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  1. By the by Season 3 Episode 6 , Immolation, was some of the best TV science fiction I have ever seen.
  2. Tell ya I like Firefly and BSG but The Expanse is in a different class above them , I like this show better than Star Trek (an I love Star Trek).
  3. The petition is on it's way to 150,000 now.
  4. I know it happened with Blade Runner (1982) , a publisher asked Philip K Dick to do a novelization of the film adaptation of his own novel. Dick became livid about this and refused , turned down a lot of money , which he really could have used. When the film didn't do well , after Dick died , there never was a pursuit of the idea. Took a while but J K Jeter did write a few (good) sequels later. I have heard nothing about Blade Runner 2049 , even tho it did lackluster boxoffice, usually a publisher tries to take advantage of movie advertising.
  5. There is a petition Tho methinks Amazon could just a well pick it up or others, I would love to see HBO.
  6. Drummer is such an unusual character. Said Belter Salvage Fleet , Drummer is a Belter , isn't the Nauvoo an OPA project, or maybe that's just as well Belters?
  7. Little sketchy but looked like to me there were burns to stop the rotation. By the by they over torqued the rotational burn cause Moroni came off! I guess it's insured? I can just see the memo: From: Tycho Head Quarters To : Tycho Constructon Next time don't hire the low bidders for the structural engineering.
  8. By the by has anyone noted that Episode 5 or Season 2 of The Expanse was not nominated for a Hugo? This is the best SF I have seen on TV in the 21st century?
  9. Unless Valyrians have antifreeze in their ears Dany should look like Vincent van Gogh by now!
  10. Welp a good episode , I sort of expected Bobbie to have more words for fellow Martian Alex, I guess that comes later? Say, over on Rotten Tomatoes The Expanse is listed number 6 in "MOST POPULAR TV ON RT" , not sure what that means.
  11. In 200 years one would think the technology of rail runs would be effectively cannons that could deliver relativistic projectiles with high Lorentz factors.
  12. GoT still gets dinged about teleporting ravens! You know if Christopher Nolan did TV where time compression or disjointedness was part of the narrative no one would bat an eyelash....
  13. I am surprised there is not more YouTube fans for the The Expanse.
  14. Another great episode. I noticed a techno faux pas. Prax and Amos's duty stations had the dumbest suit oxy connect hose I have seen since Frank Poole in 2001. External hose connections like that don't exist on real space suits, or at least they are 100 times more robust against disconnection. Show should of thought that through better.