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  1. Jaime L

    Westeros Experts League 2019

    Week 11 Power Rankings/Record/Points 1) Whiskeyjack - 66-33 (7-4) 1,747 points 2) Lord Dracarys - 65-34 (7-4) 1,780 points 3) JJ Lannister - 57-42 (7-4) 1,692 points 4) RaceBannon - 56-43 (7-4) 1,706 points 5) Dunknegg - 55-44 (7-4) 1,628 points 6) Jaime L - 51-48 (5-6) 1,738 points 7) boiled leather - 45-54 (6-5) 1,610 points 8) Jace, Balissa - 39-60 (5-6) 1,463 points 9) Fuentez - 35-64 (2-9) 1,458 points 10) Mya Stone - 26-73 (2-9) 1,367 points Wow, after a bunch of dull weeks a ton happened this week. First, the incredibly tense drama in the WJ-BL matchup this past week. The two highest scoring teams in week 10 faced off and ultimately the matchup swung in WJ's favor on a 10 yard Hunter Henry catch on 4th down with 40 seconds to go. And it nearly swung to a BL win had any non-Henry Charger been able to score a TD on that final drive but Felipe Rios' pick in the end zone sealed it. One of the harder luck losses I've seen for BL. That matchup has big playoff circumstances as the league got a lot tighter record wise. 5 teams with 7 wins, 1 with 6 wins and 2 with 5 wins all gunning for the playoffs. The only thing clear at this point is Mya and Fuentez will be Jaxomed almost certainly in that order. Their hopes of sticking in Experts depends entirely on what they can do in other leagues now. Beyond that, a bunch is up for grabs. Here's the remaining schedules for the other 8 teams: WJ - Plays Race, Fuentez Drac - Plays Jace, Mya Race - Plays WJ, JJ JJ - Plays BL, Race Dunk - Plays Mya, JL BL - Plays JJ, Jace JL - Plays Fuentez, Dunk Jace - Plays Drac, BL The 5 7-4 teams all have shots at the byes if they can finish 2-0 and it's hard to see any of them missing the playoffs short of laying a complete egg in the final two weeks. Drac and WJ have the inside track on the byes based on points scored. The main pivot point now is BL at 6-5 and whether Jace or I can finish ahead of him for that 6th playoff spot. If BL beats JJ, we'll have a minimum of 3 7-5 teams in the league (and potentially more), Jace will be eliminated (see below), and the question then is whether I can get to 6-6 and put pressure on those teams. Because Jace is lagging from a points scored perspective, she needs both to go 2-0 and for BL to go 0-2 (and for me to go no better than 1-1) to both make the playoffs and stay in the league outright. But because she plays BL in week 13 she has some control over this. Beyond that because of the relatively tight bunching in records and points scored, it's hard to draw to many other conclusions unless any of y'all are seeing something I'm not. Good luck, all.
  2. Jaime L

    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    Biggest Kirk Cousins comeback since YOU LIKE THAT. I demand a new even dorkier catchphrase.
  3. Jaime L

    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    It's one of the most thoughtful parts of the Jimmy Haslam era. The Uber back to Cleveland from Pittsburgh is super reasonable.
  4. Jaime L

    Westeros Experts League 2019

    You still got a shot - there's a few scenarios where you stick (including even making the playoffs) but you'll need things to break your way and help. I would recommend scoring a bunch and also winning another league y'know just to be safe.
  5. Jaime L

    Westeros Experts League 2019

    Week 10 Power Rankings/Record 1) Lord Dracarys - 61-29 (7-3) 2) Whiskeyjack - 57-33 (6-4) 3) Dunknegg - 52-38 (7-3) 4) RaceBannon - 51-39 (6-4)5t) JJ Lannister - 50-40 (6-4) 5t) Jaime L - 50-40 (4-6) 7) boiled leather - 37-53 (6-4) 8t) Fuentez - 33-57 (2-8) 8t) Jace, Balissa - 33-57 (4-6) 10) Mya Stone - 26-64 (2-8) Alright we're through week 10 which means in Experts the pre-playoffs begin. Experts is unusually orderly this season. The 6 teams in line for the playoffs still are up 2 games over me and Jace. Of the 4 teams out of the playoffs, after a big week I have a 17 game power ranking edge over the bottom three. Stranger things have happened but that's incredibly difficult to make up in 3 weeks. If things hold we know our 6 playoff teams already and we know the 3 who will be Jaxomed (Mya, Jace and Fuentez in that order). The only likely potential drama from a Jaxoming standpoint arises if I'm able to catch BL in the standings. In that scenario, Jace or Fuentez could both very reasonably catch him in power rankings and save themselves. For Mya, it's looking like that's likely a bridge too far at this point unfortunately. Jace plays BL in week 13 so she maybe can help her own cause but will need some help beforehand for that to be a potential loser leaves town match. BL faces WJ and JJ the next two weeks so not an easy schedule so not ready to pencil in his playoff appearance just yet. But a win this week over WJ will go a long way to solidifying his positioning. Race, JJ or WJ could still end the season on a 3 game losing streak and miss the playoffs but all look to be safe from a Jaxoming standpoint regardless. Outside of that a bye or maybe two is still up for grabs depending on how Drac/Dunk finish vs. the 4 6-4 teams.
  6. Jaime L

    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    *looks directly at the camera*
  7. Jaime L

    Westeros Experts League 2019

    Week 9 Power Rankings 1) Lord Dracarys - 56-25 2) Dunknegg - 51-30 3) Whiskeyjack - 49-32 4) RaceBannon - 47-345) JJ Lannister - 43-38 6) Jaime L - 41-40 7t) boiled leather - 31-50 7t) Fuentez - 31-50 9) Jace, Balissa - 30-51 10) Mya Stone - 26-55 Race remains on fire and is now just about in the upper tier. I remain colder than Antartica and it's reaching the point that I need to be concerned that I'll be able to stick in this league. We have a 2 game gap between the top 6 (Drac, Dunk, Race, WJ, JJ, BL) and the bottom 4 (me, Jace, Fuentez, Mya). One of the bottom 4 could get hot and still make the playoffs but very likely the playoff tier and the Jaxoming tier look to be solidifying.
  8. He did promise DC a title. It's the least we can do for delivering it for us.
  9. Maybe the sum of the Nats postseason comebacks was greater but game 6 in the 2011 WS has to be the single greatest experience a fan can have. And if I was a Rangers fan, my soul would've left my body that night.
  10. This was actually my thought too but wasn't sure if I was just being a mega homer thinking it. The two things I still can't wrap my mind around were the 5 comebacks in elimination games you noted and then the ultimate competitor Scherzer getting scratched for game 5 and miraculously recovering for a game 7 that he fucking grinded through to keep his team in the game, something that could be a 30 for 30 all its own. The closest analogue I can think of to this run actually just happened - the 2018-2019 Raptors. Another franchise that had known nothing but postseason misery, brings in a stone cold killer, then overcomes all opposition in the playoffs (often in insanely dramatic fashion) culminating in a Finals win over the most loaded team of the decade. And like those Raptors, this Nats group could be a one year deal...especially if Rendon/Strasburg end up signing elsewhere like Kawhi did. Could be the last hurrah of an old team that loaded up for one last run and miraculously brought home the title. Obviously I hope this is not the case...but even if it is, the 2019 Nats recasts the whole bittersweet decade into a true narrative. Like the struggle happened for a reason.
  11. It was a relief to me when he took Grienke out at 80 pitches. The speed with which he took out Grienke in both games he pitched despite being dominant implies a real fear that he turns into a pumpkin around 90 pitches. It's always amazing the difference between that type of ace and the Scherzer/Cole type who can struggle all night and is still out there grinding at 120 pitches. Harris was the best RP on either team and had been dominant all postseason. Can't blame that decision (assuming Grienke indeed was about to implode which who knows). He also hit his spot against Kendrick...a part of the plate that Howie had seen 50 pitches and had only managed 5 hits all singles. But last night he went the other way with it and was able to elevate it and it got out. Howie Kendrick, professional hitter. The one I question is Osuna who though he's the closer is far from dominant. Really liked the Nats chances to tack on runs once he came in. That's where you have to go Cole IMO. Or use Osuna to get out of the inning and then go Cole. Even if 3-2 was inevitable, had Hinch made different decisions they could've kept it there instead of 6-2 potentially. And the difference in pressure on Corbin/Hudson would've been massive. Hudson jogging in for the 9th with a 1 run lead might've given me a stroke.
  12. That's exactly how I watched the Caps title. When the Nats were getting mowed down by Greinke getting the weakest of weak contact and it looked like he was going to cruise to an easy CG shutout, the only thing that kept me from breaking out my collection of don't-kill-myself books was the recurring thought that "there's no way this team goes down so meekly." It's a thought I've had before in my long not-so-illustrious DC sports fan career but this was the first time I actually believed it. Rendon-Soto-Kendrick are the 3 most clutch hitters I've ever seen. The last time it went through their part of the lineup they came back against Hader in the WC game. The last time it went through their part of the lineup they hit back to back HRs to tie the game against Kershaw in NLDS game 5 and win it later with the Kendrick GS. And the last time it went through that part of the lineup last night Rendon homers, Soto walks and Kendrick hits a two run bomb. This against a pitcher who until this point they couldn't even get it out of the infield against. Never seen anything like it. If one AB goes differently in any of those series, Nats very likely just add another heartbreaking playoff loss to their resume. And beyond that what an unbelievably gutty performance by Scherzer when he clearly didn't have his command. He flirted with disaster all night but for the most part made the critical pitch when he needed to and kept the Nats in striking distance long enough for the hitters to do their thing. Corbin's 3 innings were huge. And Strasburg was a deserving WS MVP. They needed every last pitch they could muster from their 3 aces to hide a shaky AF bullpen and got it. All in all I can't believe it. I can't believe they overcame a 106 win Dodgers team and a 107 win Astros team that was the most loaded I've ever seen...both in dramatic fashion. I've never had the chance to root for a team I follow day to day bring home a championship. Feels like it opens a whole new world of possibilities of what a fan experience can be. Rendon and Strasburg might sign elsewhere now...but every member of this team is gonna be a legend in my book for the rest of their days. Going to really try to savor this because who knows if anything like this happens again...but man what a feeling. ETA: Also really happy for Thomas Boswell. Reading his column regularly in WaPo growing up is a big part of why I'm as big of a sports fan as I am. Always optimistic, always highlighting the wonder in sports. Baseball was always clearly his biggest passion. Glad he more than anyone got to see a baseball championship in DC.
  13. Jaime L

    Westeros Experts League 2019

    Week 8 Power Rankings 1) Lord Dracarys - 48-24 1t) Whiskeyjack - 48-24 3) Dunknegg - 44-28 4) Jaime L - 39-33 5) RaceBannon - 38-346) JJ Lannister - 37-35 7t) Jace, Balissa - 27-45 7t) boiled leather - 27-45 9t) Fuentez - 26-46 9t) Mya Stone - 26-46 WJ and Race remain very hot. Fuentez and I remain very cold. The league itself remains preternaturally averse to any kind of close matchups or late drama. Jace, Fuentez and Mya are officially now on the Jaxoming bubble but there's still time left for any to get hot and save themselves.
  14. This is the worst 3rd and 20 defense I've ever seen in my life. Dolphins, be cool. You'll get the #1 pick...just making the tanking a little less explicit.