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  1. Congrats @Tywin et al.! A recurring story in Experts is me giving someone hell for years until they ultimately shut me up by beating me in a pivotal matchup, like Jaxom did winning his first Experts title over me, and like you did in the W-A finals beating me to finally make it after years of frustration. Well earned. Also welcome back @Prince of the North! I liked my W-C team. Wish it had put up more of a fight in the finals.
  2. And I'm on my way to giving it right back to you. I'm like Andy Bernard. You do me a favor, wham, favor returned.
  3. Believe me, feels weird returning through the backdoor. Would much rather earn my way back in but Groz had been DMing me since the spring to take his spot and so finally agreed to do so but felt weird about it. In terms of Experts logic, I was the last team Jaxomed and don't believe there was a 3rd qualified league winner out there to fill the opening. In the past if there isn't a qualified team to take a spot, we've let Jaxomed teams back in. That said, if there's a case for anyone else for it, I'm happy to give this up to them. There's no requirement we stick to that precedent. Feel like George Costanza loudly quitting, regretting it, and then hoping no-one will remember when he's attending the company meeting the next day. On the plus side, these 8 months of being out of Experts has cleansed me of the commissonership similar to, and spoiler warning for the particularly slow book readers/show watchers, the loophole Jon Snow used to free him from his Nights Watch vows by being temporarily dead. So, in a way...... this has potentially worked out better than before (except for WJ).
  4. I'd prefer one of the two Wednesdays if possible
  5. Out for 9/2-9/3 otherwise can make the rest work. 9/5 would be the ideal imo
  6. I'm in for W-A and I suppose W-C
  7. @Dunknegg, @Babblebauble, @mcbigski, @Whiskeyjack, @Jaxom 1974, @boiled leather, @J.J. Lannister, @RaceBannon42, @grozeng, @Mudguard Ok with another Experts season about to start the league needs a commissioner. WJ is the logical choice as he already runs most of the other board leagues and is willing to do this one as well unless anyone else has any interest in doing it? Otherwise will toss him the keys and y'all can go ahead and figure out a draft date and all the rest.
  8. Congrats Week! Looks like that's now 6 years in a row. Ridiculous. Was sure with the kind of lead Groz had the first couple months that the streak was ending for sure and then of course I look up and Week has made up a 10 point gap in a day and is on his way to cruising to another title. B horror movie villain shit.
  9. Oh I see. You don't show up on the league's main page though it should be a list of current league members is still set to 2021 standings when there were 9 of us but you do show up in the Managers tab. Cool, glad to see it.
  10. @Jaxom 1974 looks like you haven't actually joined the league yet. You gotta join the league first before you can set pre-draft values.
  11. Either works but prefer Tuesday.
  12. I can do Wednesday. Also fine with a delayed start to the season. Fine with a 4 month season.
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