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  1. Of course not. If there was homosexuality, Rothfuss might have to write lesbians and he can't have women around who aren't attracted to Kvothe.
  2. I got the feeling Rothfuss thought the Ademre are great feminist world/culturebuilding because look, he made the fighting ninja culture a matriarchal society! And the reason they're a martriachy is because all women are naturally calmer and more sensible, while all men are aggressive! And they're really casual about sex and there's no slutshaming whatsoever! (and also somehow no STDs.) So yeah, all the outdated gender assumptions.
  3. If you want smutty fantasy, there's plenty available (and often better than Rothfuss' vague attempts at being literary and using a Positions from the Kama Sutra generator). I just don't expect 'oh wow, Adolescent Virgin Dude, you were so great at sexing me that I, experienced sex fairy, refuse to believe you are a virgin!' from a fantasy series that's supposedly groundbreaking and subverting all the tropes and gets lots of glowing praise from critics. Like, I expect that from a teenage boy's first attempt at writing ASOIAF fanfic where their Gary Stu self insert character gets to bang Melisandre, or something.
  4. That's one of the frustrating parts of the Kingkiller Chronicles. Every now and then you get something that seems cool, like the Chtaeh, and you hope there'll be more scenes with it or about it, but nope, let's go back to our sexfairy telling Kvothe how great in bed he is. Sigh.
  5. I agree with you that Rothfuss's worldbuilding is... lacking. I still can't get over the Ademre. Maybe that's more culture-building than world-building, but either way, that section of the book made me laugh out loud a couple of times, at parts I don't think Rothfuss had intended as funny.