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  1. Ok we have our Experts lineup for next year (assuming no one opts out): Dunk, Jace, mcbigski, WJ, Jaxom, BL, JJ, Race, Groz, Mudguard. A new commissioner will need to be decided but probably can wait until closer to the start of the season to figure that out. Good luck all.
  2. Groz is dead to me. (and vice versa because he's in Experts now and I'm not)
  3. Congrats to @Dunknegg on the Experts title. Along with Jace, had the best team all year and put up two monster scores in the playoffs. A deserving champ. Regarding Jaxoming, if I'm reading the fantasy football thread we have two qualified entrants @grozeng (from winning W-A) and @Mudguard (from winning W-B and W-C). In addition @RaceBannon42 saves himself by winning Keeper. Groz and Mudguard, please weigh in if you intend to join Experts next year.
  4. Final Power Rankings 1) Dunknegg - 91-35, 10-4, 2263.38 points 2) Jace - 90-36, 10-4, 2349.50 points 3) WJ - 74-52, 8-6, 2161.44 points 4) BL - 65-61, 6-8, 2013.42 points 5) Mcbigski - 60-66, 10-4, 2086.64 points 6) JJ - 55-71, 4-10, 1958.06 points 7) Jaime - 54-72, 5-9, 2022.64 points 8) Jaxom - 51-75, 6-8, 1940.74 points 9) Race - 47-79, 5-9, 1909.62 points 10) Bronn - 43-83, 6-8, 1835.32 points Byes: (1) - Jace (2) - Dunk First Round playoffs: (3) - Mcbigski vs. (6) Jaxom (4) - WJ vs. (5) BL Jaxoming Order: Bronn Race Jaime Saved by Power Ranking: JJ A characteristically wild last week with BL and Race's matchup and a playoff berth/Race's elimination on the line flipping late during the MNF game before James Conner finally locked it down for BL. Jaxom meanwhile slides into the 6th seed based on his win and Bronn and I losing. Additionally JJ survives by a single power ranking win over me (and by outscoring Mcbigski by 2.34 points) and was teetering on a knife's edge throughout the Monday nighter with the potential of being passed by any of the 3 teams he ultimately outscored. But the end result is JJ lives on to survive for another season. Once again, every last point matters. Meanwhile Bronn, Race and I are now all Jaxomed in that order depending on how many qualified Experts applicants there are. Though each can regain life by winning another league. Good luck to all the playoff teams.
  5. You think football is still fun? As you can see from WJ's post above, if Stafford scores less than around 50 points and I don't win W-A I'm Jaxomed. Maybe you can have my spot, that would be poetic. Though in the past your trash talk usually signaled your imminent elimination from the playoffs. Be better! I don't want you to be the guy in the PG-13 movie everyone's *really* hoping makes it happen. I want you to be like the guy in the rated R movie, the guy you're not sure whether or not you like yet. You're not sure where he's coming from. Okay? You're a bad man, Tywin. You're a bad man, bad man.
  6. Yeah genuinely can't believe I have a chance at the playoffs after being 4-8. This league is batshit. I'm not saying I'll be coming after Kamara and Deebo with poisonous blow darts this week. But I'm also not not saying that.
  7. Power Rankings Week 13 1) Dunknegg - 83-34, 9-4, 2069.24 points 2) Jace - 81-36, 9-4, 2157.62 points 3) WJ - 69-48, 7-6, 2014.22 points 4) BL - 61-56, 5-8, 1873.94 points 5) Mcbigski - 58-59, 10-3, 1949.60 points 6) JJ - 52-65, 4-9, 1818.68 points 7t) Race - 47-70, 5-8, 1777.70 points 7t) Jaime - 47-70, 5-8, 1846.82 points 9) Jaxom - 45-72, 5-8, 1784.36 points 10) Bronn - 42-75, 6-7, 1700.40 points Ok here where we're at: Top 4 playoff seeds Byes: Will comes down to mcbigski, Jace and Dunk. Mcbigski gets the 1 seed and a bye if he beats Jaxom. However if he loses and Jace beats me and Dunk beats JJ he could miss out on a bye entirely. WJ has also clinched a playoff spot but has no shot at a bye. Then the shit really hits the fan. Playoff seeds 5 and 6 and Jaxoming order Roughly: (If someone wants to do the exact math of all the scenarios, I'd appreciate it. I'm still too jetlagged to try. And please correct me if I'm off on anything) 2 of the 5 below can make the playoffs. Bronn - Makes the playoffs with a win over WJ. Becomes the 5 seed. Otherwise likely to be near the top of the Jaxoming block. BL - Makes the playoffs with a win over Race. Is the 5 seed if he wins and Bronn loses. Is the 6 seed if Bronn wins and either Jaime loses or Jaime wins but doesn't outscore him by 26.12. If he loses, he's on the Jaxoming block though is guaranteed safe due to power rankings. Race - Makes the playoffs with a win over BL AND either Jaime loses OR Bronn loses AND Jaxom either loses or wins but he outscores Jaxom by 6.66. If he wins but the AND conditions don't occur or loses he'll be somewhere on the Jaxoming block. Jaime - Makes the playoffs with a win over Jace AND either Bronn or BL loses OR BL wins but Jaime outscores him by 26.12 points. If he wins but the AND conditions don't occur or loses, will be somewhere on the Jaxoming block. Jaxom - Makes the playoffs with a win over Mcbigski AND 2 of the 3 of Bronn, Jaime and BL all lose and he maintains his 6.66 point edge over Race. If he wins but the AND conditions don't occur or loses, will be somewhere on the Jaxoming block. Basically everyone in this tier (other than Bronn presumably) is rooting for WJ to beat Bronn to really open things up. JJ - No chance at the playoffs. But has a good chance to be saved by power rankings if BL isn't on the Jaxoming block and doesn't shit the bed in week 14. Will definitely be rooting for BL. What I'm saying to every single person in the league - there's a chance.
  8. Power Rankings Week 12 1t) Dunknegg - 74-34 1t) Jace - 74-34 3) WJ - 61-47 4t) Mcbigski - 55-53 4t) BL - 55-53 6) JJ - 47-61 7) Race - 46-62 8) Jaxom - 45-63 9) Jaime - 43-65 10) Bronn - 40-68 The Jaxoming block is now clear. JJ, Race, Jaxom, me and Bronn are all on it. Bronn has the best chance to avoid it entirely by making the playoffs. Jaxom and Race could also make the playoffs if they win their last two games. JJ and my fate very likely depend solely on power rankings. JJ at least has the power rankings cushion and can control his own destiny if he finishes strong.
  9. Power Rankings Week 11 1) Dunknegg - 69-30 2) Jace - 65-34 3) WJ - 55-44 4) Mcbigski - 51-48 5t) JJ - 47-52 5t) BL - 47-52 7) Jaxom - 44-55 8) Race - 43-56 9) Jaime - 41-58 10) Bronn - 33-66 Jace putting up a historically monster score. Everyone from JJ on down looks to be on the Jaxoming hot seat. Think we're officially at the point to start considering getting your commissioner applications ready. Well we've already had, I believe, 3 teams in Experts go on 13 game win streaks so don't think we can name it that. I am open to naming the act of bragging after a low (i.e. 2-7) power ranking week "pulling a mcbigski" which continues our tradition of naming things after league members (see: Jaxoming) :p
  10. Power Rankings Week 10 1) Dunknegg - 64-26 2) Jace - 56-34 3) Mcbigski - 49-41 4) WJ - 48-42 5) BL - 43-47 6t) Jaime - 41-49 6t) JJ - 41-49 8) Race - 40-50 9) Jaxom - 36-54 10) Bronn - 32-58 Big MNF stakes in two matchups. Jace vs. WJ basically came down to a Deebo vs. Eli Mitchell showdown which turned one sided when Deebo blew up. Race vs. Dunk was Jimmy G vs. Kupp + Michel. That Jimmy G could outscore both allowed Race to preserve his lead and take home the win.
  11. Power Rankings Week 9 1) Dunknegg - 59-22 2) Jace - 47-34 3t) Jaime - 41-40 3t) Mcbigski - 41-40 3t) WJ - 41-40 3t) BL - 41-40 7) JJ - 37-44 8) Race - 34-47 9) Jaxom - 33-48 10) Bronn - 31-50 Very dramatic Monday Nighter between Dunk and WJ which came down to who whether Diontae could outscore Claypool by 3.5 and damn well nearly did on the last drive coming up a mere 11 yards short giving the win to Dunk. Huge log jam now in the middle of the power rankings.
  12. Power Rankings Week 8 1) Dunknegg - 52-20 2) Jaime - 40-32 3) Jace - 39-33 4) Mcbigski - 38-34 5t) WJ - 35-37 5t) JJ - 35-37 7) BL - 32-40 8) Bronn - 31-41 9) Race - 30-42 10) Jaxom - 28-44 We're past the halfway point of the regular season and I still wouldn't remotely hazard a guess who will ultimately be on the Jaxoming chopping block in week 14.
  13. Smart move not to wade into the heart of the weekly power rankings. It's more stressful there.
  14. Power Rankings Week 7 1) Dunknegg - 45-18 2t) Jaime - 35-28 2t) Mcbigski - 35-28 2t) Jace - 35-28 5) Race - 30-33 6) Bronn - 29-34 7t) Jaxom - 27-36 7t) WJ - 27-36 9t) JJ - 26-37 9t) BL - 26-37 No remotely close or interesting matchups this week. Power rankings remain very tight. Congrats to everyone for surviving the bye week from hell.
  15. Power Rankings Week 6 1) Dunknegg - 37-17 2t) Jaime - 29-25 2t) Bronn - 29-25 4) Mcbigski - 28-26 5t) Jaxom - 26-28 5t) Jace - 26-28 7t) WJ - 25-29 7t) Race - 25-29 9) JJ - 23-31 10) BL - 22-32 My god. Feel like I say this every week but an insane Monday Nighter in this league. 3 matchups came down to the final drive. If Allen gets the TD on that final drive, Dunk beats Mcbigski. If Diggs gets 18 yards more receiving or a TD, Jaxom beats Jace. If Sanders doesn't get a 30 yard catch on the last drive, BL beats me. 3 teams scored within 4 points of each other. And another 5 scored within 8 points of each other. The end result is bedlam and somehow further tightening in the power rankings. Can safely say they've never been anywhere near this tight six weeks into the season. Basically no team can feel comfortable where they're at except Bronn record-wise and Dunk power rankings wise. And now we follow it up with an apocalyptic bye week where 5 of the most talented teams in the league are on bye. Good luck and godspeed all.
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