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  1. A lot happened in season 3, not a book reader , the narrative vista just opened up am looking forward to what the show looks like on Amazon. Still the best science fiction I have seen on TV in years and , by my lights, the best space opera I have ever seen TV (and I love Star Trek and BSG).
  2. Show's rating did better last week .... I am still a bit surprised that with the buzz for last month that it did not tick up a little more ... hope it does on Amazon ... one of the more extraordinary shows on TV.
  3. Latest episode seemed a bit ragged , kind of off set with Big Thinks strangeness.
  4. Camina Drummer -Captain of the Behemoth Beltalowda!
  5. David Strathairn seems be to having a ball he usually plays such dignified characters recently. Reminds me of Geoffrey Rush having fun wth Bbarbossa!
  6. I watch it on Amazon and its is not bowdlerized there.
  7. Till the rains fall hard on Olympus Mons!
  8. S3E7 was good. I wonder what new viewers thought? There is a ton of background in the transition from last episode. Not having read the books but knowing some sketchy stuff about the story going forward the narrative vista is about to open up, I am interested in how this will be adapted by the show.
  9. By the by Season 3 Episode 6 , Immolation, was some of the best TV science fiction I have ever seen.
  10. Tell ya I like Firefly and BSG but The Expanse is in a different class above them , I like this show better than Star Trek (an I love Star Trek).
  11. The petition is on it's way to 150,000 now.
  12. I know it happened with Blade Runner (1982) , a publisher asked Philip K Dick to do a novelization of the film adaptation of his own novel. Dick became livid about this and refused , turned down a lot of money , which he really could have used. When the film didn't do well , after Dick died , there never was a pursuit of the idea. Took a while but J K Jeter did write a few (good) sequels later. I have heard nothing about Blade Runner 2049 , even tho it did lackluster boxoffice, usually a publisher tries to take advantage of movie advertising.
  13. There is a petition Tho methinks Amazon could just a well pick it up or others, I would love to see HBO.