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  1. I only watched the scene beyond the Wall so far (I was hoping we might get to see Mance, but yeah...). Two things: 1. I thought the Other looked ridiculous. That was disappointing. Otherwise, great scene, I especially liked that the crows couldn't get away fast enough and left Sam behind. I always thought the books made too much of an absolute turning point when suddenly all of Jon's friends in the Watch turned into role models. 2. Did I understand correctly that Ygritte was trying to send a message to Qhorin, so to make him understand they were almost there and he better start his little drama attack soon, so Jon could gain a better position among the wildlings? Or what was the reason for her sudden attacking Jon? I thought it was clear from episode 8 that she had looked through Qhorin's fake accusations. What I don't understand: why does she do it? She wouldn't want to lead a spy to their camp knowingly, right?
  2. Something I don't understand (sorry if the question has already been approached): In the scene where Quorin tells Mormont about Mance gathering his people like "deer against the wolves" and that he means to lead them somewhere safe - is he talking about the Others threatening them? Why, exactly, do they fight against the wildlings, then? If they knew the free folk was facing a genocide by zombies and demons, why would anyone (Quorin, Mormont, Jon) consider it totally ok to keep a whole people trapped behind that Wall? I always thought GRRM made it a big turning point in the narrative when Jon learned that the wildlings were not trying to cross the Wall for raiding and plundering, but to escape from the Others. If the Night's Watch knew about this threat all the time, and still made it a point to keep the wildlings from crossing the Wall - isn't that kind of a crime against humanity? I always thought the NW was supposed to not know or not to take the threat of the Others seriously.
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