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  1. If you look at the timeline, Marwyn left very very late - half a year after Victorian, 3/4 year after Tyrion. So after Victorian's been in Slaver's Bay for half a year, that's about when Marwyn will show up (if his ship survives.)
  2. Some suggestions for 'answered' prophecies: Mirri Maz Duhr's prophecy: This is possibly coming true. Sun rises in west and sets in the east - Quentyn Seas go dry - Dothraki sea is drying up (last Dany chapter.) Mountains blow in the wind like leaves - Pyramid of Hazkar collapsed into a smoking ruin. Or, possibly, something with Gregor (don't think that's as likely; needs some sort of connection to Dany.) Womb quickens again - it's semi-implied that the berries Dany ate in her last chapter are an abortifacient, and she miscarried as a result (can't remember having her period in ages.) Azor Ahai prophecy (said by Melisandre) Possibly: Red star bleeds - the sigil of Patrek of King's Mountain Darkness gathers - it's in the Night's Watch oath. Smoke - from Jon's wound in the cold Salt - Bowen Marsh's tears. Caveat: The character's name and sigil comes from a sports bet of Martin, so it might just be a huge coincidence. Quaithe's prophecy This might be a bit crackpot, but I don't like that mummer's dragon = Aegon, because he has absolutely no relation to Quentyn (sun's son) at all. The two don't even know that each other exist, really. Instead, it might be that Quentyn is also the mummer's dragon, as he tries to claim dragons through his Targaryen blood, and fails for it.
  3. Patchface had some (possible) prophecies in ADWD, though I can't really find them now. Also, Melisandre thought Patchface was dangerous (another prophecy of sorts.)
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