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  1. 23 hours ago, Feologild said:

    Just finished watching the first episode.

    I thought it was very good.

    Also the scene at the end where all the lords pledge their support of Rhaenyra, made me think of what happened in England in during the reign of Henry I when he had no male hair and named his daughter Matilda as his hair, but than her cousin Stephen stole the throne after Henry I died in 1135. And England and Normandy went into a civil war lasting 19 years, I wonder if George R.R Martin used the Anarchy as an inspiration of the Targaryen civil war.

    GRRM himself has said that Henry I and the Matilda/Stephen civil war that followed was a direct inspiration for Dance of the Dragons.

  2. Have to say, blisteringly disappointed in this book, and increasingly the series as a whole.  Pairs of characters or individual characters just blundering around the land achieving very little of anything in this latest installment. 

    What was purpose of Miri's interlude with her captor?  Binabik and his wife meandering around Aldeheorte, with their daughter and spouse doing the same elsewhere.  Pasavalles as the baddie in Hayholt is nothing compared to Pyraxes, even Inch was better written.

    I am still hoping that TW pulls it off in the final volume of the series with some decent writing, but this is nothing like as good as MST tri/tetrology was.

  3. 3 hours ago, JEORDHl said:

    Everyone's book memory is impressive.


    Well the imminent arrival of the TV show and all of *waves hand at the thread discussion* this had me go back and start reading the series again (admittedly skimming over a lot of the more tedious parts). 

    There is also the excellent Encyclopaedia WOT website, which was a fine source of information, but that was never completed for the final little bit of the books.  The good news is that the project has moved web addresses and work appears to be ongoing on completing the mammoth task of completing it.

    Old website


    new version


    Obviously, spoilers for future direction of the story will abound for those who have not read the books, although the website has done a pretty good job of hiding most story points behind sufficient spoiler warnings.

  4. I thought a better episode than previous ones - as others have pointed out, the attack at the end by Logain's supporters looked very disjointed and disconnected (where were all the archers after the first volley?  The cave where they were keeping Logain seemed to be either a short or a long distance from the AS camp). 

    The AS who died is was listed in the credits as Kerene (I think), who was one of the AS in New Spring sent out to hunt for the Dragon Reborn.  Guess here they are recycling names. 

    Alanna's Warders (unnamed I think in this episode, Owein and Ihvon in the books) seem to have a little something something going on.  Perhaps fitted in their to satisfy the perceived lack of same sex relationsships in the books, but also to perhaps balance the whole idea of sister-wives amongst the Aiel when we get to that point.

    We haven't yet got to the thorny issue of ranking of strength in the Power, who is stronger than who, etc etc - but I did like the depiction on Nynaeve using saidar for the first time, and the amount of it she can access.  Given the fact that Logain can see what she is doing, I wonder if the show will sidestep the whole issue of men and/or women being able to detect other women/men channeling.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Rhom said:



    With Nynaeve and Logain; (book spoiler incoming!) this interaction with him seeing her as a raging sun could be interesting when she heals his gentling.  Also in terms of his strength in the books; wasn’t his strength jumped ahead drastically when he was healed?


    Logain was healed back to his old strength in Salidar, because his gentling was healed by a woman.  Siuan and Leane are healed of their stilling by Nynaeve, but because that's a woman healing another woman, they are much weaker in the One Power after their healing.


  6. Decided I should see it in the cinema, so skived off work on a weekday to see an afternoon show.  Since the plot has already been spoiled for me, perhaps the film didn't have the same impact for me/on me as it did for others.

    Safin's inexplicable motivation for his plan for worldwide killings was a huge plot hole for me, and I didn't think Malik was particularly good as Safin in any case.  Whenever I see him on screen in anything, it just looks like Freddy Mercury.  It was good to see Daniel Craig be able to expand his range of emotion in a Bond movie, rather than just be a cold-hearted bastard (as Vesper described him in CR).

    All the necessary elements for a classic Bond film were there, but they didn't seem to stack up to so that the whole was greater than their sum.

  7. For those in the US who are unaware, the latest series of GBBO should be available on Netflix on the Friday after the airing of it in the UK on a Tuesday night - so the same week, but three days later.

    As usual, not doing too well on my predictions for who will do well.  Based on review of all the contestants' postings on Instagram, I touted Tom and Jarzinho to go pretty far in the competition.  Eliminated in the first two weeks were - Tom and Jarzinho.

  8. My wish would be for Melisandre, in conjunction with Thoros maybe, ending LSH story. 

    Beric seems to have given his life to resurrect LSH.  If the books follow the TV show, we will see Melisandre using the Red God's power to resurrect YouKnowWho, so there would be nice symmetry in seeing Rh'llor's followers also tidying up the results of a previous use of those same powers.



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