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  1. Jaime L

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2020

    I'd be fine with giving it a try although HLDs is the least sexy stat in baseball. Find it hard to recognize or get excited about my guy getting a HLD. The real answer is Yahoo needs to be better about removing SP eligibility for guys who've clearly become closers.
  2. Jaime L

    MLB 2020: This One’s For Kobe

    It's so fucking stupid. MLB plays a 162 game schedule. Why are they trying to devalue that? If you apply it to last year, the Red Sox, Indians, Mets and Cubs all make the playoffs and there's zero September drama. Every team with a winning record is now in the postseason. And because the Astros and Dodgers ran away with the best record in each league, there's barely any incentive for anyone else as they all know they're stuck in this pseudo WC round. Sure you get home games in the playoffs but how much does that really matter? Since they've added the 2nd WC, MLB arrived at the perfect balance between a still meaningful regular season while providing hope for, and keeping engaged, a good number of fanbases. Be dumb as hell to mess with it. Plus the single elimination do-or-die WC game makes it a clear step down value-wise from winning the division. The only thing I like is the notion of highest seeded playoff team getting to pick its opponent. I think all sports should adopt this. It's not only an additional reward for the higher seed, the animosity and drama it'll create will be off the charts. New rivalries will be fed. It'll be glorious.
  3. Jaime L

    NBA Season 2020 - RIP Mamba

    You coulda had the King of the Fourth back and Jordan McRae but the Clips beat you to it. The Celtics boring emphasis on things like defense and playing as a team are keeping them from some entertaining as hell terrible basketball.
  4. Jaime L

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2020

    I'm in again. I'm ready to end Week's reign of tyranny. Just need to study up and learn who the good players are in baseball that don't play for the Nats. Apparently the Dodgers got this Cookie Betts guy who sounds pretty good. Would prefer sticking with Yahoo out of familiarity/history. @Whiskeyjack @Bronn Stone @grozeng @fuentez1138 @Arch-MaesterPhilip @Mexal @PyroclasticFlow @grozeng
  5. I'd argue the 49ers running game wasn't nearly as dominant as you're describing. It's only averaging 7 ypc largely because of trick plays to Deebo Samuel but that's not the low variance bread-and-butter run out the clock running game you're looking for. Every single 49ers drive after they were up 20-10, they ran on first down. You can make the case they should have kept running on second down each time too, and I'm sure Kyle Shanahan will spend the offseason wondering if the result would've been different had he done so. But too often I see teams failing because they think they can just go predictable run-run-run or run-run-pass with a lead against loaded fronts and end up going 3 and out in the process. Like we know the result was bad, but the question is how much was it a bad process. And ultimately all you can really question play calling wise is those 2 2nd down play calls you're referring to. I don't think calling a pass is indefensible in either case. Maybe suboptimal, but I get the thought process. It's just the baggage from the ATL-NE Super Bowl that makes it feel so much worse.
  6. I like Bill Simmons' theory that Andy Reid passed his curse onto Kyle Shanahan It Follows style yesterday. Andy Reid now gets to go onto the HoF being remembered as the stellar offensive mind he is and a winner instead of the modern day Marty Schottenheimer. The guy seems to be universally beloved and I'm happy for him. But poor Kyle. I thought his role in blowing the 28-3 lead was totally overblown. I like when an OC keeps his foot on the pedal even with a big lead. Too many turtle and blow the lead that way. He just got caught in the path of the whirlwind that night. But now with another double digit lead blown in the 4th quarter of a Super Bowl, it's hard to say it's not a thing. My take is it's more small sample size and going against 2 of the greatest QBs ever than any play Kyle did or did not call. I mean if Jimmy G hits on that deep ball to a streaking, open WR with 1:30 left, 49ers take the lead right back. He's not a worse coach because Jimmy G overthrew it. But I guarantee this is now front and center on his and everyone's mind the next time he coaches a team to the SB. It's something he's going to need to exorcise, just like Andy Reid did. Hope we see it.
  7. I know. I'm worried this is going to go to Tywin's head. And his head's so big already pretty sure he can't wear hats of any kind.
  8. This might be the first time I've ever said this...but I think Tywin is right. Mya Stone is proof of this. I let Jon Snow throw me off but all that proves is Ned is a fucking terrible liar. You ever take a job where in the first day you realize this place is asylum level dysfunctional and you made a disastrous decision? It's kinda like that.
  9. Damn James, you need to spread out the joyful events in your life. Sunday may be a total overload. Seriously though, congrats. That's awesome. Wait, wouldn't his daughters be Stones?
  10. To be clear, I don't remotely buy this argument. There's no one way Kyle Shanahan does things. I brought up Schaub, RG3 and Ryan specifically to illustrate that the way Kyle Shanahan attacks a defense is incredibly flexible and dependent on his offensive personnel at his disposal. He's not married to any one system and he's thoroughly cognizant of what his QB can and cannot do in how he orchestrates the offense which is a big part of his genius. I guarantee you he crafts a very different offense for a big armed, improvisational talent like Mahomes than he would for a sideline to sideline precision passer like Matt Ryan or a raw, athletic marvel who needs a very tightly structured system to keep from overthinking like RG3. You know who it's a lot like tbh? Andy Reid. There are certain offense minds that I'm convinced are only seen as good because they coached an elite talent (Mike McCarthy, Adam Gase), and then you look at guy like Reid who has had great offenses with McNabb, Vick, Smith and Mahomes and it's clear how much he tailors each offense to each QB's skillset. Shanahan has proven to be the same way.
  11. Kyle Shanahan got exceptional, career-best seasons out of Matt Schaub, RG3 and Matt Ryan. I think he'd do ok with Mahomes.
  12. Oh I'm not blaming them for not taking Mahomes. I had zero thoughts on Mahomes coming into that draft and I definitely don't recall ever thinking any team was being foolish by not taking him. Very similar to Aaron Rodgers tbh. Just ruminating on what could've been, knowing what we know now.
  13. Yeah I mean the defense would still be great but would it pop?
  14. I mean that might be. But I'd also say this 49ers team with Mahomes (and without Solomon Thomas) under Kyle Shanahan's coaching would be....holy fuck. And we might've gotten it too if not for this guy:
  15. Just gonna leave this right here.