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  1. A lot happened in season 3, not a book reader , the narrative vista just opened up am looking forward to what the show looks like on Amazon. Still the best science fiction I have seen on TV in years and , by my lights, the best space opera I have ever seen TV (and I love Star Trek and BSG).
  2. I consider both Blade Runner (1982) and Blade Runner 2049 as very good adaptations of modern prose science fiction. (2001: A Space Odyssey is the best). Neither of the Blade Runner are exactly faithful to the original Philip K Dick novel. Lynch is a fine film maker, he showed he understood the Dune story , many directors , then, less so now, were downright hostile to science fiction. Villeneuve has a problem with Dune. Same he had with Blade Runner 2049. Dune is not a comic-book story, for all it's fantastic elements it has narrative finesse. It is a nuanced story. Well, Blade Runner 2049 had that and it did not do well at the box office. My sense is that Villeneuve wants to keep the sophistication of Dune's narrative. Will audiences , now a days, buy into that? I can't really figure it out. 2017 saw a non popcorn movie do well , Dunkirk. Dunkirk is told with savoir-faire , it is not avant garde but it also not a popcorn movie , so there is a puzzle , we see ... a good version of Dune may not do well at the box office.
  3. What exactly don't you like about Foundation? George Lucas borrowed the Galactic Empire bit from it , but not Asimov's more complex social and political frame work.
  4. Herbert was on-board with De Laurentiis before Lynch was there. Ridley Scott had Dune with Dino first. Wilipedia has quote from Scott about his leave taking from the film. It is probably true... however , also, according to the magazine Cinefantastique Scott turned in a screenplay that deviated so far from Herbert's Dune that producer Raffaella De Laurentis fired Scott.
  5. That is interesting, had not heard of that. Thought that HBO went with Westworld first and put Foundation on hold until Nolan and his wife were free. Man! that idiot Emmerich I heard of that shuddered to think of what he would do with it.
  6. Welp with the prose form almost all science fiction was transformed by John Campbell from 1938 onward. I think in 1938 Buck Rodgers and Flash Gordon and Doc Smith were pulling in the term 'space opera'. What Heinlein and Asimov wrote for Campbell was so much more sophisticated that term 'space opera' just went away. For some reason, in recent times, well longer than that, 'space opera' has come around again. I have only heard it applied to Dune in , o, maybe the last 10 years or so. Foundation was an odd bird in the 1940s it had a galactic empire, ray guns, faster than light interstellar flight , in a background a vast super science technology. There is big action in Foundation but it is mostly off stage. It could be brought on stage as long as they keep the sophisticated puzzle story by Asimov. You know HBO has the option on Foundation.
  7. Dune is good space opera and could make sophisticated adventue as film. There are better 'adult' space operas in the prose form. James Blish's Cities in Flight, Asimov's Foundation (it could be action-o-fied) or that great over the top baroque space opera by Alfred Bester The Stars My Destination these have better stories than Dune. As a TV series I would love to see HBO do Poul Anderson's Technic Civilization series. This is space opera one step above and beyond Star Trek and Star Wars in sophistication and the same time a ripping yarn.
  8. I wonder where Villeneuve got involved with this? When Blade Runner 2049 was finally in his grasp he had the screenplay revised... seemingly not so much that Francher was upset this time around.
  9. For Nikolaj here: http://collider.com/game-of-thrones-season-8-filming-date/#premiere-date Sophie Turner mentioned it here: http://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/825693/Game-of-Thrones-season-7-Sophie-Turner-drops-HUGE-spoiler-series-END-Sansa-Stark
  10. I thought this episode didn't make a lick of sense, but I loved it!
  11. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau,just mentioned that season 8 production begins in October. I guess?
  12. Seems to be, here is the odd thing, if you look at the HBO site they also have it listed as Death is the Enemy in one place tho the 'official' title on the preview page is Beyond the Wall (kind of a bland title). At SXSW (2017) David Benioff and D.B. Weiss mention that Bryan Cogman and Dave Hill wrote two episodes and they wrote the rest, so they should be the writers of episodes 6 and 7?
  13. Wikipedia lists episode 6 as Death is the Enemy, yet IMDB has no title , at this late date there is on name?
  14. At least we know who wrote E6 and E7. Why keep Dave Hill's name off until this episode?
  15. I am impressed with the early conversations this episode, a lot of dialog exchange that I had been waiting to hear. A good episode things have developed with the logic of the narrative as it has developed this season.
  16. Was it ever announced when principal photography on season 7 ended?
  17. Production starts soon, we know they have 4 directors for season 7, the show runners say less than 10 episodes, tho still not definitively , still the HBO bottom line is what? HBO still has not said, 7 or 8 episodes or what? Actually we never found out who got contracts for season 8 beyond about 3 or 4 of the tier one people.
  18. Complaints about cliff hangers should be forwarded to the Winds of Winter.
  19. Got Daznak's Pit almost right, so I give em 10 for that.
  20. That meeting of Tyrion and Dany must take place in Winds, have a feeling it will be like that. Emilia seemed to hark back to the Dany of Season 3 episode 4. 'Breaking the wheel' did not come off as klunker quite the opposite. Well now that puts The Others in the drives seat who cares about Kings Landing anymore?!! It was a 10.
  21. This week the story really depended on the actors to give spot performances and they did that. The story has too many plot arcs running from one side of the boat to the other , three episodes left to advance , must be some corkers to come, well we know one. That a nine for the sheer audacity of jamming that much story into 60 min. Seems as if Arya , for the first time, will have less story time than any other major character. I know it's hard to made the 'in-house' training at the HoBaW interesting , but her living on the streets of Braavos was a high point of Feast and Dance. With only 3 Ep left quite a rush to get through her story, I am thinking she will be in Braavos next season, but she's seems to be in Winds too.
  22. How come the HS didn't arrest LF for running a brothel?
  23. Yeah, good point, plus thought Yara was to turn up this episode.
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