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  1. Kareem as the GOAT is like saying Hank Aaron is the GOAT in baseball. 20 years of being consistently great. There's an argument there in both cases but it rests on how much you value consistency and longevity vs. peak.
  2. I think an all time great from any era would be great in every era. The only exceptions are guys who wouldn't be able to stay healthy in the past (Steph Curry) and George Mikan. Pretty sure even I could break Mikan's ankles driving to the hoop.
  3. Better mid-range jump shot, better FT shooter...pretty sure he would be a better 3 point shooter if he played in this era. Just had better touch. Also a better perimeter defender. Jordan was 9x first team defense. He would flat lock people down in a way I don't recall Lebron doing (granted part of that was the rules at the time). And then there's several intangible factors that favor Jordan (though granted some that don't, like sociopathy). I don't have a strong opinion on who the GOAT is anymore which is testament to how great Lebron has been these last few years. But goddamn that's a reductionist take from Klosterman. Though I'm not surprised ...because it's Chuck Klosterman.
  4. Brook Lopez signs with Milwaukee. Basically the Lakers gave up Lopez and Randle for Rondo, JaVale McGee and Lance Stephenson. Just hideous. Lonzo, Rondo and Lance are 30%/33%/29% 3 point shooters respectively. They've gone negative in terms of surrounding Lebron with floor spacers. Really feels like the Lakers are set to punt on this year. But that's risky considering this is Lebron's age 34 season. Basically you're resigning yourself to only start contending with a roster centered around a 35 year old. I know Lebron is superhuman but Father Time is undefeated. At least they were smart enough to make these (and a big KCP overpay) effectively 1 year deals. I believe they'll be able to fit in close to two max guys next year and this with potentially not having to give up Ingram/Lonzo. From their advanced tampering efforts they must believe strongly that Kawhi is coming there in a year so no need to give up assets. Presume the young guys (and Luke Walton) get a one year audition to convince Lebron they can be useful pieces on a contender.
  5. Jaimstoyevesky

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

    Not enough vodka in world after losing to Yugoslavia.
  6. It's true the Wizards needed a center. And Howard's pure numbers are still very good. I could imagine Wall engineering him a lot of easy looks like he did Gortat. The issue is every team he leaves is ecstatic to see him go. From the Lakers to the Rockets to the Hawks to the Hornets. The guy is like the Terrell Owens of the NFL. And like TO with declining athleticism, it becomes less and less worth the headache. I was surprised the Wizards felt otherwise. Think it reflects a desperate team making a desperate last gasp attempt at the Conference Finals.
  7. He just needs to be surrounded by 6-7 HoFers to focus. Not sure why the Knicks never figured this out.
  8. This. He could've teamed up with Lebron and Wade in 2010 had he been comfortable with an including an early opt out but he valued the security of a full contract more. Then, ironically, he decided he couldn't abide being in Denver any longer (despite signing the longer contract), decided he couldn't wait another year to go to NY and forced the Knicks to trade most of their quality assets to get him immediately killing any chance he'd ever be on a contender there. Once again he took max deals at max contract lengths ensuring he'd be stuck in a losing situation for the rest of his prime. And by the time he finally got to another playoff team, he was completely washed and his giant contract would keep OKC from being a true contender as well. Now the Rockets are already interested in him, I guess because of Chris Paul? I bet the Lakers will be too with Lebron there. Either one will probably get him for cheap but even at a low price are we sure he brings more to the table than he takes off? I'm not at all. Dude has never prioritized winning at any point in his career and I'm not convinced he's going to start now.
  9. Been out of the country and it's possible I'm hallucinating from jet lag but did the Wizards really add Dwight Howard and Jeff Green? This along with Austin Rivers. Apparently Ernie Grunfeld's offseason research this year consisted of scrolling NBA twitter and searching for the guys who got name-checked the most without reading the actual tweets. Adding a guy who has been universally hated everywhere he goes and another who only occasionally tries hard to a team with chemistry and effort issues is either 7th dimensional chess or more likely a last ditch Hail Mary for a team that needed to shake things up regardless....but, um, not this way? On paper they've filled some big needs and are a deeper more talented roster than last year. In reality, this team probably implodes by January. They either somehow win 50 games in an absurdly weak East or Wall or Beal is traded by next offseason. Not sure I see an in between.
  10. Jaimstoyevesky

    NBA Free agency 2018: Where's the King landing?

    Why the fuck can I never get this news about Daniel Snyder.
  11. Jaimstoyevesky

    NBA Free agency 2018: Where's the King landing?

    Well, Lebron is now officially a free agent. Hopefully Ernie Grunfeld has dutifully informed the Lebron team that the Wizards now sport Austin Rivers and *checks notes* former Patriots great Troy Brown apparently. This is information the King will want to have before he makes his decision.
  12. Jaimstoyevesky

    NBA Free agency 2018: Where's the King landing?

    You'd still be pissed? For me, I want to see it. To me the bigger waste is if everyone goes back to their own unimproved teams and are made irrelevant again. The alternative means the Warriors run roughshod over the league again. Granted I agree it's irritating that it'd be the Lakers, the team who gets the biggest stars to come there generation after generation literally every single decade dating back to the 70s. I'm resigned to the NBA always being a league of haves and have nots and as a fan of one of the ultimate have not franchises I've made peace with this. All I care about is that another Superteam happens somewhere. Someone who is a legit threat to Golden State. If that's Philly or Cleveland or San Antonio or OKC that's fine too. But if it seems easiest and most likely to happen on the Lakers so be it. The league will have two star-laden superteams and then two other elite contenders in Boston and Houston. It's basically a return to what the NBA was in the 80s.
  13. Jaimstoyevesky

    NBA Free agency 2018: Where's the King landing?

    The Wizards backcourt needed depth more than anything else on the team. They played Ty Lawson serious minutes during the playoffs after signing him from China and this after dabbling with Ramon Sessions and Tim Frazier and worse. It's expiring contract for expiring contract. I know Austin Rivers is a punchline at this point but I don't mind this deal at all. Trading a center in clear decline for another ball handler/3 pt shooter, sign me up.
  14. Jaimstoyevesky

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

    It is my great pleasure to announce Uruguay has advanced to prestigious gulag round of World Cup. Very few teams make it this far. Please join me post-haste for improptu celebration being held now at Kursk Station for Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani and all the rest but do not dally as train to Siberia leave one hour from now.