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    Night King appreciation thread

    The NK has to be able to communicate with humans in some form to set up the baby boy sacrifice program.
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    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    Maybe Jon gets a taste Maybe after Dany dies, Jon realizes he is into the incest angle and marries one of his cousins. Then Sansa or Arya can choke the life out of Cersei. Arya certainly fits the murderous part of the prophecy,* while Sansa the beautiful part. Maybe he marries them both! GoT has it all. Polygamous incest (or is it incestuous polygamy?). I'm kidding, of course, but we seem to have two obvious foreshadowed events that conflict on the surface - Dany being the younger queen who ends Cersei and Dany dying in the fight to save her kingdom. Perhaps they find a way to dispatch Cersei before the final battle with the NK, but that seems a bit unlikely given Cersei's strategy to let her enemies wear themselves out in the North without her. It would seem to be a reversal for her to decide to follow Jaime north or for Dany to detour to deal with Cersei. The only thing I can think of is if Cersei loses the baby and realizes Jaime is the only family she has left to save. * Arya could choke out Cersei wearing the face of Jaime or Tyrion to get both parts of the prophecy in one.