! This is ridiculous, especially considering how busy it is at my work right now, but oh well... only four weeks left and then it's all over.
  7. What an episode!!! The opening scene with Theon when he killed Ser Rodrick was so intense, I didn't even hear one word of the next scene with Jon Snow... my brain was still trying to process what I just saw! And the Hound in action! Woo Hoo! But why, why, WHY did he not kill that last guy cowering in the corner when he was walking out with Sansa over his shoulder?!?! I thought for sure that he was going to stop and stab that dude. Tywin seemed a little too chatty with Aria, but still a great scene. And Dany getting her dragons stolen? At first I was like what is this nonsense... but after I thought about it more, I always wondered while reading the books why this was never attempted. Anywhoo, great episode, and it actually felt long to me for once!
  8. Mista C

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    No, I would not want it to be on network tv, and yes, HBO is doing a fantasic job. And yes again, it is 50 minutes of commercial free kick ass television, but... What I was implying is that it seems like some scenes are being rushed right out the door, then the episode ends and I look at the clock and it's 9:51. They could add a few minutes to several scenes here and there and still be under an hour. The Renly-Stannis meeting was awesome, but 3 extra minutes could have made it even awesome-er. And they were already there filming the scene anyways so it's not like I'm asking for new scenes that were not even in the episode. I'm just asking for them to add a couple of minutes to the key scenes so as not to rush them.
  9. Mista C

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    The #1 thing that is really starting to annoy me the most is the running time of the episodes. Once you take out the time for the opening and closing credits, each episode this season has barely been 50 minutes long. That is completely unacceptable. They could have added 2-3 minutes to the Renly/Stannis scene. They could have added 2-3 minutes to the Davos/Mel scene to explain what the hell they were doing. I would watch five minutes of Tyrion just walking around the halls of the Red Keep for gods sake! But 50 minutes of content each week just plain sucks and the scenes are really starting to feel rushed on top of that. We've lost almost 40 minutes of content this season so far! Other tidbits: 1. How in the hell did Littlefinger or Tyrion know that Cat was treating with Renly at his camp? Did Robb send a raven to King's Landing a couple of weeks ago to say "To Whom it May Concern, my Mother will be treating with Renly at his camp from ___ to ___. Save the date!" Did Cat send a raven to King's Landing once she arrived at Renly's camp saying "If anyone need me, or is looking for me, I will be at Renly's camp from ___ to ___." 2. Loved the Imp commanding the Throne Room! 3. Harrenhall was incredibly awesome and unbelievably dreadfull. 500 times worse than I pictured it when reading. 4. Did I mention that the episodes are just too damn short! And damn, do they fly by!
  10. Mista C

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 201 Discussion Part 2

    During the scene when Joff is renovating the throne room, they clearly show the stained-glass window above the iron thone as being a seven-pointed orange and red star with clear glass all around it. I was re-watching some Season 1 episodes yesterday and noticed that the stained-glass window above the iron throne was a very colorful design, which i couldn't really make out, but there was definately no star and it was way different. (A good place to see it is in Episode 5 when Littlefinger and Varys have their discussion in the empty throne room). I know that Joff tells the queen that he want's the room to look more like it belongs to a conqueror and not have vines and flowers, but would he really have changed out the windows as well? I know that this is a ridiculous issue to even bring up, but it jumped right out at me becuase I had just re-watched S02/Ep1 and then watched S01/Ep5 right after, so I was like "What's up with the window above the iron throne, it's different". Anyone else notice this?