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    The Winds of Winter: The latest info (updated 26 April 2018)

    Well lets consider what still needs to happen. The biggest factor that would push the series to eight books is Dany. The fact that she still hasn't even started moving towards Westeros just baffles me. Another factor is that he keeps adding point of views that makes it harder to finish the series in two books. Victarion, the Volantenes, the Dothraki, the Yunkai, New Ghis, Tolos, Mantarys, and the Quartheen are all converging on Meereen. That makes me believe that this war will be decided in one massive battle. In the end I think Dany will end up in control of the Yunkish, Quartheen, and Volantene slave armies, the iron fleet (through a trick of the Black Flame) and her three dragons with the help of Tyrion and Second Sons, and the Tattered Prince. I think she can do all this and then set sail by the end of the next book. With the naritives of Tyrion, Victarion, Ser Barristan, Dany, and any Dothraki POV's it should be possible. Her arrival is going to be made easier by the golden company and Aegon( who I think is a Phony) but he can still help clear the way for her. After stopping in Pentos to pay the TP's price, they can land in Dorne and extend out from there. I think the Boltons will be resolved in the next book and Stannis and Rickon will be in charge of the north by the end of the next book. Stannis will go up north to sort out the wall. The Lannisters, Tyrells, and Redwynes will, be stuck between Stannis in the north, The Ironmen on the west, the seeled Vale to the east, and the Targs to the south. Bran will be up north learning the history. Jon will be alive on some quest going south to winterfell to save Mance and his sister, with Milisandre's help. Sansa will be trying to escape from Littlefinger eventually Arya will at some point come to a moral decision were she can become a FM by killing someone who is innocent in her mind or leaving and becoming embracing her identity as Arya Stark, the Nightwolf. Rickon will finally get a POV and be Taken by Davos with Osha back to Winterfell to claim his seat. Brienne will have to make a moral decision whether to kill Jaime or convince Catylen that she's batshit crazy That's one book to wrap up all these issues and then the seventh books for all the linguring issues to be resolved. The Others, AA/LH/TPTWP, Jon's identity, Bran as a tree, Rickon as Lord of Winterfell, Sansa true knight to rescue her, Arya the nightwolf the warrior princess and reconnecting with Nymeria and Gendry in the riverlands. Dany winning the war for the south convincing Stannis to submit, Finding the other two heads, and taking the dragons to the wall for the last battle for the world with the others, the three betrayals, mounts, and such, and Dany and Jon/Agon claiming the thrones, fullfilling the song of Ice(jon) and Fire(Dany).