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  1. blacktea79

    At what age did you move out of your parents house

    At 16. I won a scholarship and went to Uni, but I was still underage , so Campus life was frowned upon by my parents, and I got a small apartment (really small!). They really did not realise that having my own place could have been worse for my alleged risk of becoming involved with the "wrong crowd" (i.e. people who weren't very focused on their studies as my parents thought me to be). I had a study group that practically lived in my house, people from all places and walks of life, it was wonderful. I cooked for twenty people in a kitchen the size of a toilet .I really learned that freedom is the greatest thing there is, provided that you have at least some sense of responsibility. Being in charge of myself taught me that I have to take responsibility for my choices and for my life, and that truth never left me. My parents also did not give me money, only paid for the apartment, so I had to work for it, and it was a great lesson as well: if you know from a young age how hard it is to provide for yourself, you will always be grateful for the opportunity that life gives you, even the smallest ones.
  2. blacktea79

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    The rules are fluid, depending on whatever D&D wish to accomplish in any given episode. See the sudden need for introducing the NK, and the ritual of "resurrecting" the dead. In season 1, the dead just opened their wide blue eyes and killed the living, no white walker needed to impose their hands to resurrect them. LOL! You made me laugh so much! I hope it is a sarcasm-heavy conference, for the sake of science. And for the sake of actual good writing, too.
  3. blacktea79

    Lord Eddard Stark's mistakes

    He semms to be of two minds in this. Either trust Robert, and therefore tell him from the start of his suspicions about Jon Arryn's death, or refuse to go to KL, alone among enemies. If he did not trust the king, what was the purpose of going south to find Jon Arryn's assassins? He never had a plan. He knew from the beginning that Lysa accused the Lannisters, and he knew that Robert was literally in bed with the Lannisters. Even so, he could have told him he suspected that JA had been murdered, whitout saying immediately that he suspected Cercei o Jaime or Tyrion.W hat exactly was he hoping to accomplish? And, as the OP said, he did not even try to find allies. He was hopeless at the game of thrones.
  4. blacktea79

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    IMO, the sex scene was akward and stiff because it was such a forgone and rushed ending. Nothing in their relationship feels earned, to me. They never showed us any dialogue that may warm that scene. Jon(Ageon..eeek) goes kno-kno-knocking-on-heavens-door (and looking just like he has a bad case of diarrhoea), then he enters, skip to the horrid marriage flashback, and then skip to Kit's butt (which is, admittedly, the best thing of the season). Again, they seem not to know how to write any meaningful dialogue that actually leads to character development and interaction. The first meeting between Jon and Dany felt quite right to me, all the stuff about not bending the knee because her father killed his granpa and uncle, it was a good beginning, at least to me. Then they lost the footing, and went down the line of teen drama and angst, endlessly repeating the same dialogues, with a lot of looks, other people hinting at their supposed attraction, but never actually speaking of it between them. Hhhhhhggghh. Does not feel real, to me, it feels contrieved and cheap. Completely agree. Nothing, IMO, is close to the books anymore. Maybe, just maybe, the main characters' ending will be the same (even if GRRM said that they could do whatever they want, they are not contractually obliged to respect his hints about the ending, and he has no power on them https://meduza.io/en/feature/2017/08/22/fantasy-needs-magic). But even so, the route that will bring them to that ending will be (already is) so different, so alien from the books, that it will truly be a completely different story. I am not worried. Even if, opening a newspaper in 2019, I should read spoilers about, say, Dany's death in the show, I trust that, if it happens in the books, it will have an undepinning logic, it will be a logical consequence of the story, not some contrieved scene just to make people scream or cry or produce endlessy annoying memes. We have witnessed the method, this year more than ever, but even before: they have a scene in mind, they write things that can make that scene happen. Anything that can make it happen. They don't build the story from the characters, eg, this character is craven, so he/she will not do something bold. No, they have chracters change personality depending on what they need to do in the setting. So in the end, to me the show will not be the conclusion of ASOIAF. It will be the conclusion of the show, stat. If GRRM will be able to finish, that will be the conclusion, if not, to me it will remain an unfinished story. There is just no comparison between the two, now (if there ever was...).
  5. blacktea79

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    I totally agree with this point, but, alas, the entire series hangs on a flimsly threas of nonsensical assumptions and ridiculos deductions. At the beginning, Cercei has the Crownlands, the Stormlands (disappeared from the spoken narrative of the show), Riverrun, and Castelry Rock with the Westerlands. We do not know how many men her army has, but we know that Dany has at least as much, and probably more. Dany's men are supposedly stronger (the Unsullied never having been defeated due to all their lack of fear anf general Roman legion behaviour, the Dotraki being so many and fighting in such a different way from the westerosi kinights). Dany also has the (prospective) help of Dorne and the Reach. Right. The first leg of Tyrion plan manages to royally fuck the Reach, but in Dorne there should still be an army, even if Ellaria has been taken prisoner. Let's just not think about the fact that Dorne was apparently all right with the bastard paramour of a second son murdering their Prince and his heir. If we are to believe what they are showing us, Ellaria commands Dorne. So, there is an army in Dorne that should have generals, lords, commanders, and those people should know that Ellaria was going to pledge Dorne to Dany and fight at her side. What the hell are they doing now? Right, let's just assume they are all playng the westerosi version of Gin, and move on. The Knights of the Vale are in WF. So the Vale is unguarded. Which means, it is there for the taking. It is supposedly ruled by Robert Arryn, so even my yet unborn child might take it. So Dany has an army of Unsullied and Dothraki, three dragons, some remaining (albeit few) Ironborn, and could send an embassy to Dorne to ally herself with the Dorne lords. She could take the Vale without a bloodbath, and leave a token force there to guard the mountain passes. She even has Jon Snow, who is at least neutral and might write to LF in WF to make him bend the fucking knee to Dany, or at least be neutral as well. LF is not the man to chose a side before that side has clearly won. So the threat of Cercei army is not really that big in the first place. And she could easily have conquered the entire territory aside from KL, and then lay siege to the city, without burning civilians and castles. After all, when she showed on the battlefield with one dragon, she managed to win without too much effort, killing only soldiers, and a lot of poor grain and assorted food. This would have taken three-four episodes, and then they could have focused their attention on the WWs. But no, they had to have Cercei be a contrieved plot point, to make her into some kind of great strategist, mad but clever and cunning, and since she is nothing of the sort, all the others had to become idiots in order to mantain the idea that Cercei is, in fact, strong, while they fail to show us how. Maybe, just an idea, if Cercei had summoned the Golden Company at the beginning of the season, it would have been more credible. But the moment Dany defeats her army outside KL, the only thing that makes you believe (not) that Cercei is still a threat is the fact that they say so. And, since Cercei is allegedly such a big threat, they have to go and do that idiot Seven Samurai Suicide Squad mission, and provide the NK with a nice, ready-to-blow-the-wall dragon. In the meanwhile, there are at least three kingdoms that apparently have no rule (Dorne, the Westerands, the Vale), one that is stripped of all the food supply and therefore may be slightly against the Lannister rule (the Reach), one that has disappeared from the narrative (the stormlands), one that is still under Lannister rule (Riverrun) and one that should be, from what they showed, under Dany's rule (the crownlands). Jon, as it was hammered into our heads until we bled from the eyes, has bend the knee. There is no real reason to try and convince Cercei to concede a truce. Do not go north of the wall, just take KL, burn Cercei to a nice crisp, and then focus on the WW issue. Maybe the WW had a plan to cross the Wall, but surely the dragon seems to have helped. For what they show us, we are allowed to believe that the invasion would have been at least delayed without the dead dragon vomiting methane at the wall. And the writers are so unbelievably unaware of all the logic flaws of their writings, that when someone asked if the NK had planned to take a dragon, thay said no, is was an accident. For the Stranger's sake, even if they are so lazy that they did not think of it, at least they could have recognized the potential of the theory to fix their own errors, and lied.
  6. How long can you hear someone crying
    How long can you hear someone dying
    Before you ask yourself why

  7. blacktea79


    Hi, I'm Cecilia (the blacktea thing is obviously my drug of choice), I am one of those poor souls that came across A Game of Thrones back in 1997, I lived in Strasbourg but was in NY because of my father's work, I was 17 and my mother decided to gift me some books, since I had a bad case of jet-lag insomnia and I had already read all the (many) books that I brought with me...And I thought "oh, this book seems nice, and it is the first of a saga, so if it is actually good, there will be more...". The idiocy of youth. I remeber ordering the second book in a Rome library (i wanted to read it in English, even if it is not obviously my first language), and it took about 40 days to arrive, and we had to move to France again, and I was frantic that I would not be able to collect the book and read it before moving. Now I am 38, and I am cool with the waiting, as long as the next book will be able to deliver the same emotions and epic of the others. I joined back in 2011, when I was doing a re-reading before ADWD, but until now I never had time to participate in discussions. Recently I switched to private practice, and I finally have time to pursuit other things aside from work . Last thing: while I may have read ASOIAF at least 5 times, I am not particularly a fan of the show. I watch it, mainly because my husband watches it, but I do not like it. Not a bit. À chacun son goût. (To each his own)
  8. blacktea79

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Yes. The WW should be (at least IMO) some sort of mysterious, almost mystical doom that lurks in the winter, a force of nature that may destroy humanity, and that should (or maybe not) force humanity to band together, leaving aside petty conflicts. This season presented some already-seen mindless slow-moving zombie army, lead by a guy that is been shown to have some kind of personal will, is a leader, has an agenda, and yet, without the dragon (kindly provided by genius Tyrion and his demented plan), we have no idea on how he would have crossed south of the Wall. For what we know, he did not have a plan. For what the show tells us, they were just waiting for some kind of occasion. Jon saw them, got scared, asked Dany for help, and they created the condition for the invasion. There is just no sense of destiny, no sense of history repeating itself, no sense of sense. The WW have become the same stale underdeveloped baddies from a million of other movies-series, and this is maddening. And boring. And the characters do random things, changing personality depending on what needs to happen next. Yeah , at least their scenes looked good. Jon in the boat just went *knock knock, he looked like he had a very bad case of gastric flu, and - jump to the sex scene. Even during the sex he looked mildly disturbed. On a side note, this has been the trick the entire season: if a dialogue is difficult to write, they skip it and jump to the aftermath. The same goes with Tyrion-Cercei. I would like to know what Cercei could have said that convinced Tyrion that she could be trusted. But I suspect that it was an impossible dialogue to write, so they skipped it.
  9. blacktea79

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    I used to think that the main events in the series would have mirrored the main events in the books, even if the road taken from event A to event B might have been different. Now I find it hard to believe even that. I cannot believe that GRRM would use such a stupid, nonsensical plot. I do not recognise any character in the current season. Littlefinger is stupid, useless, excessively coward. Arya is a psycho. Bran sounds like a comic show. Jon is a brave idiot who still knows nothing. Dany is alternatively depicted as some kind of social revolutionary and a pyromaniac. Tyrion plans always end up in unmitigated disaster. Jaime went down his book arc up to season 4, then he went back to be a nice Golden Retriever for Cercei, now suddenly he remembers his personality. Even NCW said that he does not know if this is finally the moment that Jaime leaves Cercei for good, or not. Maybe in the books LF will die, but I don't believe he will die in such a convoluted, useless plot. And maybe Jon, Dany, Jaime, Tormund, Brienne etc. will all die, but I think that, if it will be so, it will make sense, it will be for a reason, the end of a well developed story, not some BS trown at your face just for shock value. I blame myself for deciding to watch the show because of my craving for more ASOIAF.
  10. blacktea79

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    That. Without the books as a backgroud source to ground the story, it all went dumber and dumber down the line, the only thing that could possibly be said about the storyline now is that it is as stupid as you can get within this particular setting. All the characters have become caricatures of their former selves. I took issues with the show since when they decided to change the reason for Robb's wedding (the wrong choiche for the wrong reasons versus the wrong choice for the right reasons), which IMHO was the beginning of the dumbing down of the show, but now it makes my brain bleed. Which is why, on the whole, even if I think improbable that the season 8 "leaks" are genuine, so far, I am still expecting something very, very similar from the showrunners. They just seem to repeatedly hit the bottom of the stupidity well, and still they dig for more.