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  1. Ser Wun Wun

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I was thinking along the lines of some sort of dragon lore that only members of House Targ would know, not just general history. Or perhaps he knew something about the Maesters that Sam should know. I don't feel especially strongly about it being him though, or any other character really. I don't see how any current dead characters could paint George into a corner like he says he's in. Every character I think of seems replaceable with regards to any info they might of shared and whatever action they might of performed if they were still alive.
  2. Ser Wun Wun

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I guess this thread is as good as any to post this in. Apparently George told Diana Gabaldon that he wrote himself into a corner with Winds because he killed a character that he now needs alive: Source My guess would be Aemon. Kevan Lannister, Pycelle, and Beric also seem like good candidates.
  3. Ser Wun Wun

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    A bunch of photos of actors in Seville: Link The Kindly Man and the Waif are there... D&D are clearly trolling. The Kindly Man returning for S8 I could buy into, but the Waif? Absolutely no fucking way. They gave the game away bringing her along. EDIT: Sweet Robin is there too according to the source of the pics (although I haven't seen a pic of him yet). I really hope he returns for S8 for real, but with this obvious decoy use, who knows.
  4. Ser Wun Wun

    Is Dany going to sack more cities?

    Dany Khan uniting the Khalasars and unleashing them on Essos is inevitable. I don't really want to read a book dedicated heavily to that story line, but it's obvious that is where Martin is headed with it. I'm guessing her path will be Vaes Dothrak, then back to Meereen with her new Khalasar just in time to take out/take over the Volantis fleet, then it's on to Volantis itself, then onto Pentos, and finally crossing the Narrow Sea. Volantis for sure is gonna get got. Tyrion speculated on how he would take it with a khalasar in Dance, so maybe he will offer up the strategy that Dany uses to take it. The Imp's gotta Demonstrate Value. That's the first part of his foolproof system to win Dany over.
  5. Ser Wun Wun

    Who will get to rule Dorne and the Reach in the end?

    I could see Sam getting the Reach. I will be genuinely shocked if they dedicate even a single line of dialogue to the political situation in Dorne.
  6. Ser Wun Wun

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Just last year George said in reply to someone on his blog that he 'does not have writer's block, what he has is too much to do, an entirely different problem.' The "time management" issue is not something people are projecting onto him without basis, it's the narrative George himself puts out there. We've all heard his 'not enough hours in the day, days in the week' refrain and his various other iterations of that same sentiment. I can remember him complaining about being stretched thin back in 2011 when I first read the books, and all these years later he still complains about it. His own words open up the narrative that Winds is a struggle because of distracting side projects. He's made efforts to forgo commitments for the sake of Winds, I know, but it obviously hasn't been enough, or he wouldn't still be moping about how he wishes there were more of him. No writing commitments, yes, but now he's got more editing/producer commitments than ever before. Fewer con commitments, yes, but he still travels just as much, only via unannounced trips to LA and NY (he's been in the 2-3 months of travel a year range for over a decade, 2017 was no exception, and 2018 doesn't look like it will be either). Every time he backs off in one area, he just beefs up in another. As to the prevalence of side projects like WC throughout his career...you and Mormont seem to be pushing the idea that he has always had a lot of side projects, even when he was writing the books faster, but one look at his bibliography proves that's not true. He started writing Ice and Fire in earnest around late 1993-early 1994 after he finished with Doors. The only side projects he did between 1994-2000 were 2 WC and 1 D&E book. 2000-2005 he did was 2 WC, 1 D&E, and 2 career collections. 2006-2011 things started ramping up: 5 WC, 4 works with Gardner, 2 show scripts (heavy involvement with the show in general back then), and 1 D&E. 2012-now...I won't even bother listing it all it's so numerous. And almost a dozen things are currently in the pipe, so they aren't even on the bibliography yet. Individually, any one of these recent editing/producer commitments can be spun as having a negligible affect on his time, but the volume of them clearly adds up, hence his comments on his blog. The distribution of side projects throughout the years has not been even. Predictably, it has escalated in correlation with his rising fame. Whether or not this trend has contributed/led to his problems with Dance and Winds,,,,his own words open up that can of worms. Then there is just the common sense of it all. Of course it has.
  7. Ser Wun Wun

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Look back at some of the online responses to his Feb statement that F&B would be out before WInds...some people were insisting 2018 was still in play, and his statement didn't mean anything. So yes, some people still had hope in their heart. I'm delighted to see GRRM murder it. It's my fave entertainment in lieu of a new book from him, actually. That fake history nonsense cannot compare. The online response to this "bombshell" should keep me entertained for days.
  8. Ser Wun Wun

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    George gave a Winds update on his blog. Link No Winds in 2018.
  9. Cersei's not going anywhere. Once you clue in on GRRM's pattern with her (and every character really, but especially her), it becomes pretty obvious.. Basically: Every time things start looking down for Cersei and fans get hopeful she'll get got, GRRM reverses course to fuck with reader's expectations. Ned about to seize control of KL from her? The tables turned in her favor. Stannis about to sack KL and destroy her? The tables turned in her favor. Joff dies and Tywin wants to ship her off to marry a Greyjoy? The tables turned and she was suddenly running the whole show. The sparrows/Tyrell's about to ruin her....yeah, no. The evil bitch isn't going anywhere. The moment when you should get your hopes up regarding Cersei's downfall will be when everything looks like it's turning up Cersei, because the inverse of the above pattern is also true. When things start working out for her and readers are getting frustrated with it, that's when George brings her low to everyone's massive delight. The Starks are dead and Joff is looking secure on the throne? Joff dies in her arms. Cersei thinks she's outmaneuvered everyone and taken out the Tyrell's? She wound up shaved and shamed in a cell. After besting the sparrows/Tyrell's and Cersei starts thinking she's hot shit again...her children will promptly die. That's what the pattern points to.
  10. Ser Wun Wun

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    He's not an employee. He's some guy who had been providing photos of this set from a distance for over a week (like a couple others on twitter), but on this day the crew wasn't working, so he risked sneaking on. It doesn't look like there was any security on set to guard these props during an off day. He also claims to know 2 plot spoilers: 1, Jaime dies in Brienne's arms, and 2, Melisandre fights the NK and holds her own (somehow 'turning the dead against him', whatever that means), but doesn't manage to kill him.
  11. Ser Wun Wun

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Bunch of leaked pics from the set: Link I think the yellow shields could be Golden Company, so Euron/Cersei might send their forces North to betray, only to get destroyed by the NK too. But then again, I don't recognize some of the other shields as well, so it could just be some random Northern houses thrown into the mix like House Mazin in S6.
  12. Ser Wun Wun

    GRRM's cryptic location blog post

    Fire and Blood just got a date estimate (and a cover for the German version): Link Early October (not finalized). So, I'm guessing George is in NY finishing F&B with his publishers. That's what the location mystery is about imo.
  13. Ser Wun Wun

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Editing: F&B1, and Wild Cards (of course) TV: 5 GOT successor shows, whatever he's doing to get the Wild Cards show(s) off the ground, that "Who Fears Death?" show, and whatever unnamed projects he's involved in that he hasn't named yet. Writing: Whatever is left of F&B1..and I'm sure Winds factors in there somewhere. Ever since he started turning off comments on most posts back in July, he hasn't blogged very much. Only 6 posts in all of Feb. So it's not like it was eating up a lot of his time. I don't think he's really gonna "step back" for very long either...no freakin way he manages to go even a month without making posts about Hugo's and Wild Cards. Especially not with Hugo nominations in full swing right now.
  14. Ser Wun Wun

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Eh? Even without the semicolon his comment still clearly states Volume 1 of FB will be out before Winds. He was asked if FB would come out before or after Winds, and he responded "Vol 1 before, vol 2 after". How does that not definitively settle the issue of which is coming out first? As to Winds in 2018...unless you are expecting FB1's release window to get moved up sooner than that late 2018 window he gave in July, or for there to be a near simultaneous release of Winds and FB1 (within 1-2 months), then 2018 is out. The former is definitely not happening, and as to the latter...that's about as 'pie in the sky' as it gets, but if such hope gets you through the long night, good luck to you.
  15. Ser Wun Wun

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Divica summed it up: George was once in 'this year, maybe' mode, and now he's in a 'this year? not happening' stance. How likely do you think it is that George has finally figured this whole "estimating" thing out and is now able to accurately predict that 9-12 months is exactly what he needs to get it out soon after F&B comes out? The man's got almost 20 years of bad estimates under his belt, so I would not hold my breath on him suddenly figuring out how to do it, personally...but I wish good fortune to the optimists who convince themselves of it. Stay gold, you lot, really...stay gold.