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  1. @Ran Again, sorry to bug you, but I can't edit or login "due to a loss of session data" / "a problem with your login session", so I'm pretty sure that session cache is full again.
  2. "Lord Stokeworth" is just what his men are calling him (for 18 years now ) rather than any sort of official recognition (like in the appendixes), so yeah, I wouldn't put it in the infobox as his title, but it is there as one of his aliases. As for "Ser", personally, I'm like, if we're including his chain-and-green-flames sigil in the infobox (and we are, as well as the Stokeworth sigil), then avoiding the title "Ser Bronn of the Blackwater" makes no sense. It would be interesting if we could set up some sort of spoiler-level classes to apply to various text sections in the editor, and create a setting that would let people select their chosen spoiler level in their wiki settings that would display them or not. (Like in the WOIAF app and how another ASOIAF fan site used to do it.) However, the people who would want to hide spoilers are unlikely to have a wiki account, and those who have an account are unlikely to want to hide spoilers, so it would undoubtedly be a lot of work for very little useful purpose. Ah well. BTW, sorry to bug you on this again, but it looks like that session cache is full again, I'm unable to edit or to upload. edit: I can edit and upload, but I can't add external links because the CAPTCHA doesn't work (even very simple math, sigh), and I can't login in a different browser, so there's definitely still some sort of issue.
  3. That's something to do with a wiki session cache, I had a similar problem here. And I've run into the edit problem a few times since, though waiting a few hours relieves the issue (as long as I don't sign out). The wiki may not be clearing the cache often enough?
  4. I fixed the error with the Criston Cole image, so that's ok. I don't see any issues with italics, and I don't see any recent changes to the CSS, but perhaps it's my browser? If you could post a screencap of what you're seeing, I'll try and track the problem down.
  5. I think it has something to do with @Abjiklam recently changing the default image size for the infobox? Not sure why that was changed (especially considering that so many pages have images set to sizes to match the previous default image size). I'll change it back for the moment to see if it helps.
  6. @Ran, seems like there's something wrong with authentication? Was in the middle of editing an article, and when I hit save, I got this: I did log out and log back in, and continued editing. The other article I was working on had an external link, so it gave me the captcha, but on save, brought the captcha up again as if I had done the math wrong. (I did not.) Several repeats with the same result, so I tried logging out and back in again. This time it didn't let me back in. The message there: Same issue with login on other browsers (which I've never used for the wiki), so I know it's not just Firefox or my cookies there. Not sure what the issue is, hopefully it can be fixed soon?
  7. All right, since this has become a very silly edit war- @direpupy, what, exactly, is your issue with Riotarttherite's portrait of Valarr Targaryen? You state he looks "like a child", but he looks no younger than the artist's other portraits of Matarys or Kiera of Tyrosh, or indeed no younger than any of the other adult Targaryen portraits the artist has been doing in this style and that are being used as the default for many wiki articles. If you look at the artist's full portrait of Daeron II's family, you can see Valarr is most definitely an adult, and while the style of this painting is not quite the same, Valarr in particular is nearly identical to his individual portrait. For that matter, Riotarttherite's portrait looks no younger than the artwork of him with Kiera that you left on the page. The portrait doesn't even look any younger than the Mike S. Miller THK graphic novel crop that used to be the main image. Furthermore, Valarr died between the ages of 16 to 27, not even very old? I'm sorry, I truly do not understand the objection to keeping the portrait on Valarr's article, especially now that it is no longer the main image. It keeps consistency with his relatives' articles, and is a very nice style as well.
  8. Hey, so, question regarding art from the D&E comics, F&B, TKo7K, etc. They're official artworks, approved by GRRM (more or less*), but really the wiki doesn't have the rights to upload it without the permission of the publisher, right? I know some of the individual artists who did work for the calendars, for TWOIAF, and for TROTD have given permission, sure. But I'm fairly certain that whoever owns the rights to the D&E comics these days (Marvel? Amazon? Bantam for TMK?) has never said anything, nor has Bantam/Doug Wheatley for F&B. We do have some of these works on the wiki (I've uploaded a few myself ), but I'm really not sure of the legality of it -- especially since the image templates now emphasize the "Images under copyright used without permission" category. Anyway. My question. Given the choice between one of these works of questionable legal status, vs a work where the artist has definitely given permission for it to be used on the wiki, should we not go with the latter? Thanks! *(I once spoke with Mike S. Miller regarding his Tanselle, if she was drawn with GRRM approval re her widow's peak, and he said he just drew her per the book/comics script. THK does not say Tanselle has a widow's peak. Similarly, Gary Gianni's Tanselle has curly hair, which the book doesn't say either. I don't think GRRM is giving approval on every detail all of the time.)
  9. So that this doesn't become an edit war, just giving my reasoning on my preference for Brandon Stark's artwork by Chillyravenart to be his portrait rather than the piece by Mike Hallstein. While Hallstein's artwork is excellent quallity, Brandon died when he was only 20 years old, and that artwork (which again, is very good), looks nearly as old as his father (also by Hallstein, only major difference being slightly greyer hair and deeper forehead wrinkles). In my opinion, Chillyravenart's work (of which there are many quality examples of on the wiki) also brings across much more of Brandon's personality, a free spirit who loved horseback riding, and not merely a angry fantasy warrior with a sword. But if that isn't suitable enough reasoning, I'm sure I could find another piece that might be preferred.
  10. @Ran This may be related to the possible PHP errors mentioned upthread, but some articles are refusing to be added to new categories. Found a possible solution here, which suggests to run the rebuildall.php maintenance script. Another support thread suggested there may be an error in one of the extensions. preventing the article from being added to the category database, and said additional error logs would help to track such issues,. Though probably the simpler solution ought to be tested first...
  11. @Nittanian, yep, or even better, like this to get the benefits of the quote citation part of the template. But the div fix is handling exception errors like that for conversations, so it won't look messy anymore, so no big rush.
  12. Thanks so much! I noticed a tiny error though -- there's a lost semicolon after that div { text-align: left !important; }; that was in the mobile.css before, which needs to be removed. Also, because of that !important (I'm not sure why it's there but I assume it's important ) there needs to be a tiny change to one line: div.templatequotetext { margin:0 3em 0 2.5em; text-align:justify !important; font-style:italic; } Again, thank you.
  13. Yep, up to four. If you like, it might be possible to even do six (three lines coming out of each side), though that might look a little crowded, and the name box would probably end up taller than usual. Regarding notes, sure that's possible, with no CSS or anything, just regular wiki coding. It's the same as when we add the ref tag in a family tree, you can add the {{references}} section at the bottom while still in the included part of the template. But instead of adding ==Notes== to set it off, you'd just do '''Notes:''' or something with a table format like in that wikipedia tree you linked. And to make sure it stays separate from the other references or notes on the page that the tree might be transcluded into, you'd do <ref group="T">note</ref> and {{references|group="T"}} or something like that. You can see an example of how it could look at the top of my sandbox. Though I'm not sure what would happen if two separate family trees with notes were included on the same page (like for ancestors and descendants), it might duplicate the notes from each tree? But I think they're rare enough that that wouldn't happen. But if you do want to do fun things with CSS and family trees, it would be really easy to put a border around a family tree (and its notes), like in that wikipedia example, or set it off with a different color background, add that v*t*e and hide, anything you like...
  14. That is a weird error, somehow the extra breaks in those conversational quotes are killing the paragraph tags. Well, the real fix is to remove the line breaks and just use <br> tags alone (so that the wikitext looks like text<br>text), which we should be doing as we adjust the sources for all the quotes anyway. But since that will take a while to find them all, I've set a div to contain the text to handle those exceptions. It'll need a small CSS change, though. @Ran, if you can, could you adjust that common.css again? blockquote.templatequote { display:table; margin:1em 0; padding:0; position:relative; } blockquote.templatequote:before, blockquote.templatequote:after { position:absolute; top:0; height:1em; color:#DDDDDD; font:normal bold 3.5em 'Times New Roman',Times,serif; line-height:0.75em; } blockquote.templatequote:before { left:0; content:open-quote; } blockquote.templatequote:after { right:0; content:close-quote; } blockquote.templatequote p { margin:0; } blockquote.templatequote p i { font-style:normal; } div.templatequotetext { margin:0 3em 0 2.5em; text-align:justify; font-style:italic; } div.templatequotecite { text-align:left; margin:0.5em 2.5em; } div.templatequotecite cite { font-style:normal; } Also I think that may need to be added to mobile.css too -- I thought common.css was enough, but apparently not, and the quotes in mobile do look pretty good, but not the same.
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