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  1. Disappointed there's no mention of my flagarant homerism here as well. If both my teams (Riverrun and the Nats) are going down in flames, I'm going down as the biggest homer alive.
  2. Sorry just seeing this. The 27th is actually a Saturday. For me unfortunately only the 26th-27th don't work. Traveling in CA currently and will be seeing family that weekend. Otherwise can make any other evening in March work.
  3. That is the question. I think winning a league in 2021 will still be the primary means to get into Experts next year. But thinking 2020 championships will be secondary evidence for admittance. Can serve as either a tiebreaker or will get you in if we don't have enough qualified 2021 champions. And really only applies to you as you're the only current non-Expert league member who won a league (and infact won 2).
  4. Congrats Jaxom. Despite this being a league established to exclude you, you are now improbably only the third person to win this league multiple times (outside of WJ and myself). A pretty inspiring story. Kinda like Tiger Woods putting on the green jacket at Augusta. That is if getting cut after the second day of the Masters, people referred to it as getting "Tigered".
  5. Sorry POTN, can't imagine what's worse than running into a 6 TD performance in the first game of the Finals. And on Christmas too smh
  6. I just remember that one as a bloated contract exchange. Wiz had to get rid of Arenas after the whole pulling guns in the lockerroom incident and I guess the Magic were willing to take a chance he'd get back to his old form? Least from the Wizards' side was more about subtraction than addition. And thought everyone involved was gone in a couple years. How do you remember it? What happened to Frisky?
  7. I know, it's hilarious. Just an epic inferiority complex and even as a fan I approach them with the soft bigotry of low expectations. If your kid is a C-student, you're ecstatic when they get a B. At least it's not like the other kid who is on meth and torturing animals. We're up to 25 years of "win now" moves for a team that still hasn't reached 50 wins in our lifetimes. Just off the top of my head, can think of the Rod Strickland, Mitch Richmond, Ike Austin, Jerry Stackhouse, Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler, Randy Foye, Mike Miller, Marcin Gortat, Nene, Trevor Ariza acquisitions where they've traded draft picks/young guys to add a veteran. They weren't all bad moves, some were shrewd, but the dynamic always always is young for old. Most teams wait until they're actually good before they go into full "we need to max out this year" mode. Remember when they traded Chris Webber for Mitch Richmond? Rasheed Wallace for Rod Strickland? Rip Hamilton for Jerry Stackhouse? This is the first big name for big name deal since those monstrosities. At least this time the younger guy they traded is broken down and the pick is protected. Progress!
  8. I'm in favor. Feel like since the Wall injury, the Wiz had two options - 1) Blow it up, trade Beal and get a megahaul 2) figure out how to build a playoff team around Beal. Except the last two years they did neither and were in the worst place you can be in the NBA , the 30-35 win, completely capped out, pick 9th every year in the draft, limbo. At least they finally made a decision and it being the Wizards they picked option 2, which is the option they always take. This team only dreams as far as the second round of the playoffs, never anything more. Trying to think of other teams who have as consistent mediocre ambitions as the Wizards, but you know what? I'll still take it. We're never luring a great star to DC and we're not close to drafting one. And I had a really good time during the Wall-Beal era ngl, even if they only maxed out as a 2nd round team in the awful east. Actually missing getting to watch them in the playoffs these last couple years. Westbrook looks to be clearly post-prime at this point but like Maith says, is probably still good enough with Beal to make the playoffs in the East the next couple years. Hoping he's still athletic enough to re-create the athletic PG-knock down shooter SG dynamic they had during the Wall-Beal prime. And based on the tweet DMC shared, sounds like they're only giving up a pretty well protected 1st rounder to upgrade from a likely never-gonna-be-the-same Wall to a guy who is post prime now but has been a rich man's version of Wall his whole career. And if he puts up anything close to the 27/8/7 he put up last year I'll be over the moon. DC's gonna have totally different expectations for him than Houston. I dunno, when you reach rock bottom like the Wiz had, the chance to add even a fading star feels like a bit of hope. I know Westbrook is gonna age poorly so just want 2 years of fun basketball and for Bradley Beal's prime not to be completely wasted.
  9. @Myshkin missed your post in the last thread, but you are correct I am rooting for the Dodgers this year because a) the Nats aren't in the running b) a good friend is a diehard Dodgers fan and been getting a steady stream of texts from him about the extent he's been living and dying this postseason c) Tampa is not a real place and I'm tried of people trying to convince me otherwise and most importantly d) I just want to see you happy. Good luck tonight.
  10. Wait what? I can't stand the Braves. I'm a Nats fan buddy.
  11. Man it feels like you are for sure going to make Experts this year. Let me have our lawyers check if there's any fine print that could possibly get in the way of this, but presuming it's a mere formality, excited for the energy you'll bring to the league.
  12. We need to investigate you for PEDs. This is getting ridiculous. How many years has your reign of terror been now? At one point thought I had a chance to catch you and then somehow ended up 25 points behind you. Like trying to catch freaking Secretariat. @Mexal is just relieved. He was on his way to blowing a 28-3 lead against me.
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