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  1. Not an unreasonable, nor frankly unlikely, wish. Don't be a stranger my friend. Drop me a line if you're ever back in Experts!
  2. Thanks man! Was a very satisfying season as went from a thoroughly mediocre team in the first half of the year to a pretty good, consistent one the rest of the way. Somehow won 11 of the final 12 weeks and still not entirely sure how. Just a bunch of small incremental moves that paid off along with my drafted guys finding their form. Also fitting to score 141.66 points in the finals in lieu of this: Just goes to show Cobra Kai is very goal oriented. .... Anyway in terms of who gets the 2nd open spot, I'd be in favor of giving it back to Jace, as long as she can login, as she was never Jaxomed.
  3. Impotence does not exist in this dojo, does it? (No, sensei!) Dominance does not exist in this dojo, does it? (No, sensei!) Standing out in any way whatsoever does not exist in this dojo, does it? (No, sensei!)
  4. Every week I give my guys the same pep talk: "let's score somewhere between 120 and 142 so we don't embarrass anyone else or get embarrassed" and then they go out and do just that. Nothing but respect for my team of C students.
  5. I thought I was dead in the water after the Purdy to C-Mac double TD. You pulled ahead and then Purdy threw a pick which rekindled a smidge of hope. You pulled ahead again but Purdy was going to get the ball back with time remaining and he was just reckless enough all night held out a sliver of hope he would bail me out one more time and bam he did not disappoint.
  6. Largely open outside of the 25th and the 27th. Could do the 27th if later.
  7. I have a draft on the 27th so ideally would prefer not to have 2 simultaneous drafts (though did it once last year so at least can be done). For Experts would prefer as late of draft as possible. September 3rd-6th is ideal imo
  8. Oh wow, yeah, that happened in 2019. Looks like you were tied with Week going into the last day and then lost 2 points to fall into second. Genuinely can't believe that happened twice to the same team. But the good news? Those both happened when we were still doing full season leagues. Now that we end in July I'm sure will never happen again.
  9. Been waiting like 5 years for you to make this league. Now that you're here you better bring it
  10. Thanks both! Genuinely shocked I'm the one to end @Week's 6 year reign of terror. Week felt legitimately unbeatable for so long and wouldn't call my baseball knowledge "expansive" at this point. Hadn't seriously contended in a long time, hell hadn't even finished above @Mexal in like a decade (which he helpfully reminds me of yearly). Was 40 points back in mid-May and Week was in the 100s, neither felt particularly unusual. Still not entirely sure how it all turned around. Corbin Carroll becoming godly didn't hurt. But also had my first good year on waivers since *checks notes* ever? Anyway first time I've won a roto league since 2009 when I stole it on the last day of the season from @grozeng. Honestly feels fantastic, both finally winning again and having an opportunity to remind Groz of that fact. A bit sad for it to be over (and a day earlier than I was expecting). Thanks Week for running the league once again and looking forward to next year!
  11. Either 27th or 28th work for me
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