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  1. Yeah. It was just there, got nothing out of it. Glad everyone else seems to have enjoyed it, though! Queued it up for a rerun just in case…
  2. Wow. Terrible episode. I had low expectations for the fighting but it turned out OK. The episode just did not engage me in any way.
  3. Late to the conversation…loved the episode, with one caveat: I'm quite worried about Jaqen talking about the Red God. I'm not sure how they're going to handle Arya later in that case.
  4. Aha, good, thanks for the clarification! I did indeed miss that part - or maybe my preconceptions intentionally blocked it out :)
  5. Returning to Craster for a moment, I think the thing that bothers me is that in the series, there's no explanation for why Mormont lets him get away with it (or then I missed it). In the books he's at least supplying some information, and offering a semi-friendly forward operating base for the rangers. In the series, though, he doesn't really have any actionable intel, and seems to mainly let them come around because there's a lot of them, with swords.
  6. I think the problem is exactly that we're not getting much from Sansa. I distinctly thought her pretty bratty all throughout GoT and a bit into ACOK, too, but those aspects didn't really come to the forefront in the show. So I think this - in addition to showing the frustration she has - is maybe helpful to contrast the transition in her later on.
  7. I think “rainbow guard” would have been in the *groan* territory given Renly's sexuality is made obvious in the series (regardless of whether that was the original intent/hint). So, I chalk it as a good change. Edit: I have to say, the number of people who are opposed to introducing a little more moral greyness into characters is…surprisingly high, given this is ASOIAF. I get the adherence to books thing, but I think the little changes mostly make them a little more realistic (especially given we're missing out on a lot of internal monologue).
  8. Seems I'm in the minority, but I quite like Renly in the show. For me, the book Renly was…forgettable. I also like that Theon is a bit less extreme. Yara's just not doing it for me, she projects neither the charisma nor the strength that I think is needed. Edit: I think Shae's main fault in the show is that we've not been shown any reason why Tyrion keeps her around recently. In the books she was, by and large, quite attentive and good company excepting that one time when she was demanding jewelry or something. Edit2: Also, extremely glad they're cutting down on Arya's wanderings. As much as I like her, it took a looooong time for her to get anywhere, most of it pointless.
  9. I liked it, and also the show of weakness hidden from view. Brings a little more realism in the character for the screen: for me, Stannis in the books is just barely on this side of absurd. Even the most iron-willed have a button, if you can find it…
  10. I'm sure Jon's not dead! He probably warged. Wait…
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