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  1. These scenes between Tyrion and Dany just go to show how petite she is.
  2. Given that we saw Dorne in the opening titles, I wonder if that is where Melisandre is going.
  3. Some nice camera work during the battle with the horse charge. For fuck's sake Rickon, do you not know to weave about while running? NO Ghost. What a complete joke. And instant travel between Westeros and Meerreen.
  4. I am taking a small break from reading Children at the moment. For the third time, the plot has been advanced by some of the central characters getting into a new situation/confrontation, only to the same main character kill someone. It's a teensy bit repetitive. Apart from that, the quality of the writing is GGK at his best, and it's always fun to read his books and identify all the historical comparative events.
  5. This got rather brutal all of a sudden.....
  6. Army incoming from the Vale I suspect, or else the Wulls, Flints, etc about to appear.
  7. Yara+Theon = Victorian in TV land.
  8. 60% marks for the Blackfish vs Jaime convo. Not as good or as long as the books.
  9. Please get the Blackfish vs Jaime confrontation right.
  10. Not very wintery in the Riverlands.
  11. Please let Margary be play-acting. Because this pious shit is tedious.
  12. Just Aeron having visions and such from drinking shade of the evening IMO.
  13. Looking at Wikipedia, I see that there was only one Aeron chapter removed from aDwD. Here is the post from GRRM's blog - http://grrm.livejournal.com/169899.html So it may indeed be the last we see of Aeron, alive at least.
  14. I vaguely remember a comment by GRRM about there being two chapters of Aeron moved out of aDwD - if correct, it may be that there is only one more Aeron chapter (covering a naval battle?) before we see the last of him.
  15. There is still Aurane Waters' fleet (albeit small) and Salvador Saan (minimal) that could inflict damage on any Ironborn fleet that is heading for King's Landing. And the Manderely ships hidden upriver, as reported in a Davos' chapter. Plus whatever naval strength ends up coming to Westerns from Essos after events in Slaver's Bay. I wonder if GRRM is not tying himself up into a naval equivalent of the Meereenese Knot - multiple fleets whose movements and timings have to be synched up correctly.
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