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    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    When you look at the text as a whole, and look at the literary constructs themselves as a text that can be read, or analyzed you have two emerging patterns: The actual story and characters themselves highlighting: "no matter how bad the human, the real threat lies to the north." this shown by the fact that as readers we know the issue in the north is the real deal and the other battles are petty. when viewing the Eurons arch specifically in tandem with the progression of bad guys you see: for Euron, the squabble/prize gets bigger: the seastone chair -> the iron throne-> the world. meanwhile throughout the whole of the text the bad guys keep getting worse: joffrey -> roose-> ramsay -> Euron, and yet the problem beyond the wall is still the most threatening. its not too far fetched that George worked these trajectories in tandem to highlight one of his major points. Meaning that within the whole structure of the book, the literary devices themselves could be read as a way of saying that as winter gets closer, the bad guys get more one dimensional as a way metaphorically pointing out that they are not important.
  2. i still cant wrap my head around everyone saying either "asha is supposed to be hot" and "asha is not hot because she has a giant nose"...last I checked penelope cruz has a humdinger of a nose and yet she's made peoples sexiest people list over and over. Asha is supposed to be SEXY that doesnt mean attractive or beautiful, it means that there is something about the person that drives people wild. and Yara would have troubles instilling lust in a blind fishmonger. asha is tough, proud, a little haughty, a little dirty, and a lot sassy. they don't call her a minx for nothing. Yara is tough yes, but she slouches, instead of standing tall with pride, she seems ferrity rather than minxy, she's only dirty in the fact that she needs a bath, and she appears to be too much of Balon's lickspittle to be any kind of sassy. the only conclusion I can draw from these differences is one simple fact: TV Yara is not the same character as book Asha, in form or in deed. I wouldnt be surprised if the writers went with this more ferril version of her character because it makes theons character more sympathetic. yara just seems like a schoolyard bully, which in turn makes us feel that theon is more noble. and therefore his "turncloak behavior" more tragic. i wouldnt be surprised if the HBO writers are leaving room to alter her story arc quite a bit, I mean she needed the charisma to pull off readers believing in a possibility of her becoming queen, but since she looses the moot its not that big of a deal. so perhaps for the sake of brevity (if they ever hit later episodes) it wouldnt really surprise me for them to cut/condense the moot entirely and just have crows eye show up and take the crown.