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    Night King appreciation thread

    The NK has to be able to communicate with humans in some form to set up the baby boy sacrifice program.
  2. Rhymes with Sneak

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    Maybe Jon gets a taste Maybe after Dany dies, Jon realizes he is into the incest angle and marries one of his cousins. Then Sansa or Arya can choke the life out of Cersei. Arya certainly fits the murderous part of the prophecy,* while Sansa the beautiful part. Maybe he marries them both! GoT has it all. Polygamous incest (or is it incestuous polygamy?). I'm kidding, of course, but we seem to have two obvious foreshadowed events that conflict on the surface - Dany being the younger queen who ends Cersei and Dany dying in the fight to save her kingdom. Perhaps they find a way to dispatch Cersei before the final battle with the NK, but that seems a bit unlikely given Cersei's strategy to let her enemies wear themselves out in the North without her. It would seem to be a reversal for her to decide to follow Jaime north or for Dany to detour to deal with Cersei. The only thing I can think of is if Cersei loses the baby and realizes Jaime is the only family she has left to save. * Arya could choke out Cersei wearing the face of Jaime or Tyrion to get both parts of the prophecy in one.
  3. Rhymes with Sneak

    Those Chains

    It appears to get colder around the NK. Maybe he was worried about getting stuck as the water froze around him.
  4. Rhymes with Sneak

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    As I said, there is no reason for Sam to immediately lock in on what she said as a key piece of information for Jon. As far as Sam knows, there is no reason to doubt that Ned Stark is Jon's father. But seeing as how the entire rebellion started because Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna Stark, Sam would have to be a fool not to connect the dots between what Gilly said and Lyanna (if he were paying attention). So I don't see any reason why I need to give the writers credit for this scene, especially in a thread set up to complain about the episode. Since this is not a debate thread, I will just expound on why I thought the scene (like most of the episode) was lame fan service rather than a natural plot development. Everything about this universe (the importance of oaths, the personalities and motivations that characters have displayed, physics), gets set aside when D&D need to cram something in or move a character from point A to point B. The writers could not even be bothered to develop a rational reason for Sam to abandon a direct order from the Lord Commander to become a maester. Instead, they had him leaving because he was fed up with his homework and had a hissy fit. There are a number of more plausible reasons to get him out of the Citadel. The most obvious would be to have the maesters expel him for violating the rules and insubordination. In that scenario, he could have given a speech about the uselessness of the maesters while on his way out the door to his next plot point without it feeling artificial or out of character for Sam. Indeed, it would fit the theme the show is trying to establish of the maesters being hidebound and out of touch. If the writers were tied to the idea of Sam quitting the Citadel rather than getting expelled, I would have rather he left after finding out the maesters withheld the information about the deaths of Randyll and Dickon. It would be a rash, disobedient act (given his orders), but at least that would be an understandable human reaction to tragic news. Instead, the genius writers wanted to set up this potential exchange: Jon: Sam, my old friend. You are back! But where is your maester's chain? Sam: I didn't technically become a maester. I left when I could not get those ancient fools to appreciate the threat facing the seven kingdoms. Jon: That is troubling news. The Citadel would have been a valuable ally in mobilizing the people to defend the realm. But since you are here, I know there was not anything further in the library that could have helped us. I had been hoping for more ravens after receiving your note about the mines under Dragonstone. Danaerys is working with us to mine the material as we speak. That is just the sort of information I wanted you to find at the Citadel. If only there had been more information about the White Walkers we could have used! Sam: Well, I did not quite make it through all of the books. That would have taken a lifetime. That library is huge! Jon: So you did not receive your chain and you did not complete your research on the White Walkers? Were they denying you access to the library? That would make your presence there rather pointless when we could use every sword available - nice sword by the way - in the North. Sam: You like the sword? Thanks. I stole it from my ancestral home. My dad is such a jerk! Its Valyrian Steel. Just thought I'd mention that in case it later becomes important. Jon: And I'll forget you told me that unless it becomes important down the road for some reason. I am still confused about why you returned without completing your mission. You say you took your father's sword, but why would you need to do that when you are the only living Tarly male after your father and brother died at the Blackwater Rush? Did you leave after hearing the terrible news? I can understand the shock. I was despondent after learning about my father's murder at the hands of the Lannisters. But we must still do our duty. Take a few days and then return to the Citadel to complete your assignment. Sam: I am never going back there and you cannot make me! You should have seen how much stuff they wanted me to read! And then they had the nerve to make me transcribe a bunch of old scrolls so the information would not be lost. Bunch of jerks! And you are a jerk if you make me go! You are not my father! And good thing that, since I might steal your sword if you were! Wait, my father and brother are dead?
  5. Rhymes with Sneak

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    I agree that the scene is painful to watch, but I will say your change does not really fix it. Sam has no reason at the moment to think it is urgent for Jon to know what Gilly is telling him. That probably should have prompted some interest from any reasonably intelligent resident of Westeros, but Sam does not have any reason to connect Jon to Lyanna beyond it being interesting gossip about his long dead aunt. Bran is probably the only person (unless they plan on introducing Meera's dad at this point) who can connect those dots. So I imagine we will have another idiotic moment where Sam remembers something important that someone told him that is crucial to the story.
  6. Rhymes with Sneak

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    I wondered about that, but I figure the explanation would be that Cersei/Qyburn found out about the meeting in real time. Jaime was being followed by one of Qyburn's birds, the spy saw them meet, rushed to report to Qyburn, who rushed to Cersei with the news (that was what he was doing there when Jaime came in). That at least makes it possible the meeting happened without a chance for Qyburn/Cersei to try to capture Tyrion.
  7. Rhymes with Sneak

    The burning of the Tarlys - discussion

    Whether Sam is released in the future or not, Randyll and Dickon are dead right now. Title passes to Talla, since Sam is currently ineligible. Maybe Talla does not want to be the head of her house, but they can't just let the title lapse waiting to see if Sam can sort out his vows. Not sure why any of the Tarly bannermen would want to do that anyway knowing that Randyll rejected Sam and that Sam stole the family sword.
  8. Rhymes with Sneak

    The burning of the Tarlys - discussion

    Wouldn't Talla already be Lady of the Reach? Something would have to happen to her to reinstate Sam, right? Maybe she would be okay with it, but she did not seem to okay with Randyll's current plans to marry her off.
  9. Rhymes with Sneak

    The burning of the Tarlys - discussion

    I agree it does not made sense. Randyll already did something monstrous to his oldest son to "protect" his house's future. Why in the world would he now let it be extinguished over pride? Its not like he felt guilt over how he treated Sam. Maybe Tyrion should've mentioned Sam ending up lord of the Reach if Dickon and Randyll died. Hatred of Sam might have gotten Randyll to reconsider.
  10. Rhymes with Sneak

    The burning of the Tarlys - discussion

    Dickon also would have the pressure of justifying his father's monstrous treatment of Sam. By right, Sam should be the future lord of the Reach. Randyll forces him to take the black because he is fat and thinks Dickon is a better heir. That is a lot of pressure to put on Dickon. If he falters, that means his father is just a monster rather than a stoic man doing what is best for his house in the long term.
  11. Rhymes with Sneak

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Plus, the Baratheon house's origin is Valyrian. He also falsely said that Dany was not born in Westeros. Seems she could have pointed out that she was born on Dragonstone.
  12. Rhymes with Sneak

    Origins of the dagger...Is it important?

    I am not sold on LF as the instigator, but it would make sense if LF instructed the assassin to leave the dagger after doing the deed.
  13. Similarly, Jon was an idiot for choking LF. Why tip your hand? He should have responded to LF's expression of love for Sansa by saying, "I am sure Sansa is grateful for your devotion" and then ask him his advice on some matter to make it appear you value his input. Then once you get out of the crypt, make plans to neutralize LF at the earliest opportunity. At least make sure you and Sansa are on the same page as to how to handle LF. What you do not do is make it clear you will violently thwart LF's plans to win Sansa and then immediately leave him alone with Sansa. Instead, Jon basically pulled the same idiot move Ned did with Cersei, "I'm going to reveal your secret so don't even think of setting into motion any plans you have to do me in."
  14. Rhymes with Sneak

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Why couldn't the writers have at least had Cersei saying something like "Jaime told me that the forces he left at Casterly Rock were sufficient to occupy the invaders for weeks. No matter, they cannot hold it." Make losing CR seem like a calculated risk rather than an actual strategy. Of course, that would just highlight how the Tyrells somehow became one of the most powerful houses in Westeros without knowing how to fight. I swear, a skeleton force made up of cooks led by Hot Pie could have held High Garden longer than the Tyrells did.