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  1. I got Disco Elysium a few weeks ago and think it is excellent. Definitely not my normal type of game either, and there is a lot more dialogue than action. But the storytelling and the way they implement the different skills as voices in your head is great. That said - I have it on PS5, and I hit a bug on day 2 that wouldn't let me save the game. Was fine on day 1, but just stopped recording new saves early on day 2. I read that others had the same problem and that it might be fixed by either finishing a new thought or progressing to day 3, so tried both of those - but neither worked. Eventually was forced to abandon my game, because I was worried about investing even more time into it, dying at some point in the future, and losing it all. Will restart some time soon and hope that it was just a one time glitch.
  2. Would be really surprised if Liverpool doesn't take this now.
  3. I'm not sure how much of a hit it will be to EA, if they're just losing the right to the international teams and tournaments. Not even sure if that's accurate, but its what I saw people saying. Those are nice things to have included, especially as part of career mode. But most people buy the game either for FUT or for other elements of career mode (i.e. building/playing as a club), and it doesn't seem like this will impact either of those too much. At first glance, seems like a worse decision for FIFA. Unless maybe they have plans to sell the license to another company, like 2K? Not sure how things line up on the club side though. Does EA have an exclusive right to use players, clubs, and leagues? Because if they do, then nobody is going to buy an alternate game, even if it has the FIFA license and international competitions.
  4. Huge win for Arsenal. Been a great week, after a few disappointing results. End of the season turning out to be really exciting. Also, I haven't seen the Manchester City game yet, but guess Gabriel Jesus wanted to show everyone that he can still score. I actually tend to agree with polishgenius that the issue isn't Jesus himself, but more the opportunity cost of missing out on a different center forward if they promise him that spot. And also, the wing is the one place where they have a good amount of depth with Saka, ESR, Martinelli - wouldn't want them to sign somebody who takes away time from any of those guys. That said, there's no question that Jesus would add quality and depth to the team, and if the price is low then he could be a huge value. So not going to complain too much if they sign him and another forward who can also play up front.
  5. I liked The Batman quite a bit, possibly more than a lot of other people here judging by the mixed reactions. Thought the tone was excellent throughout. Really liked seeing a Batman who was consumed by the role he'd taken on, and kind of on edge, rather than in control of everything. Didn't miss the socialite element of Bruce Wayne and wasn't bothered by the length of the movie (possibly because I was watching at home). Also thought the music was excellent and fit perfectly. With regard to the ending -
  6. Draft kind of went off the rails at some point. Didn't intend to get Acuna, but thought he was too cheap even with the injury. Also had a few impulse buys, where I just hit +1 as the clock was ticking down, without really planning on it. So yeah...who knows. C - Alejandro Kirk 1B - Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 2B - Marcus Semien SS - Jorge Polanco 3B - Rafael Devers CI - Brandon Belt MI - Amed Rosario OF - Bryce Harper, Ronald Acuna, Franmil Reyes, Jarred Kelenic, Michael Brantley UT - Jesus Sanchez, Garrett Cooper Bench - Nate Lowe, Eduardo Escobar, Jo Adell IL - Josh Rojas NA - Michael Conforto SP - Brandon Woodruff, Zack Wheeler, Carlos Rodon, Alek Manoah, Pablo Lopez, Patrick Sandoval, Ranger Suarez IL - Luis Castillo, Stephen Strasburg, Lance McCullers RP - Andrew Kittredge, Devin Williams, Diego Castillo, Camilo Duval
  7. Thanks for this rundown, I appreciate it. I feel like most of those things sound okay. My biggest concern is actually the four hours of cutscenes to start the game. But everything I'm reading is that its worth it to get through that part. Leaning toward probably getting the game at some point.
  8. I've played the DLC. It's a fun addition, adds a bit to the story, and has a very difficult battle in it that I enjoyed a lot. Also, once you play it, you can replay the main game and use the 4 Ashen Wolves characters if you want. A couple of them have okay stories and interactions with the original characters. And Constance in particular has a very useful spell at higher levels that I liked (Bolting). All that said, wouldn't say the DLC is amazing or a must have. I liked it, but if I remember right, the new levels are relatively short and separate from the main game (i.e. not integrated as part of the main game, and progress doesn't carry over between the two). It was worth it for me because I wanted to play more of the game with my girls, and also because we had only done one playthrough at that point, so we still had two left during which we could use the new characters to some degree.
  9. Do you think it would be an okay game for kids (11-12 years old)? Also wondering if you've played Fire Emblem: Three Houses and how it compares. I've played through FE3H three times with my kids - one for each path except the Black Eagles, because And they love that game. Would be cool to find something similar. But while FE3H has some dark parts, I don't think it ever goes too far.
  10. Next Wednesday would actually be tough for me. Think I can make any other day work though.
  11. What a strange thing to say to somebody from Minnesota.
  12. If you guys are okay with finishing the season at the end of July, then I'll play. But I don't want anybody to feel like they have to do that - I'm totally cool with sitting out if you want to play the whole year. It sounds like you might have 8 or 9 without me, so no worries if thats the direction you'd prefer. If you do go with the shortened season, then would probably lean toward drafting next week.
  13. Thought the first episode was great.
  14. I'm probably out this time. I have fun with the draft and the first month or so, but never want to play the full season.
  15. I mostly lurk in these threads and feel pretty confident that the Hierarchy of Hatred goes: 1) Robert Firmino 2) Georginio Wijnaldum 3) Various Liverpool players not trying hard enough on any given day 4) Robert Firmino again 5) Manchester United refusing to buy a proper CDM 6) Everton's consistent failures on defense 7) Referee bias against Arsenal (this is #1 for me) 8) Manchester City for always winning 9) Tywin for not understanding football 10) Firmino one last time Don't think Newcastle is anywhere close to the list.
  16. So Washington watched Wentz in Indy and their conclusion was "man that worked out great for them . . . we should totally do the same thing"???? Honestly seems about right for the Cobra Commanders.
  17. I can think of a few million reasons why the players wouldn't want that to happen.
  18. Huge win for Arsenal. Was 80 minutes of frustration, followed by one of the most fun endings I've seen all year. Lacazette has been one of my favorite players since he signed. Been struggling to score lately, and was having a pretty rough game. But you could see how badly he wanted it, and was really happy to see him play a part in the winner.
  19. Have only had time to play the first mission of Horizon Forbidden West so far. But really enjoying it. Happy to be back in this world.
  20. Peacemaker finale was great. Sad its over, but so happy it was renewed for another season.
  21. A lot of good choices in this thread. For movies, one that stands out for me is the end of Arrival. I thought about it for a long time afterward. The question of, would you choose to do something, if you knew ahead of time that it would bring you tremendous joy but also end in the worst possible pain? Its almost impossible to answer. On that same note, the television show The Leftovers has a lot of different scenes that apply. But the one that hit me the most was when they went back to the day people disappeared. And specifically the part with Nora and her family, where she gets mad at her daughter for spilling a drink on her phone at breakfast, yells at her, goes to the counter to dry it off, and then turns around and her family is gone. Its so brutal, and has really stayed with me. Just the realization that its such a waste to get upset over small things, and to appreciate what you have because things can go bad at any time.
  22. Can definitely understand that perspective, but I lean the other direction. The holding call coming near the very end of the game made it feel like it was close to a game-deciding decision, at least to me.
  23. Thought it was an okay game. Not a classic, and didn't think either team really played their best game, but glad it was at least close. That said....the holding call against the Bengals on 3rd down near the end of the game was pretty brutal. Rams might have still won - they would have had another shot and Kupp is awesome, so they'd have had a solid chance. But it should have come down to a final play, instead of a whole new set of downs. Kind of tainted the game, to have such a bad call have such a big impact at such an important time.
  24. It's so good. Can't remember the last show that made me laugh so much. Eagly is the best.
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