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  1. I'm going to be up in the mountains most of the day Sunday unfortunately. Weeknights actually work best for me. But if Sunday is the day, I'm fully confident in Auto-Jaime's abilities in a covid draft. It's basically a crapshoot anyway. And I'm also down with hangouts/zoom if we go that route.
  2. Yes, Rondo was amazing in the early 2010s. He was still ascending while the Celtics big 3 were aging out of relevance. I thought he was incredible back in the day. Will never not be disappointing to me that he faded so fast in the years he should've been in his prime. He was going toe to toe against Lebron as the two transcendent stars in that 2012 series. But after then he wasn't the same guy. Had that one season semi-resurgence in New Orleans. But I thought he'd have 5 more years from then as an elite player with his basketball IQ but that didn't happen. The game changed. No team could thrive from that point on with a guard who couldn't shoot. CC: David Kahn. Kawhi was raw as hell. And teams underestimated the extent he was a sponge in terms of picking up concepts and the extent he would work at it until he became great. To a certain extent I get it. But at the same time, he's proven to be freakishly athletic and strong. And teams reach for killer athletes all the time and fail at it. No one but the Spurs saw his intangibles that complimented it. In a sense, he's in the same vein as Pippen and Rodman. And like those guys he must have been a late bloomer. But Pippen and Rodman both went to obsucre juco schools I still couldn't name to this day. Kawhi went to a D-I university. It's almost like because the fact he was in college for 2 years, teams just assumed he sucked and didn't do their due diligence. Again this is the difference between great organizations like the Spurs and everyone else. Regardless, really don't think I shifted goal posts. Saying the Spurs lucked into Kawhi was an offhand comment but in one key sense, still completely believe it. The more I think about it, the more it's insane he fell to #15. The guys who fall in the draft, even the great ones, aren't great athletes. Curry, Nash, Jokic etc. These guys are incredibly skilled but they're not close to Kawhi level athletes. Spurs were so good for so long they were always drafting in the late 20s and never had a shot at the kind of athletes that allowed the Heat and Thunder to briefly surpass them. These were two teams each built on each having 3 top 5 overall picks that became stars that allowed them to dominate less talented teams. But then Kawhi arrives and he's good enough from the start and makes up the athletic gap such that the Spurs superior skills can now overcome the athleticism edge of those teams. That said, that offhand comment short-changed the deliberate actions of the Spurs to go and get him. And that part I agree with you on completely. Only a great organization makes that trade. I think him falling to that point is pure luck. But everything the Spurs did from that point on is absolute skill. Absolutely! But also keep in mind I'm not just giving you shit, I'm giving my team shit. We had that #5 pick that somehow David Kahn fleeced out of the Wiz in a trade for Randy fucking Foye in a misguided attempt at contention in 2010. When you're losing trades to David Kahn, it's time to retire immediately....but Grunfeld carried for a decade after that somehow like Rasputin. And if the Timberwolves had turned that pick into Steph Curry I'd be reading Don't Kill Myself books right now. Instead they took Rubio who was ok and Flynn who was unspeakably terrible and the Wiz were so bad with Randy Foye they won the lottery the next year and had a mini resurgence with Wall and Beal that was briefly entertaining. But there's no clearer evidence that both of our teams are dumb as shit than how that all unfolded. And clearly nothing has changed since then.
  3. No that's not what I'm saying. Milwaukee had a ton of luck with Giannis. Same with Kobe and the Lakers. Kobe is actually the exact same situation as Kawhi in that the Lakers traded a decent starter for him as another poor shmuck team thought a pretty good starter was more valuable than a guy with best in the NBA upside. I'm just saying that I understand the misguided thought process of why teams missed on Giannis and Kobe...I don't with Kawhi. Virtually every successful pick in the NBA draft involves varying degrees of luck. The whole thing is literally built on a lottery. The only exceptions in my mind are like the Draymond Greens of the world. A 2nd rounder tweener who is not some all-world athlete that only the Warriors saw his potential. I only used the phrase "lucked into Kawhi" because of the serendipitous timing of his availability. I can't think of another dynasty that had a second act and he provided them that. Maybe Len Bias would've done the same with the '86 Celtics...of course that luck didn't hold
  4. No, I'm saying players of Kawhi's caliber simply aren't available at the point in the draft the Spurs were able to get him...basically ever. Look at any era in the history of the NBA. Guys who have the natural ability to be the best player in the NBA almost all go in the top 5. Top 3 really. The exceptions always have a specific reason. Yeah Giannis went 15th but that's because teams were trying to judge him based on grainy video footage of him playing in the Greek YMCA. And he grew 3 inches after joining the league. Kobe went #13 but he came up in an era where no one trusted high schoolers yet. But the true elite talents almost always go at the top of the draft, Lebron, Duncan, Shaq, MJ, Durant etc. etc. There's no excuse in Kawhi's case. He played a couple years at a U.S. university. Anyone could've scouted him and come to see the potential the Spurs did. Sure he was raw and sure the Spurs did an amazing job developing him into a stud. But the core fact remains that 99% of the league doesn't have the natural ability to become what Kawhi came. Get out of here, with these weak comparisons of young Kawhi to the Robert Covingtons and Trevor Arizas of the world. Durant and Lebron would've eaten those guys alive in the playoffs 1 on 1. Kawhi even early on was a significantly better defender than either and of course he'd become a once-in-a-generation destroyer of worlds level defender. Why? Because he has elite athleticism, reaction skills and strength. And clearly the type of athleticism that allowed him to become elite offensively too with the proper development. These are not things you can ever realistically hope to find outside the top 5. The fact is by the 2010-2011 seasons the Spurs looked to be done as serious contenders. Miami and OKC, athletically, could both run circles around the aging Spurs. And the Spurs were able to flip all that on its head with one silver bullet pick in the middle of the first round. You couldn't design in a lab a better counter to Lebron and Durant than Kawhi and judging by his personality he very well might've been. Almost every dynasty is done within a decade. The Spurs got to extend theirs 6 more years because of this pick. The Spurs were lucky that a player of Kwahi's caliber entered the league when he did. They were lucky he was the perfect natural fit with their big 3 and filled their two biggest needs at once (athleticism and defense) while taking nothing off the table. They were lucky the rest of the league didn't see it. And were skilled enough as an organization to maximize everything about him and allow Kawhi to become his very best self. It's that confluence of skill and luck that build title teams. Same exact thing happened in Golden State. And not sure the same thing will ever happen with my team, The Wizards, who have had plenty of luck over the years and never the skill to do anything with it.
  5. It's the very fact that he eluded other teams that is the lucky part. 14 separate teams passed on him. 15 if you count Indiana being willing to trade his potential for the sure thing of George Hill. Not saying there's not a massive skill component in recognizing his raw potential and then maximizing it once you got him, but you can't separate out the luck component either. I mean were the Warriors lucky or skilled to end up with an MVP in Steph Curry at #7? It's both, right? They had no control over another team being dumb enough to draft two PGs who weren't Steph Curry ahead of him (cc: @Tywin et al.). And if you look back at 2011 mock drafts they all had Kawhi going higher than 15. The Spurs deserve credit for locking in on their guy and making the rare move into the lottery to go and get him but the magic doesn't happen if other teams aren't drafting the Jimmers or Jan Veselys ( @Jaime L) of the world first.
  6. There was definitely skill involved but I mean more that you're fortunate that anyone with the capability of being the best player in the NBA falls to you at 15. I think they'd be fantastic in the modern game. Their biggest weakness back then was always having to play stiffs at center to counter Ewing, Shaq and Olajuwon. Now you can stick Rodman at the 5 and do your own death lineup of Harper, Jordan, Pippen, Kukoc, Rodman. Jordan's arguably the greatest jump shooter of all time. There's no reason to think he wouldn't become an excellent 3 point shooter if that was more of a focus back then. Pippen gets to be a poor man's Kawhi or rich man's Paul George. Kukoc is an ideal 3 point shooter and playmaker. Main question would be if Harper could make 3's if he came up in this era. Can guarantee he, Jordan and Rodman would still be nearer to their prime in their early 30s if they played now. Yeah their bench would suck but the Warriors had no-one beyond their starting 5 either. You could have Alexis Bledel playing OJ, I'm never gonna find his story more compelling than MJ's.
  7. Dominance is a different discussion than cool but I'm down. IMO the best teams Jordan beat were the '96 Magic, '96 Sonics and '93 Suns. Those were the 3 teams that were still up and coming during the Bulls run. That Magic team especially was the last one to ever beat MJ in a playoff series and they looked like they would become like what the '00-'02 Lakers were and the '96 Bulls swept 'em out of the building so bad they disbanded the next year. This is a running theme where MJ would wreck all challengers and alter careers. It's a little like that Game of Zones sketch with Lebron bored by the trash talk of each of the east contenders from 2012 on. Are we sure Tim Duncan becomes Tim Duncan if he comes up in '92 instead? Lot of those Spurs title teams don't look all that different from the '93 Suns or '97 Jazz. Heck I'm not sure peak Kobe-Shaq overcome the '91-'98 Bulls. Think MJ warped the entire league by not letting anyone any chance taste even a little success. He destroyed all his rivals. That said, I agree the '13 Heat, '14 Spurs, '17 Warriors are still better than anyone Jordan faced. Two manufactured superteams and a third who lucked into another superstar at #15 in Kawhi. The only attempted superteam in the 90s was when two guys that Jordan ruined, Drexler and Barkley teamed up with the only other superstar champion left, Olajuwon, to try to get that elusive title but they were all too old by that point. I will say, before this I would've had the '17 Warriors edging out the '96 Bulls if both existed in the same era under the same rules. Now I think I go the other way. Just thinking about Pippen, Rodman, Jordan and Harper on the defensive end...good luck trying to manufacture a mismatch. And Jordan would score 40 a game with modern spacing, hand check rules and emphasis on 3 pointers. Heck the '92 Bulls also would give anyone this decade a run for their money...
  8. This is most compelling sports doc since what? I can't think of one better. If they want to make it 20 hours I'm on board. Let's do an hour deep dive on every single damn season of his career. Sign me up. MJ is the most magnetic athlete of my lifetime. The guy is effortlessly cool in a way other superstars just aren't. Kobe tried to mirror Jordan but the difference was you could always see the effort and strain just under the surface. Magic's a big dork deep down. Larry Bird looks like Larry Bird. Tim Duncan has two facial expressions. Lebron's probably the closest but he actually lets us in and we see his humanity which both makes him more understandable, more human...but keeps him from feeling like some deity who exists on another plane the way MJ always did. Even getting these 6 hours of MJ behind the scenes doesn't really pierce that illusion. And yet it's undeniable he's a high functioning psychopath. I knew about him wanting to destroy Drexler for deigning to be compared to him and Kukoc because Krause loved him, but Thunder Dan Majerle? That's hilarious. That'd be like Lebron having this primal need to destroy Iggy for having the audacity to cover him in all those finals matchups. And then punching out teammates Will Perdue and Steve Kerr? Steve Kerr is like the nicest dude in America. How does that happen? His malevolence is part of what makes him so interesting. Don't think we're going to see any documentaries about Mike Trout anytime soon. Regardless, every week Jordan is just savaging some contemporary from the 90s and I'm here for it. And love the way he couches his disdain. Drexler was a threat...but c'mon he isn't me. Isiah's the 2nd best PG ever...but he's a PoS. I hope 20 years from now we get a doc where Lebron is just as candid talking about Steph, Durant, Lance Stephenson and JR Smith.
  9. I would love to see the WH provide a counter-explanation that's anywhere near as convincing.
  10. Reggie Miller just punched a wall. That's his dream statline.
  11. On that: Good news players. You'll be risking your health with another game but what's exciting is many of you will be paid less for that game. It's kinda like if you make $20/hour but then your boss makes you work OT, everyone know that for OT you only will make $15/hour. I mean sure it would be great if OT paid more for your additional hardship, but we all know OT always pays less. That's just how it be
  12. This shit infuriates me. Baseball's looking to do the same thing. The NBA regular season is already almost totally irrelevant. It's a feverish race across all the major sports league who can devalue their regular season the most. Had this applied last year the Steelers and Rams would've made the playoffs and there would've been zero drama in December because every halfway decent team would've made the playoffs. The best thing about the NFL is its regular season makes every game matter. If this passes? Not so much. It's a naked money grab except they never seem to realize that if you degrade the product, you do long term damage to interest in your sport.
  13. As a senior Burrow threw for 17 more TDs, had 1,000 more yards passing, had a completion percentage 6% higher, is 4 inches taller and significantly more athletic than Baker. He also did that against SEC defenses vs. Baker and the Big 12. Yes, Baker went #1 overall too but it wasn't remotely clear that would happen until it did. They're just different levels of prospects.
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