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  1. Although the beetle speech was interesting, I couldn't pay attention to most of the speech. I kept checking the clock wondering when the fight would begin. The Purple Wedding was about 20 minutes or so, and I thought that the fight should have had at least more set up time. Maybe some people in King's Landing could have been whispering about using poison? I did notice Oberyn's squire "polishing" the spear head.
  2. Ha! I just laughed out loud on that one! That's what I'm going to imagine every time Royce is brought up in the books!
  3. I didn't really mean it as a nitpick. I am truly obsessed with finding out what the runes are and what they mean. When I heard Littlefinger say Royce's name, the first thing I thought of was his armor.
  4. I wonder if Littlefinger was singing in his head, " I've got chills, they're multiplying, and I'm losing control. Cause the power you're supplying... It's electrifying!"
  5. Wait... Where were the runes on Bronze Yohn Royce's armor? I was looking forward to seeing them.
  6. I began crying just as the fight began, and finished the episode bawling my eyes out!! I thought the fight was gut wrenching and so sad, but the rest of the episode was very strange. Sana's story had changed so much from the book, that I thought Oberyn might actually win the fight! For a second...
  7. Dornish Hen

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Wow!!!! A 10!!!! A sit on the edge of your seat episode!! I loved the changes the writers made. It made the episode flow very well. the wildfire looked awesome on the screen. I also loved how the camera shot The Hound through the heat waves of the candle. Great foreshadowing for episode three!
  8. Dornish Hen

    How would you rate episode 207?

    My book reading has clouded my show watching judgement. Just knowing what happens to Theon makes him a little more sympathetic to me, even this far into the show. But my non-book reading friend continues to call for someone to kill Theon during every episode. I think the non-book readers hate him more, and don't think of him as a sympathetic character at all.
  9. Dornish Hen

    How would you rate episode 207?

    I liked the episode, and gave it an 8. Nothing made me jump to the edge of my seat this week, but I loved all the history that was revealed in this episode. I don't know how non-book readers will take the information (or if they'll even care), but I loved that we heard a little more of the Mad King and Jaime's reasons behind his actions. Although he lost the sympathy vote yet again after killing his cousin. Go Arya! She'd better watch her step though. I also loved the mention of the BWB!! Set that one up for some good action next season! Ygritte and Talisa....meh. Also, does any one know why The Greatjohn isn't in the show this season?
  10. For the sake of the above argument, it is possible to to enjoy both the books and the shows (because of the changes) as two different entities. I didn't begin reading the books until after the series ended in June. I loved the TV version on its own, and I enjoyed being shocked during almost every episode. (Hello, Baelor!) This season, while I love reading and rereading the books, I've missed that element of surprise I enjoyed last season. That's one of the reasons I gave this episode a 9! I was on the edge of my seat along with my two non-book reader friends! I liked the changes the writers made to this episode. Intense spirit fingers to The Hound!! He's back!! :agree:
  11. Ok, ok. While I hear and understand the complaints about Yara, I'm starting to warm up to her. I'm telling myself that the the Iron Islands are a cold, hard, and miserable place. Maybe the writers on the show didn't want to show the sassy, playful Asha, but wanted to keep Yara as cold, hard, and miserable like everyone else on the Islands. I don't know the reason why they would rewrite her, but I'm trying to accept her as a different character. :dunno:
  12. I completely agree! While watching this episode, I thought how strong she is and how much I'll enjoy her game playing in King's Landing. She is her grandmother's granddaughter.
  13. Alas poor Yoren, we loved you well!!! Even with the few changes from the book, the episode was great. Although, why didn't they introduce Damphair as his Uncle? Is it not supposed to be Damphair? Other than that, I thought it was well done.
  14. Dornish Hen

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    No, I don't think you are. Stannis is supposed to be strong and steely, not brooding and sulky as he has been portrayed so far. He believes in himself, his military abilities, and his right to the throne. In the show he seems to only believe in Mel, which makes him appear to be of weaker character than I would liked to have seen.
  15. Dornish Hen

    How would you rate episode 202?

    I enjoyed the episode and gave it an eight. Love: Tyrion and Cercei. In that moment you can see Tyrion has figured out that his sister is weak. They sure do know how to push each other's buttons! Arya and Gendry. "That's not very ladylike." Delorious Edd. "We were having a serious conversation." Sallador Saan. I can't wait to see more of him. Jaquen Haagar. More!! Pyke. The scenes were awesome! Ghost! Not Sure: Stannis and Mel. I understand the need for the scene, but it was still weird and unStannis like. Theon and the Captain's Daughter. The way he treated her made me cringe way more than in the book. I guess I could have put that in the love category for the strong reaction, but I have a hard time watching that scene! Craster smacking Jon. Huh? Also, this is weird, but I LOVE the details they are putting into Dragonstone. I love the dragon claw (do dragons have claws or talons?) glasses in the first episode and I love the sound of the waves crashing during the Stannis and Mel scene. It kinda makes it a little bit unsettling. Well, more so than it already was.