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  1. Quoth

    Archer 1999 - Sun's Out, Guns Out...

    Think that was billed as the season finale. But wouldn't it be more correct to say series finale? Thought this was it's last season. If so, sure finished on a weak note...
  2. Quoth

    Youtube Videos.

    I recently stumbled across these on Youtube. I watched these discussions (Ethics in America) on PBS... oh, back in the 80's I guess. I found them to be absolutely fascinating. Harvard Law Professors conducting panel discussions, using the Socratic method and some increasingly excruciating hypotheticals , with some interesting folks (General Westmoreland and others involved with the Vietnam War?!). These two shows (Click around for other likewise interesting subjects) involved ethical conduct by the military, the media. etc. during war. Sounds weird but I still find them compelling. Sometimes what is said is horrific. Sometimes oddly comforting that superpowered military minds would even stop to think about ethics of war. Under Orders Under Fire Part 1 Under Orders Under Fire Part 2
  3. Quoth

    [Spoilers] EP704 Discussion

    I agree. I took it as a joke. Davos, like Jon, and Davos is well aware of Jon's position, is rapidly realizing that titles and "sides" are meaningless and that all have to band together to defeat the WW.
  4. Quoth

    The Gambling Thread

    Does the House take a seemingly small percentage of each pot? Many years ago, I recall reading somewhere (Scarne on Cards, maybe?) that at the poker table, the house would do this as their way of making money off the game. The percentage was small but enough to skew things so that, like every other gaming table in the casino, "the House always wins" if you play long enough.
  5. Quoth

    Board Issues 4

    Hope this is the correct thread for this... Don't know how long this has been this way but I just happened to notice it today. When I compose a reply, or any posting for that matter, the control buttons I have are limited to: bold, Italic, underline, add link, quote, Emojis, spoiler, and insert bullets/numbers for lists. Thus, there's no longer the capability of altering text size, color or font. Not a big deal, it's just... weird, I guess. Do I have to customize the control bar somehow or sumptin'?
  6. Quoth

    Youtube Videos.

    Cannibal Shia Labeouf
  7. Quoth


    *nods* Oh, you'll fit right in. :lol: Welcome.
  8. Quoth

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Awesome. Rose is one of my favorite actors in the entire series. in another thread I hazzarded a theory that: I have this odd feeling that Ygritte will be around for a long time. I'm thinking that the story line, as has happened elsewhere in the show, will morph. Ygritte will slide into Val's character arc (and the Mance's kid story line will be jettisoned or re-imagined). Ygritte is, I think, a big fan fav. And while we book readers will feel a huge and important story arc is being cut, in the end, in order to move things along, It won't be the first time the story was altered accompanying the wailing and lamentations of the board. I could see Mance's son still being written in and Val being written off as a casualty of the battle or something. Ygritte survives to heckle Jon into saving the kid, acting as his outward conscience. Or has Val already been cast? I'm not up on casting news. So maybe that's not such a wacky theory...?
  9. Quoth

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    And maybe because Drogon isn't a mewling babe in arms, a puppy or a kitten. It's a dragon. And one that's maybe feeling it's oats, so to speak. I mean even Roy, of Siegfeld and Roy, was attacked by one of his own tigers. Some animals are different that other animals. And I can't believe I'm discussing this point about a wholly fictional creature. :rofl:
  10. Quoth

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    I was puzzled by that, too. But, I'm guessing it's somewhat like riding a wild horse. The horse has to be "broken"... Perhaps, once the dragon "reached an age", until Dany got some measure of control of it by riding it and "breaking" it, it would act wild and take on anything or anyone...?
  11. Quoth

    Official Testing Thread

    Just testing out some spacing
  12. Quoth

    References and Homages

    Don't know if this was mentioned. I know I posted the idea in another, unrelated, thread. The allusion of Bran "creeping along the weirwood tree network" and the sense of Bran becoming a sort of anachronistic hacker/ 'net stalker is marvelous. I don't seriously think GRRM intended such, but, it harkens, to me at least, of Barbara (Batgirl) Gordon becoming Oracle after she became disabled.
  13. Quoth

    READ FIRST: Rules

    Just curious... Is there a current estimate for "turn around time" for a threads submission and a Mod's :thumbsup: or :thumbsdown: ? And if a thread isn't approved for whatever reason, is there some way the person submitting would know? I'm guessing an individual PM would create even more work for an already overburdened crew of mods. Thanks. :)
  14. Quoth


    Welcome Back!!! Folks in tttne will be glad to see ya!
  15. Quoth

    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    Dragon puppies!!! :D