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    Walder Frey’s Ambitions For House Frey?

    All of your points are sensible and wise. Like I said, this seemed like a cool theory, but personally I'm not qualified to guarantee it's true or false, and definitely not qualified to explain it as well as the poster did. I like it, but I also like other well thought out theories I don't believe to be true. I agree that all his sons being married directly contradicts the theory I was referring to. I would say Robin in particular opens up the Vale revenue streams though, so that desire could work for the lack of resources theory or contradict it. That's one mouth that pays for itself. Also you're right in that squiring out happens regularly and that great house alliances are generally cemented by marriage. We meet a lot of Frey squires and a lot of Frey brides compared to most houses, but I suppose I've been overlooking the simpler explanation for this which is there's a lot of Freys. I tried to find the post I was referring to or a version of the same theory and couldn't last night after posting. That maybe implies it ultimately was discredited. I did find a lot of stuff that made the opposite point. I'd underestimated the size of the Frey lands, which implies I've underestimated the amount of food the Freys could have stored for winter. Thanks for the reply.
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    Walder Frey’s Ambitions For House Frey?

    There was a really great thread on here a few years ago that examined this issue in-depth. Bear in mind I'm paraphrasing from memory, but essentially it was saying that there's textual evidence to support the fact that the Frey household is vastly overpopulated, and doesn't have the resources to support the family through the coming winter. So the advantages you list would still be advantages. But the biggest advantage is that it's one less mouth to feed. Other houses would be responsible for their upkeep. That's why he's trying to get his daughters married off and his male relatives squired out. Why it seems impossible to make a deal with the Freys without marrying a few of them. I've not made the argument as convincingly as the original poster did, but out of all the theories I've heard, that's the one I like the best.