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  1. I would love Barristan to continue as a PoV character. However, we know that GRRM brought him in to cut through the Meereenese knot, providing a narrative viewpoint in Meereen while Dany is out of the city. Based on this, he has to be seen as a superfluous PoV when the other PoV characters start coming together in the last books in the series.
  2. Tirion was the Elven city in Valinor. Lorien was originally a garden in Valinor. I think you are conflating several different things.
  3. Sounds like The Star King, which is the first in the Demon Princes series by Jack V.
  4. Rereading Mary Gentle's 'Golden Witchbreed' this weekend, and one of the Desert Cities on Orthe is Quarth. The plot never goes there though, so it's impossible (and unlikely) that there are any similarities between that and Qarth in aSoIaF. The name itself though is almost identical.
  5. Goddamn I had to force myself to watch that. Glad I did. Goodbye Robb, Catelyn. Arya and the Hound together were great.
  6. Dragons guarding their hoard stretch way back in mythology before The Hobbit.
  7. Gendry will probably take up the role of Edric Storm in the books - leeched of his blood by Melisandre to use, but spirited away by men at the orders of Davos. Rather than being whisked off to the Free Cities, he could be returned to the BwB.
  8. Was that supposed to be Bran hearing his father's voice through a weirwood grove? Or just regular dreamery? Bran's voice appears to have broken in a major way since the start of season 1. Finally thought that Alife Allen got to do some decent acting.
  9. Remember the mnemonic from school "I before E, except after C, and especially in the name of famous authors".
  10. This is not really an homage or reference that GRRM has made, since House Garner is not a noble house that appears in the main books,
  11. I see. Meanwhile, in the books the remainder of us read, Quentyn is dead.
  12. How do you envision this coming about? Quentyn being revived by Moqorro?
  13. There is a ton of factors that could have influenced this - when Barristan left Westeros, how and where and from whom he learned about Balon's death, and how much news was coming out of the North as the situation deteriorated. It could well be a question worth asking GRRM at a future con, since if it is a glaring inconsistency, he can always revise it before the book is finished.
  14. ISTR at the end of aDwD that Barristan thinks that Red Lamb and the two others are furthest along in their training, and worries about whether he should knight them before he confronts Hizdahr or not. I am not sure that they have in fact yet been knighted.
  15. There was an earlier use of "Icemark" in an old ('80s) computer game "Lords of Midnight" and its succssor "Doomdark's Revenge". But there is no way to tell if the name is an homage by GRRM or simply a coincidence.
  16. It has, but this is the first time that we have had the additional information reported concerning Brienne and Pod. Thanks to Hmadkour for posting.
  17. Overall, another poor adaptation to finish a season of poor adaptation. Out goes so much of the memorable stuff that makes the books so enjoyable (House of the Undying, fall of Winterfell) for pale imitations that lack the power of the original.
  18. This was definitely a step up from the prior episodes, either because it didn't include huge chunks of stuff that wasn't in the books, or else because GRRM was more involved in it. Even so, it was a shame that the Sandor and Sansa scene was so curtailed. Favorite lines of the episode Varys - I am not entirely sure what you mean. Tyrion - I am entirely sure you are entirely sure what I mean.
  19. More flattening of the plot to give the producers more screen-time for what they want to show, which in this episode was Robb/Talisa. So we lose quintessential plot elements like weasel soup and Jaquen changing his face for romance. The one bright spot for me was the brief scene with Brienne and Jaime. Osha being seen in broad daylight, and Luwin talking to her? Yet more watering down of the great writing in the books to provide TV-esque plottery for the general public. I should have put money on Ros being the Whore That Fulfils All Plot Points That Require A Whore.
  20. This is what I assumed happened. When Bran and Co were talking about the farm earlier in the episode, they explicitly said something about "if we go there, the occupants could be questioned if Theon follows us".
  21. Yowsa, I just contributed and then looked at the accumulator. EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE PASSED THE TARGET, if you want to contribute, then please do! Costs are only going to go one way in the future.
  22. Just - not good. Way too many changes being made to the storyline as the writers/producers try to balance out screen-time for all characters, and give all of them something to do, while at the same time shoe-horning everything into ten episodes. The first thing that came to mind in the Qarth murder scene was - "they have pre-empted the Red Wedding", swiflty followed by "they have jumped the shark". XXD as king of Qarth, working with Pyat Pree? No thank you. There was nothing wrong with how Qarth situation was pictured in the books, and handled by good directors and writers it could have been transferred to the screen without such drastic changes. Tywin and Arya were a good screen couple the first couple of times on-screen, but it's getting repetitive, and is making Tywin less of an impressive character. Jon and Ygritte wandering all over the place for the sake of some nice scenery and endless childish sex talk. Meaningless filler. And Ghost has conveniently disappeared. I have more or less given up on this season. Blackwater may be good, and Bran and Rickon leaving Winterfell. Otherwise, all I can hope is that the adaptation of SoS benefits from being split over twenty episodes.
  23. In the show I watched last night, Xaro said that Pyat Pree is "on of the Thirteen", this being the collective term for the rulers of Qarth. In the book I read, Pyat Pree and the warlocks are completely separate from The Thirteen, who are described in terms that indicate they are one of three merchant guilds/cartels that compete against one another in Qarth. Like I said, an unnecessary change.
  24. I always pictured it as a smooth one-piece mask, kind of like a Japanese medieval theater mask. The And Pyat Pree - one of "the Thirteen"?? It's the unnecessary changes that are made for the TV series that are perhaps the most frustrating.
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