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  1. I dont know why Danny is fireproof (Targaryens are not fireproof) and frankly I dont care since this is the show and Danny is clearly D&D's favorite character (Why arent the great Khals, some of the greatest warriors of the Dothraki, trying to kill Danny when its obvious she is going to burn them alive?). Obviously this makes watching the show for a Danny hater like me extremely painful. I do love the Bran scenes and since this episode had none I didnt like it all that much. The Cersei scenes were nice. I have a feeling she's planning to backstab the Tyrells. Btw Jaime says the Tyrells have the 2nd largest army in westeros - So who the hell has the largest? Never have I ever been so bored in a scene on any TV show ever than I am in the scenes featuring the High Sparrow. Great actor and all but whenever he's off spouting his shit I tend to scream at my screen "No one f*cking cares". Osha scene was fine - never a surprise. Liked how she says I've seen worse. Pink letter!!! Loved it. Now I'm going to get my tinfoil hat on and come out with a crazy theory. Ramsay did not send the Pink Letter. It was SmallJon Umber. Wait just a minute and hear me out. 1. Notice how the letter starts with "You have let the wildlings through the wall and betrayed the North" - Ramsay doesnt give a shit about the wildlings. Umber does. Why would Ramsay start off with that? 2. No mention of Reek/Theon. In the books whoever sent the letter is adamant about getting his Reek back. There is no mention of Reek here. SmallJon came after Theon escaped so he would not know about Reek. 3. "You will watch as my dogs devour your wild little brother". How does Ramsay know Rickon is wild - Rickon didnt say a word to Ramsay last episode, was well behaved. Umber lived with Rickon for months and knew of Rickon's wild streak. 4. "His direwolf's skin is on my floor" - Not exactly conclusive but Ramsay got Shaggydog's head, not the body. 5. Lastly it doesnt sound like Ramsay at all. He calls Rickon Jon's brother. Ramsay has always been particular about Jon being a bastard (in the pink letter version in the books) and would almost definitely call Rickon Jon's half brother. Its probably nuts and I'm giving D&D way too much credit if I think they can pull this off but you never know. EDIT: Just saw the preview of the next episode. Wtf is LF doing at the wall? How did he get there? It should take months to reach Castle Black from the Vale. D&D dont like logic all that much do they?
  2. Barty

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Too young to be Rodrik. Rodrik was around 60 in the series and 20 odd years ago (from the vision) he would have been 40 (that is much older than Ned when the series began). The guy overseeing Ned and Benjen did not seem to be more than a teenager to me. Brandon's supposed to be some sword fighting prodigy so isnt exactly impossible that he'd be training his brothers.
  3. Barty

    [Spoilers] EP602

    In the show Rickon went to the Umbers
  4. Barty

    [Spoilers] EP602

    makes sense that the whole North isnt retarded, though Roose hinted at the Manderlys too this episode. But isnt the whole reason Rickon goes to the Umbers that they could be trusted? And if they cant be trusted then what the f*ck have they been doing this whole time? Roose reached Winterfell ages ago. Walda got married, pregnant and had a baby - implying at least 9 months have passed. The Umbers in the meantime are just sitting around waiting to betray the Starks right when Roose Bolton dies. Brilliant ploy - lets join the Boltons right when their only leader with any brain is dead.
  5. Barty

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Its in the preview for the next episode. Umbers bring a gift to Ramsay. There are rumours that the gift is Rickon. Which makes sense since in the show Rickon went to the Umbers. As for Balon - the official reason is he fell. But Euron does turn up the next day to claim the seastone chair. So its almost confirmed Euron had a hand in his death.
  6. Barty

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Wow, so the rumours were true. The Umbers are betraying the Starks. The SmallJon who died to save Robb in the books is now giving Rickon to Ramsay. And is the show really implying that the North is not only going to betray the Starks but join up with a kinslayer? Isnt a kinslaying supposed to be the greatest crime one can commit, right along with breaking guest right. Fuck it. Overall though happy with the episode. 7.5/10. The story moved forward and no scene was boring. Euron was introduced - dunno why people are complaining about Balon's death. It is exactly how it happened in the books. Loved the flashback scene. Wonder what happens to Hodor. Im guessing something to do with going into Winterfell's crypts lower levels. Or Rhaegar hitting him on the head when running off with Lyanna.
  7. 1. Yes they (Lannisters) do want to keep the 7 kingdoms intact - but the whole Northern plot has been very weak and I was venting my frustration. Roose betrays Robb - makes the entire north hate him. Why? In the show Im not sure we're told but in the books it was because Robb's position became weak, his war was unwinnable and the Lannisters were offering rich rewards. So what is his next step?? He betrays the IT by marrying Sansa to Ramsay. Now he has made enemies out of the North and the IT. His position just became a thousand times weaker than Robb's. So Roose is just an idiot. 2. I agreed it was not a valid criticism - it just felt out of place. If anything it should have been Sansa who leads Theon into the water - they had a chance to show her being strong but instead they waste it. 3. Its not Jaime's lack of loyalty to his family that I find wrong. Its his sudden ambition to take back whatever was taken from them (We'll take everything iirc) - thats a season 1 Jaime line. Season 6 Jaime has known war, suffering and grief just like the books - Take back everything is the response I expect from Cersei not Jaime. As for losing his daughter - It happened weeks ago, he barely knew her and going by his response to Joffrey's death this death shouldnt have affected him either. 4. I have no idea where they are heading with Dorne. I mean I do know where (war with the Lannisters) but it makes no sense to me. There is no Arrianne here or Quentyn. The Sand Snakes are bastards, Ellaria is an upjumped whore. Who is going to rule Dorne? Who will the Dornish lords follow? This type of situation if logic was followed would have led to one result - civil war in Dorne over who gets to rule. But I'm sure there is no such thing as Dornish lords in the show. No Dornish noble houses. Or if they are they will happily follow their ruler's brother's whore. 5. Maybe so. I didnt like that scene personally. 6. Why am I supposed to be repulsed? Whats the point? Just seeing her being old isnt enough? She has to be old and nude? I'm sorry but to me it just felt like adding unnecessary shock value. I dont need gigantic visual cues to let the shock set in. 7. Dorne is just crap. I have literally nothing to add. I'm glad some people enjoyed the episode. I dont think everyone should agree with my points - just giving my opinion. Feel free to disagree.
  8. Could be, But Ned was on Pyke with the Northern army while Stannis was on Great Wyk. Maybe after the war they met in some feast or celebration.
  9. In the books i dont think so - Maybe he met Stannis when Ned lifted the siege of Storm's End - but thats like 17 years ago. But when has logic ever stopped D&D from doing what they want.
  10. I think it just confirms Stannis is dead. They found his dead body but didnt know who killed him.
  11. Boo - what complete and utter shit!! I gave it a 1, mainly because there is no 0 available. Lets divide this into what I liked and what I didnt. Like: The wall - that it. What I didnt like - everything else. 1. Why is Roose concerned about fighting the Lannisters?? Cause he lost Sansa? Makes no sense. Why do the Lannisters care about Sansa? Wasnt Roose already betraying the IT by marrying Ramsay to Sansa, considering she is wanted for Joff's murder?? And how on earth is there going to be a Lannister army in the North? If I'm sitting in the North I would be laughing at any southron idiot who thinks he can invade, not fearing him more than Stannis Baratheon. How come he never mentions the other Northern lords?? 2. This is probably not a valid criticism but I found it oddly out of character for a Stark to say its too cold. 3. KL sucks. Jaime has become pre prisoner Jaime again. So all his character development goes down the drain. Why dont D&D just grow his hand back - wouldnt be the least illogical thing they did on this show. 4. Dorne. What a letdown. So Doran is not forced into a war he is simply murdered. And apparently he only has one loyal guard, who is a complete idiot and does no weapons checks on anyone coming near his prince. I'm not the greatest fan of Book Doran but at least he had a plan for revenge - they just butchered his character in the show. Literally 5. Is it just me or has Emilia Clarke put on some weight? Also what was the point of that scene? Random filler garbage 6. Old Mel - killed my boner. Im downvoting just for that. Why on earth do D&D think we need to see the disgusting old woman naked to get the point Mel is old. 7. So whats the escape plan for the sand snakes on the ship? Were they even originally on the ship?? I cant remember. Is Cersei going to let the ship go back to Dorne? Arent Dorne and the IT at war now? Is she going to let valuable prisoners of war like their fucking prince and the sand snakes just run away scot-free? Also isnt the ship Dornish? Why did Trystane allow the ship to go to KL? Didnt he realize that once Myrcella is dead the Lannisters will kill him on arrival? You know what Fu*k it - Dorne makes 0 sense. I dont doubt the sand snakes will be able to swim all the way back to Dorne in 1 night.
  12. Awesome episode!!! I'm thinking Jorah is gonna be Drogon's dinner in Daznak's pit. Wonder if that means Drogon gets greyscale?? Can dragons get human diseases?? NK was pretty cool as well. I'm now pretty sure he is a Stark from the way he looked at Jon.
  13. I would have given it a 0 if that had been an option. It was complete BS - they screwed up every scene(except maybe Jon and Mance). I also dont see why they feel the need to add useless shit like Brienne and Arya/Hound(not to mention the beetles of last episode), when they dont seem to have the time to add relevant and potentially amazing scenes like LS. I am pissed.
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