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  1. So that this doesn't become an edit war, just giving my reasoning on my preference for Brandon Stark's artwork by Chillyravenart to be his portrait rather than the piece by Mike Hallstein. While Hallstein's artwork is excellent quallity, Brandon died when he was only 20 years old, and that artwork (which again, is very good), looks nearly as old as his father (also by Hallstein, only major difference being slightly greyer hair and deeper forehead wrinkles). In my opinion, Chillyravenart's work (of which there are many quality examples of on the wiki) also brings across much more of Brandon's personality, a free spirit who loved horseback riding, and not merely a angry fantasy warrior with a sword. But if that isn't suitable enough reasoning, I'm sure I could find another piece that might be preferred.
  2. @Ran This may be related to the possible PHP errors mentioned upthread, but some articles are refusing to be added to new categories. Found a possible solution here, which suggests to run the rebuildall.php maintenance script. Another support thread suggested there may be an error in one of the extensions. preventing the article from being added to the category database, and said additional error logs would help to track such issues,. Though probably the simpler solution ought to be tested first...
  3. @Nittanian, yep, or even better, like this to get the benefits of the quote citation part of the template. But the div fix is handling exception errors like that for conversations, so it won't look messy anymore, so no big rush.
  4. Thanks so much! I noticed a tiny error though -- there's a lost semicolon after that div { text-align: left !important; }; that was in the mobile.css before, which needs to be removed. Also, because of that !important (I'm not sure why it's there but I assume it's important ) there needs to be a tiny change to one line: div.templatequotetext { margin:0 3em 0 2.5em; text-align:justify !important; font-style:italic; } Again, thank you.
  5. Yep, up to four. If you like, it might be possible to even do six (three lines coming out of each side), though that might look a little crowded, and the name box would probably end up taller than usual. Regarding notes, sure that's possible, with no CSS or anything, just regular wiki coding. It's the same as when we add the ref tag in a family tree, you can add the {{references}} section at the bottom while still in the included part of the template. But instead of adding ==Notes== to set it off, you'd just do '''Notes:''' or something with a table format like in that wikipedia tree you linked. And to make sure it stays separate from the other references or notes on the page that the tree might be transcluded into, you'd do <ref group="T">note</ref> and {{references|group="T"}} or something like that. You can see an example of how it could look at the top of my sandbox. Though I'm not sure what would happen if two separate family trees with notes were included on the same page (like for ancestors and descendants), it might duplicate the notes from each tree? But I think they're rare enough that that wouldn't happen. But if you do want to do fun things with CSS and family trees, it would be really easy to put a border around a family tree (and its notes), like in that wikipedia example, or set it off with a different color background, add that v*t*e and hide, anything you like...
  6. That is a weird error, somehow the extra breaks in those conversational quotes are killing the paragraph tags. Well, the real fix is to remove the line breaks and just use <br> tags alone (so that the wikitext looks like text<br>text), which we should be doing as we adjust the sources for all the quotes anyway. But since that will take a while to find them all, I've set a div to contain the text to handle those exceptions. It'll need a small CSS change, though. @Ran, if you can, could you adjust that common.css again? blockquote.templatequote { display:table; margin:1em 0; padding:0; position:relative; } blockquote.templatequote:before, blockquote.templatequote:after { position:absolute; top:0; height:1em; color:#DDDDDD; font:normal bold 3.5em 'Times New Roman',Times,serif; line-height:0.75em; } blockquote.templatequote:before { left:0; content:open-quote; } blockquote.templatequote:after { right:0; content:close-quote; } blockquote.templatequote p { margin:0; } blockquote.templatequote p i { font-style:normal; } div.templatequotetext { margin:0 3em 0 2.5em; text-align:justify; font-style:italic; } div.templatequotecite { text-align:left; margin:0.5em 2.5em; } div.templatequotecite cite { font-style:normal; } Also I think that may need to be added to mobile.css too -- I thought common.css was enough, but apparently not, and the quotes in mobile do look pretty good, but not the same.
  7. Looks great, thanks so much! The family tree template may also need a CSS update, and also for the template change itself (as it's locked to admins I think), but I'd like to get some feedback on it before that. And that looks awesome. So cool, even better than I imagined, thank you! That's the one major useful gadget I know of, but maybe people with experience with other wikis might know of others?
  8. That would be excellent. A question though: would it be possible to add the very neat Reference Tooltips gadget? It causes the reference info to appear in a little box when you hover over a reference footnote. I've found it very helpful on wikipedia and think it would be great on this wiki. The info on the Gadgets extension says it comes with v1.18 and above, and the wiki's at 1.24, so I don't think you need to upgrade the software for this. (Unless that extension wasn't installed when you last upgraded, but it doesn't seem too hard to add.) Anyway, hopefully it's feasible whenever you have a chance -- if you do have Gadgets set up, you'd just need to follow the instructions here.
  9. Got some test templates going, here at Template:Quotetest and Template:Familytreetest. You can see them in action here. They look good in all browsers from what I can see -- the 3rd marriage family tree lines are a little bit off in mobile, but family trees in general are glitchy in mobile, so it's not so bad. Any comments, questions, objections? For the quote template to work best (especially in mobile), some CSS needs to be added to common.css if possible, @Ran? blockquote.templatequote { display:table; margin:1em 0; padding:0; position:relative; } blockquote.templatequote:before, blockquote.templatequote:after { position:absolute; top:0; height:1em; color:#DDDDDD; font:normal bold 3.5em 'Times New Roman',Times,serif; line-height:0.75em; } blockquote.templatequote:before { left:0; content:open-quote; } blockquote.templatequote:after { right:0; content:close-quote; } blockquote.templatequote p { display:block; margin:0 3em 0 2.5em; text-align:justify; font-style:italic; } blockquote.templatequote p i { font-style:normal; } div.templatequotecite { text-align:left; margin:0.5em 2.5em; } div.templatequotecite cite { font-style:normal; } @Rhaenys_Targaryen: What do you in particular think of the 3rd marriage lines? Look good to you, or not quite what you were hoping for? I can also add dashed line variants... running short of letters to use as codes, but if I re-purpose the "misc" ones that nobody uses, I should be good.
  10. Thanks! I'll try working on an update for the quote template, do some sandboxing this weekend. I also have an idea for how to fix the third marriage problems in some family trees, though that one will need to be very carefully handled...
  11. I've wondered this before, but why does the wiki not use standard quote format, with the citation included within the template, so that it renders indented with an em-dash? (See the example here.) It allows for clearer and prettier formatting, takes up less space, has a better association between quote and citation (both visually and in the code), and looks nicer in mobile format as well. (See sample pictures.) If the float-right in the existing template is the issue, that could certainly be changed, to an indent or the like. I know there'd be a lot of quotes to change, but honestly I think it would be worth it. (The quote template in general could be done better with more modern and accessible html, <blockquote> and <cite> tags and CSS rather than tables, but one step at a time, I imagine.)
  12. There's a div with an inline style of text-align: center containing all the content. Not sure why, it may be default to the mediawiki mobile skin. To fix, you need to use this code in the mobile CSS: div { text-align: left !important; } The !important is important. Also, setting it to apply to div and not body will let the things that are supposed to be centered -- images, text in the table cells of family trees, etc -- stay centered.
  13. Are we free to add more errata if we're aware of them? For example, in AGOT, Gared (who has spent 40 years in the Night's Watch) says he's seen two winters, the previous one and the one before that, when he was "half a boy"; whereas Tyrion says he's seen "eight or nine" winters even though he's 25 years old and there's just been a 9-year summer -- so neither man's statement can possibly be correct. (Even though nobody they're talking to contradicts them.) Or would that fall under the unreliable narrator rule?
  14. Thank you. I've deleted those family tree images off the wiki -- which seems to have deleted the source files as well, I think, as there's a 404 when you go to the direct links now. But as a courtesy to the user who uploaded them (since I didn't know if he retained his own copies) I've made copies on a free image hosting site and put those on his userpage. That should hopefully resolve things there.
  15. There's a non-canon Baratheon family tree hosted on the wiki that got picked up by some clickbait "news" sites recently. After a bit I figured out that it and some others are from this userpage. What's the wiki's policy on hosting images that are techically someone's fanfic? Especially when it has such an official-looking name as "BaratheonTree.jpg". Personally I think they should be deleted (and if the user still wants to keep them on his page he can host them on imgur.com or something). But what do others think?
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