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  1. Actually it wouldn't, he'd have another person to worry about, either having to take him along, or yelling out to call even more guards. All he needed was a quick distraction and enough noise to bring the Karstark kid into the cell...pure Jaime.
  2. I'm still really hopeful about all the changes, based off of what we didn't get this episode...for instance: Doreah is still not found, we know she and Drogon get along, there were only two tails in the final scene last episode, we now know Doreah had a very good reason to not show herself while Dany was still with Xaro. I think Doreah and Drogon show up in Ep. 8 and Dany goes to the House of the Undying with Drogon. Ghost is still missing in action. It's quite possible that Ghost will attack the Wildings and Jon will be able to get free. Having Ghost show up in EP. 8 gives Jon a chance to reunite with Qhorin before being "taken" again by the Wildings. Robb hasn't returned from the Crag, it's possible he won't return in ep. 8 either. It's possible that there's a trap at the Crag and he'll get wounded and things will progress in a similar fashion as in the books, except perhaps Jeyne "saves" him because she's seen him not as an enemy but as a good man. I'd like that change more than just Robb has a weak moment, if their union serves a greater purpose than just young love. We haven't seen Ramsay, and likely really won't see Ramsay, but the burned kids all but assures that Theon is going to get his at the end of this season. It seemed like they had changed so much by not including the Reeds or Ramsay, but they've trimmed the fat and given us a similar story that is more believable. Theon needed an Ironborn devil on his shoulder, someone to remind him of how he's supposed to be and give him dastardly advice. Dagmar does this perfectly, while allowing D&D to not fully introduce Ramsay until Season 3, after they've trimmed a fair amount of minor characters. People, please think before you continue with the Dagmar = Ramsay delusions, you're starting to sound like Obama birthers. Dagmar is Iron Born, he's been living with the Iron Born for years and years, fighting with them, that's why he has their respect and is able to help Theon with them. Just think for a moment, why would Roose have his bastard on the other side of the country, when he's supposed to be at the Dreadfort, as a kid, growing up and now as an adult, holding the fort while Roose is away? Dagmar = Roose makes absolutely no sense...I'd believe Quiathe is really Lyanna Stark before I believed Dagmar = Ramsay. We'll get Ramsay in Season 3, he'll be just as if not more fucked up than he was in the books (because we'll likely get him torturing and flaying Theon all season long). On Cat/Jaime, it's possible this change works better than Cat releasing Jaime because she's heard about Bran and Rickon, instead of Cat betraying Robb, she's protecting his interests. It makes the contrast between what she does and what Karstark is likely to do (kill a bunch of Lannister prisoners) much more...well...Starker. Robb can't be a "just" king if he doesn't kill his mother for freeing a prisoner because of her kids, but then puts a man to death because of what he does after his kids have been killed. Catelyn sending Jaime off before she finds out about Winterfell's latest news actually works better. Show Cat has been much shrewder than Book Cat. If Karstark kills Jaime, the Stark girls definitely die. Cat is seen to be protecting Robb's interests and her own, when she could have easily just sought revenge. Karstark is shown to have committed treason by directly going against Robb's orders and endangering Robb's family. Still much to be seen, I think most of these changes will work well. My biggest gripe was that Tyrion mentioned that Stannis is "5 days away" so we know that the time frame in Ep. 7 - 9 is only 5 days. That's a very short amount of time for a lot to develop...but we'll see how it goes down in the coming weeks.