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  1. How long can you hear someone crying
    How long can you hear someone dying
    Before you ask yourself why

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    Hi, I'm Cecilia (the blacktea thing is obviously my drug of choice), I am one of those poor souls that came across A Game of Thrones back in 1997, I lived in Strasbourg but was in NY because of my father's work, I was 17 and my mother decided to gift me some books, since I had a bad case of jet-lag insomnia and I had already read all the (many) books that I brought with me...And I thought "oh, this book seems nice, and it is the first of a saga, so if it is actually good, there will be more...". The idiocy of youth. I remeber ordering the second book in a Rome library (i wanted to read it in English, even if it is not obviously my first language), and it took about 40 days to arrive, and we had to move to France again, and I was frantic that I would not be able to collect the book and read it before moving. Now I am 38, and I am cool with the waiting, as long as the next book will be able to deliver the same emotions and epic of the others. I joined back in 2011, when I was doing a re-reading before ADWD, but until now I never had time to participate in discussions. Recently I switched to private practice, and I finally have time to pursuit other things aside from work . Last thing: while I may have read ASOIAF at least 5 times, I am not particularly a fan of the show. I watch it, mainly because my husband watches it, but I do not like it. Not a bit. À chacun son goût. (To each his own)